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  1. I came to Greece when I was 14 and I didn't get Greek citizenship until I was 23. I only had Australian citizenship until then. Was I less a Greek before I had it written in ink?
  2. I was at the game last night and I can say I was satisfied by the way Greece played. We all know our limitataions as a team (lack of fantasy) but definately didn't deserve to lose. If anything, we should have won. Samaras wasted 2 good chances, we hit the post twice on another 2 occasions and really troubled them in the air. Only problem was clarity of mind when infront of the goal. I have to repeat that Gekas and Amanatidis are not fit for international football. They can't even control the ball of play a 1-2 effectively with a team mate. The same applies to Vyntra who was made to look a fool on a couple situations. Chalkias moved like a dinosaur with that free-kick. If Otto wants to play 4-3-3 as he did yesterday, there is no better player than Papadopoulos for that. Best players for Greece was Karagounis and Katsouranis whilst Stelios also livened things up with his entrance. The old man has still got it. Otto needs to sort out this goalscoring problem sooner than later. We create the chances but don't take advantage of them
  3. Up and coming but nothing special. Truth though is that he is young.
  4. monkey sounds.If Oly's black players turn a blind eye to it out of interest (money), then they full deserve it because honour has no price.
  5. the referee called 100-0. this game was a disgrace to olympiakos yesterday. not because they lost but because of the behaviour of their players and fans. endless missiles and fireworks thrown at the PAS players, terrorism, PAS players being assaulted by Oly fans on the pitch while the game is still going on. The referee giving the biggest joke of a penalty in recent history and the olympiakos players verbally assaulting their opponants, racism against the black players of PAS and at the end of it all, no even one clap for PAS efforts and deserved qualification. Thank god I don't support this club and what it stands for.
  6. Original aekara , you are talking out of your backside, Alban Bushi, you are clutching at straws. Ninis' parent are Greek and he is, as described above a case simular to those Of Christodoulou, Kalatzis and Lazaridis that played for Australia. Anyway, Ninis has been in Greece ever since he was 3 years old.
  7. It's not only the car park.The area really can't handle 30,000+ people. The street around Leoforos are very narrow and during match days the road is blocked off before and after games. You may have been able to do that 30 years ago but since then cars that drive by have doubled. Aprt from that, PAE PAO wants to take advantage of stores because the ones available now belong to "Amateur" PAO. It doesn't matter what you say at the end of the day some people are going to take their cars whilst others need them, someone disabled etc. In addition to that, they are no facilities for women whilst the que's for the toiletes at half time are murder. The Leoforos as is, is not fit for a club as big as PAO.
  8. I dont understand why Leoforo wasn't rebuilt on site? :blink: I think you mean, "why don't they rebuild the Apostolos Nikolaidis?" It's because PAO can't get planning permission for a stadium for that size (30,000+). Due to the fact that space is limited and that there is no car park.
  9. PAO will only play League and Cup games at Leoforos. European games will be at the OAKA. The reason of PAO returning is to stop paying rent for the OAKA and pressuring the goverment into getting the new stadium under way. The longer the new stadium takes, the longer PAO will hold onto the Leoforos Avenue patch which the government wants.
  10. http://clubs.phantis.com/sports/index.php?...?showtopic=5291
  11. Thanks but my birthday was on September 12 :D
  12. Kalws hr8es sto board, file. B) http://www.athlitikiixo.gr/
  13. Dude, in that video it looks like he was playing against midgets :D
  14. You mean "Freedom or Death".If it's the way you say it then their is no freedom.
  15. Sorry but I disagree. I think a 6 game home ban was too much in the first place.
  16. Ethnikistis : Here's a photo of the 2nd Mouse 2nd mouse: "Respect my authorita!!!! :D From sportime today http://www.sportime.gr/football_inside.asp...rticle_id=39268
  17. Alban_Bushi is clutching at straws.
  18. The New Saravakos- Sotiris Ninis. http://rapidshare.com/files/11515998/Ninis.avi.html Once you have downloaded the video. Open it with Windows Media Player. I have uploaded it from gr33knet.tv and for some reason it won't open with winamp although it is a *.avi file. I think I might be missing some codecs. Enjoy.
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