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  1. He did hint at some shady stuff. Overall though, I like how he was respectful of other players/teams. He was very mindful of his words, humble. My favorite part was when he mentioned Sok/Manolas - they want players who can teach the youth. Those guys are better than me and deserve to be on the team more than me.
  2. Great interview, seems like a good guy.
  3. I think JVS is still trying to get Badlock to play for us. If it happens, hopefully that shores up RB. I would also put Tsiolis as the LW and consider calling up Ninis if his form continues. With Sok/Manolas back, maybe you don't need Tzavellas and call up Hatzi/Papadopoulos.
  4. It was a bad game, felt like a loss. After a string of promising football, we played bad. By promising, I mean creating shots on goal, keeping possession. This was the first time I saw a JVS coached team not press, not hustle. That's what I think was disappointing. Also the insistence of starting Bakasetas is starting to annoy all of us as we can see he is the answer. The people gloating that we lost, sorry, you are in the wrong forums. The cursing on top of it, honestly, what kind of reaction did you expect? Someone earlier asked about Vrousai, he's injured or he would have been
  5. This was obviously not a great performance for us. Truth be told, Georgia has a good team. Spain barely beat them and they needed an extra time goal. It's one game, everyone needs to relax. Trolling after a loss, for a team we all love, in a forum that supports the team, is never cool. We are fans of the ethniki and wish it the best. The lineup needs some tweaks, we all know that. Bakasetas/Bakakis have no place in the 11. Calling Giannoulis a championship RB is ridiculous. He could have gone to better teams but chose a team that will be promoted to the Premier league and get gam
  6. We had a bad game, it happens. Georgia is not a bad team, it took an extra time goal from Spain to beat them. If you are here just to troll, than you are not a fan.
  7. Love the fast break we had, moving forward and one of our players decides to pass back..
  8. Yea - he hasn't look great. I can see him putting in Giakoumakis and trying the same formation from Sunday.
  9. Also - Did anyone see that Germany is losing to North Macedonia 0-1 ???
  10. We need a spark, haven't been able to put consistent pressure outside of a spell in the beginning...
  11. Does Tziolis usually play on the right? I thought he was a left winger?
  12. How about their player making three different players of ours miss slide tackles.
  13. That was close - they almost had a one v one. Their guy was through...
  14. Does anyone else notice Papadopoulos is the one that is making the forward passes.
  15. The lineup is fine for the most part. I agree that Fortounis should have been there and Masouras on the right. I can see why he didn't put Tsimikas at right if he never played before, could have tried it in the friendly though. What happened to Androutsos?
  16. The other impact he has is that the defense must respect him, so maybe they are not as high on his side.
  17. For OLY fans, why does Martins choose not to start Fortounis?
  18. Fortounis looked great as well. Limnios has had a lot of bad games lately. I can see why he isn't playing at Koln. He thinks he's Ronaldo.
  19. I think that's the point, even with them there, it wouldn't have mattered!
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