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  1. The truth is most sports franchises are not profitable. Even if they made $16 million in transfers, I am sure operating expenses over that time were a lot more than that.
  2. You can't expect a someone to keep losing money. The club needs to be viable. The focus should be to develop the youth teams and bridge the gap until they are ready by spending on more experienced players. That hasn't worked out that way.
  3. Apparently Kyrgios was acting up again. Arguing with refs regarding Tsitsipas all game long. They were friendly before, not to sure afterwards..
  4. Kyrgios has been playing well and just beat him..
  5. Donis had all the potential, probably his final shot to prove he can be a good player..
  6. I think 20-25 is an accurate reflection for us.
  7. They do have a solid team for a country their size. They have recorded results against much larger teams.
  8. We played 4 games, all on the same level that we have played in the past. We dominated all 4 and earned all 4 wins!! Nice to see that the work translated into wins. Regarding the attack, apparently it was the flares being thrown towards their fans. Obviously that's never cool to do but again, not the reason they lost.
  9. We won the group. Funny thing is that JVS was all about possession and we had 60% again AND scored goals. I thought JVS was good at the beginning and then something changed. The last time we won these many games in a row was under Santos.
  10. The lasers though should have been stopped but that's the only thing I can see for them to complain about. Great game, we deserved the win. The didn't do anything until after the goal was scored and even then, nothing to talk about.
  11. Went on Twitter and they are saying that some of their players were attacked by fans. Not sure what that means. Also said that the referee is a disgrace for some reason..
  12. Also - Why is Mantalos taking the corners? Tsimikas takes them for Liverpool, why not us??
  13. This player from Kosovo was down for a few minutes, his doctor team came to help him and a miracle occurred. He was fine..
  14. Line-up looks interesting, three changes.. Chatzi for Limnios was expected. Pavlidis for Giakoumakis - Not terrible but I would start Giakoumakis Bouchalakis over Mantalos - Why? He hasn't played well. Masouras starts again - needs to show something this time. Tzolis should be subbed in if he is not producing at the half. The rest is fine.
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