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  1. Crazy finish. Was very disappointed when they went down 2 at home. Then elated after the comeback. Antwerp will be a tough matchup.
  2. Aek wins the double! Shocked after the early red to Rota and our recent cup history v Paok.
  3. Looks awesome. Will be nice to have some home field advantage again.
  4. Unfortunately, no. Next two at Rizoupoli. First match in new stadium is looking like October 1st.
  5. Nice start, but agree it is early. Almost gave up an early goal and were lucky Lamia muffed a penalty. Pineda looks to be very good.
  6. Surprised Mantalos is getting a third consecutive start. Not sure he has the fitness to play major minutes, today. Bakasetas has always been a good finisher, but his style of holding up the ball and lack of footspeed can be frustrating.
  7. Big win, 1-3 at Volos. Hope Garcia is not too injured.
  8. I can't remember the last time a manager lasted the entire season at AEK.
  9. Just a clown show at the top. Not a fan of Milojevic but it takes time for so many new signings to gel.
  10. Garcia gets put in a headlock and American football tackled, complains, gets hit ftom behind and the gets a red for retaliating. Ofi should have had at least one red in that scenario.
  11. Clown show in the last 15 minutes against OFI. From 0-3 to 3-3. Ref was bad but that was a big choke.
  12. Defense will be rough all season. Tsavellas is out of position at CB. Will take time to gel with Vranjes.
  13. AEK starts with a 3-0 win against Ionikos. Played a poor first half but the game turned on a 33rd minute ejection of an Ionikos player. Team will be better when Zuber gets up to speed.
  14. Agreed. He will not last long if we have a slow start.
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