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  1. Team finally managed to get a win. First one since March 8. 1-3 on the road against Aris. Hopefully they can get some momentum/confidence going forward and try to nab second place.
  2. Team is playing like hot garbage at the end of the season. Losing out on a European spot is a possibility.
  3. Shocked that Olympiakos drew Giannina. Did not see that coming at all.
  4. Hnid managed to get a yellow at the 91st and then a red at the 93rd, despite coming in at the 82nd. That is hard to do.
  5. I'm not usually a big conspiracy theory guy, but the officiating in their game this week was comically bad. Missed handball penalty and two plays that should have resulted in instant red cards.
  6. Kone hired to replace Ivic. This seems like a terrible idea. Meli is way too hands on.
  7. Carrera out. Jimenez back yet again. The results have not been good recently but I would have given Carrera more time. Garcia is still getting back into shape as is Szymanski. I am tired of the Meli-Jimenez love affair.
  8. Here we go again. Groundhog day for this team.
  9. What an awful first 10 minutes and a truly horrid miss by Oliveira in the firtst half. Team did fight. Would like to see less of Bakakis and more Basilantolopoulos going forward. Team did keep trying after digging the big hole. Time to focus on the Greek season.
  10. 0-1 AEK. Tankovic scores early against Zorya.
  11. The ship on qualifying has sailed. Needed 3 points in one of the first 2 matches imo. Would like to see this team with Szymanski, a healthy Simoes, and Garcia.
  12. Leicester definitely better, but AEK had chances and didn't play too badly. Would like to see the squad at full strength.
  13. 0-2 Leicester. Unmarked player on corner.
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