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  1. Team really needs to get healthy. No Insua, Simoes, Garcia, Szymanski, Galanopoulos has left this squad in rough shape.
  2. Not sure AEK is going to be able to field a team if they get more injury bad news. Insua out as well.
  3. The group is: Braga Leicester City AEK Zorya Luhansk
  4. That last set piece for Wolfsburg almost gave me a heart attack. That was 9.99 well spent. Now I have to keep paying for CBS All Access.
  5. Missed penalty is the difference here. Pretty even game until the late goal by Wolfsburg.
  6. One hour until the match starts. Still debating if I am going to cough up the 9.99 to subscribe to bleacher report and watch it in the U.S.
  7. You have been more dangerous thus far. Crespo should have done much better with that header. Hope that doesn't come back to haunt you.
  8. That was terrible live and worse on replay. Olympiakos was better and deserved to win handily but that was absurd.
  9. Good result with the next leg at home. PAOK really controlled the first 30 minutes or so. Pelkas missed penalty looms large.
  10. Team signed Levi Garcia and former Paok player Shakhov. Still need another stopper and someone with some speed in the midfield.
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