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  1. Difficult game for us - but I am sure that we will show a better picture than some weeks ago at Karaiskaki. I am optimistic for the future - but today's win of Olympiakos puts the ambitious teams behind on pressure - though a lot of rumours tonight at Peristeri about the referee. But I did not see the disputable referee decisions. @Dava-G Thank you for your answer on the other thread. On which sites (live streams) can this game be watched? Because it won't be shown at Novasports Live. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I used to post a lot some years back here. The reason that I am writing: As per this season you can watch legal the games of the Greek Superliga at Nova Sports online on the net. Like it used to be some years ago, but now in better quality. https://online.novasports.gr/ For the whole season it costs 85 Euros - I watched some games. But you can also buy a single game for 3 Euros. The problem for you guys - as mostly of you are living overseas - is mainly for European residents ..with the exception of Greece and Cyprus. Football technically: I was expecting the defeat against Olympiakos as they have the better team. The quality of their players is more balanced. As I said before the derby (not here) the important thing is that the Aektzides remain patient, which is a very high demanding for the Greeks in homeland. The reason is monetary: Should Olympiakos not be able to qualify for the Champions League next year too - so they would have less money to spend for quality players... and this would close the gap to them. They are still living from the CL financial resources. We are coming from far behind - one season more patient in continuing our positive progress of the last year will finally bring the expected fruits.
  3. nightsurfer

    It s allright. I d like the Aekzides to see the truth... they are enough brainwashed by the Greek Media, who spraying around the LIE. They (The Greek Media) want to make believe us ...that we are favoured by the Koraks If you are telling the LIE often enough, so you even believe your self in it.
  4. nightsurfer

    It was a penalty. A sure penalty. For those who played once football or still play... I don't mean in the school yards. The Greek Media is dirty, unobjective and mostly clueless what Football rules belongs. The "experts" see thinks like they fits them to their emotions (own club interests). Not to talk about those, who write in the forums. Best example was the "famous non-offside" for Hraklis in the game against us a couple of weeks ago...where the 90% of the Greek Media Experts (TV, Radio, Websites and Press) saw it as a 100% legal Goal and not offiside [still 2-3 days later...] even most of AEKtzides said it was goal...although from the first second (without slowmotion) was a clear offside as per FIFA rules. The penalty The penalty happens in the 16th second of the above video. The Xanthi player pushes Edinho in the back when his feet leave "the earth". Those ,who played football know, that at this moment happens, when you are pushed in the end of your back ...when leaving the "earth"...you lose the balance. So, a Xanthi player took Edinho the chance to score with a header with a foul in the 16 meter area . And FIFA rules say: Pushing with hands the adversary is foul. Foul in the 16 meter area is PENALTY. No Phantom. Only TV speaker, who has not a clue. Now to the Body Language. - Where does (point of jump) Edinho try to jump for the header - Where does Edinho fall - Why does the Xanthi player pull its hands up (This is always a clear sign..that the player feels guilty) The referee has not whistled yet (so why the sign with the hands (pulling them up) - Now the referee whistles...the Xanthi player looks back...because he whistled The refeere saw it correct.
  5. Did the sonic need 4 hours to arrive to Belgium...for the late remark B)
  6. In the last years derby against Olympiakos 3 - 3 if the referee would have given such penalty ...like this one..... we would have get 4 penalties.. None was given
  7. Kalamaria has still an apeal open at CAS (Europe) ... if, then :tup:
  8. 3 : 0 after the first half, it could have been even 5 : 0..........this was better than sex :tup: Let's keep the font size down, no need for screaming ... :tup: - Genome
  9. nightsurfer

    N'doye should get what he deserves. At least there should be a reason when he falls.
  10. I also see it rather like Kolokotronis.... In my view the problems of AEK All by chronological order 1. After analysing Ferrer for some time now....... Ferrer is a GAMBLER....... an addicted one This is AEK's biggest problem There are family fathers when they get the salary..they go to a casino and put all the money on red or black.... Ferrer could be one of them. This is our biggest problem....after analysing some line set-up and tactics the last 18 months.... 2. It was from the beginning my opinion...... To sell Lyberopoulos to Nuernberg for 2.1 Milion Euro this are around 3 Mio. USD....and to invest this money to decent player/s Not to take Rivaldo...another slow and old player, who costs a lot of money... Also this money could have been invested in younger and faster players. In order to practise a contempary football. 3. There is no need to take all unwanted players from Benfica and Oly Don't we have some fantasy... there are also other players around. 4. And last but not least The Greek Football is corrupt... Did you see today Panionios - Oly (1st half) So compare the game AEK - Panionos and Panionios - Oly....
  11. Esi eise AEK ? Pos milas etsi ston paikti mas. Egw ntrepoume gia esena... O Head Coach afta then ta vlepei... Mono sta alla anigi ta matia tou.... A re Xiwti pou thelete oli sas.... Pou ton thavmasata xronia kai xroniakia... O Moretto den exei fagei Goal akoma sthn Ellada.... Capischi ? ?
  12. It must be because Lybe and Rivaldo are very fast....two of the fastest football players in the Greek League...that s why we operate like this.... Long balls to Lybe and Rivaldo...and then Lybe and Rivaldo rushes with their speeds...and get nearly all the balls...grace to their stupendous velocity... While Salpingidis is very slow...and he plays mainly with his technic....so PAO plays a culitivated latin short-short play.... would PAO play long balls to Salpingidis...he won't get any ...because all the defenders are faster than him. Sorry about my mistake and the kick and rush.....
  13. I agree with your point one so much...that I had to write something... Already in Summer I could never understand this hysteria and hype within the AEK camp...concerning Rivaldo. Exactly for the reason that you stated under your point one... I would have also taken 1.5 milion for Lybe ... The Germans even bid 2.2 milion for him...and AEK refused it With all that free money..they could invest it on 2 new young promising players...with more physical presence...in order to practise a modern football for the new era as you stated precisely.... But they wanted absolutely the championship this saison...therefore they decided like they did last summer.... In fact they postboned the problems.. Point 2) After the game..we can easily say that was not good I would have played with 3 center backs.. (but not one line) plus ramos as a right back. Because PAO plays a physically kick-rush football... not of a high culture but efficacious at the moment. They scored the first goal...by the known method... Long balls to their quick forwards... Alvez on his good day...would have never allowed the first goal..., which came at the right moment for PAO... to give them the additionally physical and mental burst in their fully packed stadium. PAO wanted the victory more than AEK..and they did more for it...not only with footbalistic methods...... they learned something in "Risoupouli" Nevertheless the championship is not lost.... we still have the resourses to suprasse this PAO from last Sunday..... They will not have always the circumstances from last Sunday. For those, who not agree with the above fact.... just wait and see...
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