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  1. Difficult game for us - but I am sure that we will show a better picture than some weeks ago at Karaiskaki. I am optimistic for the future - but today's win of Olympiakos puts the ambitious teams behind on pressure - though a lot of rumours tonight at Peristeri about the referee. But I did not see the disputable referee decisions. @Dava-G Thank you for your answer on the other thread. On which sites (live streams) can this game be watched? Because it won't be shown at Novasports Live. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I used to post a lot some years back here. The reason that I am writing: As per this season you can watch legal the games of the Greek Superliga at Nova Sports online on the net. Like it used to be some years ago, but now in better quality. https://online.novasports.gr/ For the whole season it costs 85 Euros - I watched some games. But you can also buy a single game for 3 Euros. The problem for you guys - as mostly of you are living overseas - is mainly for European residents ..with the exception of Greece and Cyprus. Football technically: I was expecting the defeat against Olympiakos as they have the better team. The quality of their players is more balanced. As I said before the derby (not here) the important thing is that the Aektzides remain patient, which is a very high demanding for the Greeks in homeland. The reason is monetary: Should Olympiakos not be able to qualify for the Champions League next year too - so they would have less money to spend for quality players... and this would close the gap to them. They are still living from the CL financial resources. We are coming from far behind - one season more patient in continuing our positive progress of the last year will finally bring the expected fruits.
  3. Yesterday, Friday 17th November And 2 days after France - Greece Gekas, Amanitidis and Kyriakos played a championship game. Vfl Bochum - Eintracht Frankfurt Gekas won a penalty for his team and scored one goal... 4 : 3 for Bochum Amanatidis scored too I m not sure if PAO did the right thing with Gekas.....
  4. Nice to watch... Is this from UEFA com ?
  5. Ok thanks for your info 2ndMouse.... Kita3e pou pane na mas valoune Sta Skoupidia... :angry: Oxi.. .. pio kala na pai3oume sthn Risoupoli... :angry: Apo thn allh meria ton Olympiako ton xtisane tzaba to Karaiskaki kai tora pagi gia tzaba kolymvitirio..... Akousa sto Radio apo enan Renditi (olly tous Gavri).. Prin kambosa xronia.. poulisane ta ikopeda tous ftina, giati h perioxi htane se enan allon nomo, ston Kokkali.. .epidi tous ipe oti tha ftiaxh eki kolymvitirio, Arena tou Basket.. kai Parko. Ipane afti tha xaroune ta paidia mas. O Kokkalis me aftes ths proipothesis.. tha phra tzaba ta xorafia apo tous Gavrous Rendites..... O Nomos alla3e tora... mboris na xtisis apano tora katikies....akrivenane to oikopeda.... pige h Eteria tou Krokous kai extise Spitia eki... me megalos kerdos... h Rendites hne e3ofrenon giati perase kai o kairos kai den mboroune na kanoune kai efesi... Kai etsi o Thios tous thn "evale" Tora theli apo to kratos tzaba kolymvitirio... kai tha pairni kai apo thn ERT thn kratiki Teliorasi kai kathe xrono 7 h 9.000.000 Euro.......... Pou tha ta plironoun h AEKtzides.. Vazeli.. Paoktzides kai , kai... Ixe kai to tharos kai na milisi stis proalles gia Omades tou 44 kai Omades tou Dimosiou (OTE)... alla afto den to efage o Demis kai tou thn exose ton Thio fardokardia.... Kai h Gavri ipane ystera ... pio kala na mhn to elege afto o Kokkalis....
  6. Please explain = Landfill You mean if once done.. nobody can build there ? Anyhow I don'n like the idea at all to have a new stadium near the garbages.... Did Granitsas took the final decision to demolish Nikos Goumas ? If yes..... It s a wounder that nobody attacked him.. in comparison to Demis... Well, although I m AEK ... I must say, we are weird club....
  7. Wait a moment .. I lost control .. and I might not understand all that "Greek" stuff.. It's true that they will give us .. space near the garbage deposit area ? I also understood.. in a distance of 2.5 km .. they will continue till 2016 to deposit Garbage there.. If this is real... so I don't want a new stadium .. near the garbage deposit center... So I prefer rather a small stadium at Nea Filadelfia... or OAKA and why not in the stadium of "Elafria Taxiarxia"
  8. Where no money is, no clear view exists.........
  9. I m a one sided and I m sticking with Demis...... Melissanidis would even not touch AEK 8 months ago....and now that everything goes smooth thanks Demis...now he is appearing....and brings troubles with...... M. Papaianou did also attack Demis because his old film sequences have been colored from black & white.... Ean ine dinaton... gia teties saxlamares... na xalname kati kalo...
  10. I m also sticking with Demis idea... I think 36.000 is too small...............
  11. In any case he is something special. As he is the only player that is not pinned. B)
  12. He scored last night 3 goals. Heerenven won 7 - 1 .
  13. I have not forgotten 2 situations, which were against my team (AEK). Both took in the last 12 to 5 minutes of the game......... and it cost us 3 points.... Now with the statement on contra.gr (below click) of Mr Anesti Fillipidis, President of OPAP.... more and more I have my doubts. AGAINST..... OFI at OAKA.... where a pure-clear penalty has not been given on Kabadais in the stand of 1 : 1 in front of the referee (2 possibly points stolen)... AGAINST ....Kalamaria at Nea Krini.....where also a clear penalty in front of the referee has not been given on Ivic in the last minutes in the stand of 1 : 2 (1 possibly point stolen).... YOU MUST KNOW THAT I LIVE IN SWITZERLAND (GERMAN PART)...AND I AM VERY MUCH INFORMED ABOUT THE CASE "HOYZER AND THE CROATIAN BETTING MAFIA".... where the connections lead also to Greece....and therefore an official of UEFA is at the moment in Greece. In Germany the referees have manipulated with Penalties some games.....and now the cases are taken care by the State Prosecuter. It's proved legally that some games have been manipulated. THE FULL REPORT
  14. People see, what they want to see B)
  15. Lots of videos below Lots of Goals
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