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  1. Good effort from the 22 year old Athenian. He looks like he can take over Spyros Gianniotis spot effectively.
  2. Greece cannot afford to go behind and expect another comeback. What they have to do is stay discipline, play tight defense to limit them to around 5 or 6 goals, try to score with the fewer chance possible with efficiency. Hungary will have more ball possession and will likely take more shots, so it's up to the Greek goalie and their defense to make the big play like they have against Montenegro.
  3. Hungary will be Greece's next opponent in the men's water polo semifinals. They defeated Croatia 15-11. Spain defeated United States 12-8 and Serbia 10-6 win over Italy.
  4. Upcoming events on Thursday for the Greek athletes 06:30 Men's 10 km Marathon Swimming - Kynigakis 15:30 Men's Omnium Scratch Race 1/4 - Volikakis 16:27 Tempo Race 2/4 17:07 Elimination Race 3/4 17:55 Points Race 4/4 (Medal Round) 19:00 Women's Pole Vault Finals - Stefanidi, Kyriakopoulou Follow Up Women's Wrestling Freestyle 53 km Round of 16 - Prevolaraki vs. Valverde (ECU) I can see a medal here from Stefanidi as long as she goes over 4.85 or better Kyriakopoulou can medal too if she performs like she did in Berlin 2018 (EC)or Beijing 2015 (WC) Volikakis i
  5. Greece defeats Montenegro 10-4 to advance into the semifinals to face either Croatia or Hungary.
  6. The DQS is what's going to deny Mantis/Kagiarlis a medal, it was a major screw up.
  7. Douvalidis did not qualify for the semifinals, finished at 13.63, which is his season's best. Afterwards, he said he is planning to go to Paris 2024. By that time he will be 37 years ago. I think it's time Greece needs to find a young male hurdler who can be a star. Vasiliou did not advance to the semifinals, she finishes at 53.16. Tsiamis had to retire after his first jump after picking up an injury. He finishes without a mark.
  8. Emmanouil Karalis performed his very best in the men's pole vault finals only to fall short of a bronze medal. He was perfect over 5.55, 5.70, and 5.80 up until he failed three attempts at 5.87. I knew breaking Filippidis's Greek national record (5.91) would have done it's job. Big bravo to him, he will contest in major competitions soon. He is just 21 and will do many extraordinary things.
  9. The water polo team definitely can medal, which is something they never have accomplished in the national teams history at the Olympic Games. First thing is first, they have to defeat Montenegro in the quarterfinals. Drisbioti is the most experienced race walker of the three who are taking part, for her to medal isn't likely going to happen. I can see her finish in the top 20 at best. Volikakis started in the krelien during the London and Rio games and wasn't very successful. A change of the track discipline to omnium made him better and he won medals in multiple events at the World and Europe
  10. In women's pole vault, Sandi Morris and Alysha Newman (both ranked #3 and #5 respectively) are out of the competition. The ones who are a real threat to Stefanidi are Nageotte, Bradshaw, and Sidorova.
  11. Greece will face Montenegro in the quarterfinals. If Greece advances, they will face the winner of Croatia-Hungary.
  12. Both Stefanidi and Kyriakopoulou qualified at 4.55. Polak missed out at 4.40 (19th place). Judges decided to call it off after 15 pole vaulters went over 4.55. They had a long rain delay and the conditions wasn't too safe. This will be Nikoleta's first medal round game in the Olympics of her career. Spanoudaki's run in the 200 meters ends with 23.38 (23rd overall).
  13. It's OK, he managed to medal at least. He was coming back from surgery. His routine is still very good. Now we wonder how many more medals can Greece get before the Olympics end?
  14. In other results from athletics Both Anastasakis (73.52 22nd place) and Frantzeskakis (72.19 25th place) failed to qualify for the finals Spanoudaki has qualified for the semifinals at 23.16, big accomplishment there for the athlete from Rhodes! In men's water polo Greece defeats USA 14-5 to grab top seed in Group A.
  15. From 5th place to gold, you can't script this any better than that!
  17. Our Greek sailor Vasiliea Karachaliou finished 9th overall (3rd in the final race). Today, Greece should get 2 medals from Petrounias and Tentoglou. Our hammer throwers from Chania (Frantzeskakis/Anastasakis) will be in action for qualification. Automatic qualifying spot is 77.50. I like Christos chance better than Michail, but only if he throws over 76 meters which would be enough to get in. Spanoudaki running in the second heat of the 200 meters. Like earlier, only a PB will get her into the semifinals. Stefanidi, Polak, and Kyriakopoulou all in action for the evening session in women's p
  18. Scarveli finishes her day with 69.01 (no qualification). Gkolomeev finished 5th in the finals at 21.72. Like I said earlier, if he finishes over 21.60, he has no chance to medal. I was spot on.
  19. Stamatia Scarveli is throwing in group A She will need to throw well over 70 meters in order to qualify. Kristian Gkolomeev must swim better than 21.60 if he wants to walk away with the medal. Anything less than that time mentioned and he will likely be out of the podium. Vasileia Karachaliou is racing in the laser radial medal round. The race is up for grabs. Good luck to everybody in today's events.
  20. Tentoglou qualifies in the final with the second best jump at 8.22 Greece destroys South Africa 28-5
  21. That was sad, this could be a career threatening injury. Belibasaki has been battling through injuries for the past 2 years and will never know if she will ever race again.
  22. Other results today Pesiridou failed to finish her race, gets a DNF Anagnostopoulou finishes with a throw of 59.18, finishing 19th overall Filippidis fails to qualify, finishes at 5.50 (22nd place) Gkolomeev finishes 2nd in his semifinal race at 21.60 to advance into the finals. Again he swam the 3rd fastest time in the heats.
  23. A new personal outdoor best for Karalis at 5.75! That mark punched his ticket to the finals! What an Olympic debut for him!
  24. Blackhawk, in the sailing events, Karachaliou will be competing in the medal rounds in the women's laser radial. I believe top 10 sailors qualify. She finished 9 in the standings. Mitakis in the men's Finn is currently 11th place with 4 races to go and Mantis/Kaligaris in men's 470 are 10th place, also with 4 races to go. Those guys still have a chance to make a good run.
  25. Iakovidis isn't good enough to medal, he didn't qualify to begin with. He got an invitation after the Colombian lifter was banned for doping violations.
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