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  1. Gusin put up a better fight than Dosi. Even though she missed out on the finals. Finished at 1.89 (17th place). Had she only missed just one attempt at 1.89, she would have qualified for the finals grabbing the last 12th spot. Dosi finished 1.80 (34th place).
  2. Tentoglou said after the game he felt like had he pulled his leg back more after his last jump he could have possibly marked over 8.60.
  3. I predicate 2 medals (gold and bronze) and I was right Tomorrow our female high jumpers performing for qualification. I think Dosi can really surprise us if she breaks another PB. The automatic spot is 1.94, it's possible 1.91 may be enough to qualify.
  4. Drisbioti can also medal in the 35km race walk, problem is she didn't race one yet this season. Coming in ranked number 3 in the world, she definitely has a chance. Only a NR will get Emmanouilidou into the finals. It's a long shot. Tentoglou just needs to find his rhythm and everything will start clicking. He knows that 8.30 will not be enough for gold. 8.40 + should be his main target. As for Friday, Gusin has been hurt the whole season and I can't see her go to the finals. Dosi on the other hand got 4 personal best this outdoor season, started at 1.86 and is currently at 1.91. If she can manage to equal or break another personal best, she might qualify for the finals.
  5. Wednesday will be another busy day for the Greek athletes, four performing in the morning session and one in the afternoon. First will be Karalis (5th in the order from Group B). 5.80 is the automatic mark for qualification, but it's possible to get in prior to that mark depending on how many pole vaulters pass 5.75. Surprisingly enough, Karalis has never qualified for the finals at a European (Outdoors) and World (Outdoors). That could change soon. Tentoglou jumps first in Group A, should get past 8.15 to qualify automatically. Tzengo throws in Group B, 61.50 is the spot to get in. I think 59 meters might be enough to get in. She really needs to bring it and not perform poorly like she did in Eugene last year. Emmanouilidou races in the second heat. Top 3 gets in automatically with the 6 fastest time for non-automatic qualifiers. She will need to improve her lifetime best of 22.85 to stand a chance to advance into the semifinals. She will be racing with the likes of Sha'Carri Richardson and Marie-Josse Ta Lou. Finally, Scarvelis throws in Group A (5th in the order). Will need to throw well beyond 70 meters to have any chance. Sadly, her season's best has only been 69.79. Not very confident for her.
  6. Very unfortunate moment for Stefanidi. She came in injured and still competed hard as she could, didn't get a single mark at 4.50. Polak finishing at 4.35m. On the positive side, Gnafaki got a SB of 56.18 (28th place).
  7. For the first time of his hammer throw career, Michail Anastasakis will take part in the World Championship men's hammer throw finals thanks to his last effort throw of 75.76m. His surgery in the offseason really helped him improve his throwing strength and technique. Christos Frantzeskakis (Last year's World Championship finalist) didn't make the cut as he finished 14th place at 74.05m. A disappointing season for him. Kostas Zaltos finished 30th in his World Championship debut of 69.98m.
  8. Scheduled programs for the Greek athletes Local times posted in Budapest Saturday, August 19 08:50 Men's 20km Race Walk Final - Papamichail 10:30 Men's Shot Put Qualification - Mouzenidis 12:00 Men's Hammer Throw Qualification (Group A) - Anastasakis, Frantzeskakis, Zaltos 13:40 Men's Hammer Throw Qualification (Group B) - Anastasakis, Frantzeskakis, Zaltos 19:35 Men's Triple Jumps Qualification - Tsiamis, Pantazis, Andrikopoulos 20:35 Men's Shot Put Final Sunday, August 20 07:15 Women's 20km Race Walk Final - Drisbioti, Filtisakou, Papadopoulou 17:50 Men's Hammer Throw Final Monday, August 21 18:40 Women's Pole Vault Qualification - Stefanidi, Polak 18:50 Women's 400m Hurdles Heats - Gnafaki 19:40 Men's Triple Jump Final Tuesday, August 22 20:25 Women's 400m Hurdles Semifinals Wednesday, August 23 10:15 Men's Pole Vault Qualification - Karalis 10:20 Women's Javelin Throw Qualification (Group A) - Tzengko 11:15 Men's Long Jump Qualification - Tentoglou 11:55 Women's Javelin Throw Qualification (Group B) - Tzengko 12:05 Women's 200m Heats - Emmanouilidou 19:00 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification (Group A) - Scarvelis 19:30 Women's Pole Vault Final 20:35 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification (Group B) - Scarvelis Thursday, August 24 07:00 Men's 35km Race Walk Final - Papamichail 07:00 Women's 35km Race Walk Final - Drisbioti, Fiaska 19:30 Men's Long Jump Final 19:45 Women's 200m Semifinals 20:15 Women's Hammer Throw Final 21:50 Women's 400m Hurdles Final Friday, August 25 10:20 Women's High Jump Qualification - Gusin, Dosi 20:20 Women's Javelin Throw Final 21:40 Women's 200m Final Saturday, August 26 19:25 Men's Pole Vault Final Sunday, August 27 20:05 Women's High Jump Final
  9. Season bests for 2023 Men's Emmanouil Karalis (Pole Vault) PB 5.86 (i) SB 5.82 Miltiadis Tentoglou (Long Jump) PB 8.60 SB 8.41 (i) Nikolaos Andrikopoulos (Triple Jump) PB 16.73 SB 16.58 (i) Andreas Pantazis (Triple Jump) PB 16.91 SB 16.91 Dimitrios Tsiamis (Triple Jump) PB 17.55 SB 16.52 (i) Odysseas Mouzenidis (Shot Put) PB 19.98 SB 19.98 Michail Anastasakis (Hammer Throw) PB 77.72 SB 77.42 Christos Frantzeskakis (Hammer Throw) PB 78.20 SB 76.68 Kostas Zaltos (Hammer Throw) PB 76.33 SB 76.33 Alexandros Papamichail (20km Race Walk) PB 1:21:12 SB 1:24:52 (35km Race Walk) PB 2:34:48 SB 2:37:25 Women's Polyniki Emmanouilidou (200m) PB 22.85 SB 22.85 Dimitra Gnafaki (400m Hurdles) PB 56.14 SB 56.24 Panagiota Dosi (High Jump) PB 1.91 SB 1.91 Tatiana Gusin (High Jump) PB 1.94 (i) SB 1.92 Aikaterini Stefanidi (Pole Vault) PB 4.91 SB 4.62 Eleni-Klaoudia Polak (Pole Vault) PB 4.71 (i) SB 4.46 Stamatia Scarvelis (Hammer Throw) PB 71.43 SB 69.79 Elina Tzengko (Javelin Throw) PB 65.81 SB 63.65 Christina Papadopoulou (20km Race Walk) PB 1:32:53 SB 1:33:52 Olga Fiaska (35km Race Walk) PB 2:58:44 SB 2:58:44 Kyriaki Filtisakou (20km Race Walk) PB 1:32:23 SB 1:33:08 (35km Race Walk) PB 2:51:51 SB 2:55:00 Antigoni Drisbioti (20km Race Walk) PB 1:28:12 SB 1:28:12 (35km Race Walk) 2:41:58 SB (Did not race this season)
  10. 22 Greek athletes are going to Budapest as we expected announced from SEGAS Men's Emmanouil Karalis - (Pole Vault) Odysseus Mouzenidis - (Shot Put) Miltiadis Tentoglou - (Long Jump) Christos Frantzeskakis - (Hammer Throw) Michail Anastasakis - (Hammer Throw) Kostas Zaltos - (Hammer Throw) Dimitrios Tsiamis - (Triple Jump) Andreas Pantazis - (Triple Jump) Nikolaos Andrikopoulos - (Triple Jump) Alexandros Papamichail - (20km & 35km Race Walk) Women's Polyniki Emmanouilidou - (200m) Dimitra Gnafaki - (400m Hurdles) Stamatia Scarvelis - (Hammer Throw) Elina Tzengko - (Javelin Throw) Aikaterini Stefanidi - (Pole Vault) Eleni-Klaoudia Polak - (Pole Vault) Tatiana Gusin - (High Jump) Panagiota Dosi - (High Jump) Antigoni Drisbioti - (20km & 35 km Race Walk) Kyriaki Filtisakou - (20km & 35km Race Walk) Christina Papadopoulou - (20km & 35 km Race Walk) Olga Fiaska - (35km Race Walk)
  11. Check this out Alexandros Papamichail got an invitation to race the 20km race walk. Yet, he is nowhere near the top 50 for Quota World Rankings. If they can do this, why not give Polyniki Emmanouilidou a spot for the 100m since she is only ranked behind 11 eligible sprinters ahead of her? Elisavet Pesiridou indeed should be given an invitation over Nikolaos Andrikopoulos.
  12. 4 Greek athletes were given invitation by the World Athletics Andreas Pantazis Nikolaos Andrikopoulos Odysseus Mouzenidis Kostas Zaltos As I stated earlier, Zaltos will likely go to Budapest as a replacement from one of the hammer throwers who will likely miss the competition.
  13. Emmanouil Karalis became the third Greek athlete from athletics to qualify for 2024 Paris Olympics after achieving 5.82m at a meet in Germany yesterday. That is his outdoor personal best and was going for a Greek National Outdoor Record of 5.92m (he failed on all three attempts) after he won his meet.
  14. The final world rankings are in and 18 Greek athletes are heading to Budapest With the exception that Konstantinos Zaltos (he is currently at 37 Quota World Ranking) would likely be replaced because French hammer thrower Quentin Bigot could be out of the World Championship after surgery for his herniated disk. Ioannis Kyriazis dropped out of the top 36 from 33 to 40 and will not take part. Andreas Pantazis also dropped out of the top 36 from 36 to 40. The invitation for the two addition Greek athletes is possible later this week.
  15. At the European Youth Olympic Festival, Greece set a new record for the most medals in these competitions with 13. 10 are from athletics, 2 from swimming, and 1 from gymnastics. Here are the list of the medalists: Gold - Dimitrios Antonatos (Boys Shot Put 5kg) Gold - Ioannis Gkartsios (Boys Triple Jump) Silver - Vladimiros Andreadis (Boys 400 m Hurdles) Silver - Ioulianna Roussou (Girls 800 m) Silver - Maria Rafailidou (Girls Shot Put 3kg) Silver - Serafeim Eminidis (Boys Pommel Horse) (Gymnastics) Silver - Evangelos Doumas (Boys 100 m Breaststroke) (Swimming) Silver - Despoina Pyrili (Girls 100 m Backstroke) (Swimming) Bronze - Nikolaos Sidirenios (Boys Hammer Throw 5kg) Bronze - Paschalis Gennikis (Boys High Jump) Bronze - Pavlos Kriaras (Boys Pole Vault) Bronze - Maria Rafailidou (Girls Discus Throw 0.5kg) Bronze - Evgenia Maria Panagiotou (Girls Pole Vault)
  16. Here are the latest update It appears that 20 Greek athletes are officially going to Budapest. This Sunday will be the final day of the updated world rankings. The ones who are going 1. Miltos Tentoglou 2. Christos Frantzeskakis 3. Aikaterini Stefanidi 4. Antigoni Drisbioti (20 & 35 km) 5. Elina Tzengko 6. Panagiota Dosi 7. Tatiana Gusin 8. Polyniki Emmanouilidou (200 m) 9. Dimitra Gnafaki 10. Eleni-Klaoudia Polak 11. Dimitrios Tsiamis 12. Michail Anastasakis 13. Kostas Zaltos 14. Stamatia Scarvelis 15. Alexandros Papamichail 16. Christina Papadopoulou (20 km) 17. Kyriaki Filtisakou (20 & 35 km) 18. Olga Fiaska (35 km) 19. Emmanouil Karalis 20. Ioannis Kyriazis The ones who are in the world rankings, but are not lock up a spot Andreas Pantazis (36/36) The ones who are outside of the world rankings, but are still in the hunt Elisavet Pesiridou (42/40) 3 points behind Odysseus Mouzenidis (41/36) 17 points behind Nikolaos Andrikopoulos (38/36) 1 point behind Polyniki Emmanouilidou can only take part in the women's 100 m if she gets one of two invites from the World Athletics, which is common for this prior to the World Championships. I hope she gets in and race.
  17. Miltos Tentoglou is the first Greek athlete from track and field to qualify for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games via entry standard (8.38). Here is the entry standard list for the 2024 Olympics athletics Bold means adjustments from the 2023 World Championship MEN 100 m - 10.00 200 m - 20.16 400 m - 45.00 800 m - 1:44.70 1500 m - 3:33.50 5000 m - 13:05.00 10000 m - 27:00.00 110 m Hurdles - 13.27 400 m Hurdles - 48.70 3000 m Steeplechase - 8:15.00 High Jump - 2.33 Pole Vault - 5.82 Long Jump - 8.27 Triple Jump - 17.22 Shot Put - 21.50 Discus Throw - 67.20 Hammer Throw - 78.20 Javelin Throw - 85.50 Decathlon - 8460 20km Race Walk - 1:20:10 Marathon - 2:08:10 WOMEN 100 m - 11.07 200 m - 22.57 400 m - 50.95 800 m - 1:59.30 1500 m - 4:02.50 5000 m - 14:52.00 10000 m - 30:40.00 100 m Hurdles - 12.77 400 m Hurdles - 54.85 3000 m Steeplechase - 9:23.00 High Jump - 1.97 Pole Vault - 4.73 Long Jump - 6.86 Triple Jump - 14.55 Shot Put - 18.80 Discus Throw - 64.50 Hammer Throw - 74.00 Javelin Throw - 64.00 Heptathlon - 6480 20km Race Walk - 1:29:20 Marathon - 2:26:50
  18. The latest world rankings for our Greek athletes who are currently in position for qualification. Elisavet Pesiridou - QP (40) out of 40 - women's 100 m hurdles Dimitra Gnafaki - QP (40) out of 40 - women's 400 m hurdles Eleni-Klaoudia Polak - QP (33) out of 36 - women's pole vault Tatiana Gusin - QP (31) out of 36 - women's high jump Panagiota Dosi - QP (35) out of 36 - women's high jump Stamatia Scarvelis - QP (27) out of 36 - women's hammer throw Dimitris Tsiamis - QP (29) out of 36 - men's triple jump Andreas Pantazis - QP (36) out of 36 - men's triple jump Michail Anastasakis - QP (18) out of 36 - men's hammer throw Kostas Zaltos - QP (34) out of 36 - men's hammer throw Some noticeable athletes outside from the world rankings have a chance to claim 2 spots via Wild Card or invites. Polyniki Emmanouilidou - women's 100 m and 200 m Nikolaos Andrikopoulos - men's triple jump Odysseus Mouzenidis - men's shop put Ioannis Kyriazis - men's javelin throw
  19. The Greek athletes to head to Serbia for the Balkan Championship with opportunities to boost their world rankings for the World Athletics Championship 2023 as well as the Paris Olympics 2024. Men's 100 m - Giannis Nyfantopoulous, Nikos Panagiotopoulos 200 m - Giannis Kariofylis, Sotiris Gkaragiannis 800 m - Chridimos Xenidakis, Giorgios Matzaridis 5000 m - Marios Anagnostou 110 m hurdles - Kostas Douvalidis, Christos Roumitsos 400 m hurdles - Dimitris Levantinos High jump - Antonios Merlos Long jump - Nikolaos Stamatonikolos Triple jump - Andreas Pantazis, Dimitris Tsiamis Pole vault - Ioannis Rizos Shot put - Odysseas Mouzenidis, Tasos Latifllari Discus throw - Jason Thanopoulos Hammer throw - Christos Frantzaskakis, Michail Anastasakis Javelin throw - Ioannis Kyriazis Decathlon - Aris Peristeris, Tzanis Andreoglou 4 x 100 relay - Ioannis Granitsiotis, Giannis Kariofylis, Giannis Nyfantopoulos, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, Sotiris Gkaragiannis Women's 100 m - Dimitra Tsoukala, Rafalia Spanoudaki 200 m - Artemis Anastasiou, Polyniki Emmanouilidou 400 m - Despoina Mourta 800 m - Irini Vassiliou, Georgia Despollari 1500 m - Melissa Anastasakis 3000 m steeplechase - Isavella Kotsechili, Nikoleta Rafailaki 100 m hurdles - Elisavet Pesiridou, Anais Karagianni 400 m hurdles - Dimitra Gnafaki High jump - Tatiana Gusin, Panagiota Dosi Pole vault - Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou, Eleni Polak Long jump - Vasiliki Chaitidou, Maria Stefanopoulou Hammer throw - Stavroula Kosmidou Shot put - Maria Magoulia Javelin throw - Elina Tzenkgo Heptathlon - Anastasia Dragomirova, Sofia Kamperidou 4 x 100 relay - Dimitra Tsoukala, Rafalia Spanoudaki, Polyniki Emmanouilidou, Artemis Anastasiou, Elisavet Pesiridou 4 x 400 relay - Dimitra Gnafaki, Irini Vasiliou, Despoina Mourta, Georgia Despollari
  20. Ioannis Kariofylis was a pleasant surprise, he reached the men's 200 meters finals and got 5th place. He needed a PB of 20.84 to get this far. Nikolaos Polychroniou was the bright spot in the men's hammer throw, finished 5th at 71.50. Dafni Lavasa finished 6th place at the women's 10,000 meters.
  21. Greece ended the European Athletics U23 Championship on a high note, grabbing three more medals to finish with four (1 gold 1 silver, 2 bronze). Elina Tzengko was no surprise in getting gold, she was the only javelin thrower in the contest over 60 meters (finished at 60.73). Panagiota Dosi was having an incredible run at the high jump, leaped over her personal best of 1.89 after a perfect start over 1.75, 1.80, 1.84 and 1.87. At the podium she sang the Greek anthem despite getting silver because Elena Kulichenko of Cyprus won the contest, which is a historic first at these Under 23 European Championship. After a disappointing 5th place finish at the 100 meters, Polyniki Emmanouilidou made sure she comes home with a medal and it's bronze at the 200 meters at 21.43. I have noticed from both of her final races, she needs to improve on her starts. Only 20 and will mature more in the coming years. Lucky for her, she is eligible for the next European Under 23 in 2025 at Bergen, Norway. She will be 22 at that time. There were some close calls by the 4 x 100 men's relay team (lost out to Poland by 0.03 seconds) and Maria Kassou from the women's 10,000 meters. They both finished in 4th place and could have added 2 more medals.
  22. Polyniki Emmanouilidou hasn't been able to crack the top 48 at the World Championship for entry to the women's 100 and 200 meters. She is racing in the European Under 23 Championship, hoping to improve on her marks of 11.21 and 22.85 respectfully. Anything here past her personal best will significantly boost her points for the world rankings. Both female hurdlers Elisavet Peseridou (39) and Dimitra Gnafaki (40) are back into the top 40. Andreas Pantazis (34) and Nikolaos Andrikopoulos (36) from men's triple jump cracked the top 36 after both personal and season's best from the Greek Championship. Dimitris Tsiamis still remains at 29. All three male Greek hammer throwers are in the top 36 from Christos Frantzeskakis (via entry standard 78.20), Michail Anastasakis (17) and Kostas Zaltos (33). Stamatia Scarveli is locked up for the World Championship confirmed from SEGA website. Eleni Polak (33) from women's pole vault should be OK to enter along with Katerina Stefanidi (via entry standard 4.75). Tatiana Gusin from women's high jump dropped down to 33 from 29 and we will wait and see if she can survive the cut in 3 weeks unless she manages to improve on her outdoor personal best of 1.92. Panagiota Dosi has a chance to try to get into the World Championship. She will need to improve on her 1.88. She is competing in European Under 23 Championship. All of the race walkers are locked in. Antigoni Drisbioti - via entry standard from both 20 km and 35 km Kyriaki Fitisakou - via world ranking from both 20 km and 35 km Christina Papadopoulou - via world ranking from 20 km Olga Fiaska - via world ranking from 35 km Alexandros Papamichail - via world ranking from 35 km Just to make a note for the track events, the entry standard for the women's 100 meters is 11.08, 22.60 for the women's 200 meters, 12.78 for the women's 100 meter hurdles and 54.90 for the women's 400 meter hurdles.
  23. Last day of the Greek Championship, a few Greek athletes stand out today. Katerina Stefanidi - 4.61 SB Miltos Tentoglou - 8.38 EL SB Andrea Mita - 2.19 EL U23 PB
  24. The Greek Championships were held at Volos this season. Some very significant results for our Greek athletes who are looking to qualify for Budapest 2023. Kostas Douvalidis - 13.61 SB Elisavet Pesiridou - 13.05 SB Panagiota Dosi - 1.88 PB Andreas Pantazis - 16.91 PB (Legal jump +1.4) 17.19 does not count as it was wind-aided +5.2 Odyesseas Mouzenidis - 19.98 PB Ioannis Nyfantopoulos - 10.15 (Doesn't count as it was wind-aided +4.3) So 10.30 remains to be his SB.
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