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  1. Discussion for all Greek Cups and Friendly games
  2. A video suggestingg why leaving the 'corrupt' and 'unelected' EU is a good idea: Yanis Varoufakis disagrees:
  3. Dear Friends, A quick advice for newcomers... 1. When you sign in for the first time the forum server sends a confirmation email to the inbox of the email you provided. What you need to do is click a link in the text of the mail sent, to activate your account and become a member. Some times, some email providers recognise automatic mail as SPAM, and they automatically direct such mail to the SPAM section of your inbox! Therefore if you have not received your confirmation email some minutes after your registration try checking the SPAM section of your inbox. 2. If the email is not there, use the "resend validation email" option which can be found on the top right corner of the forum. 3. If you are a newcomer and post for the first time, you might notice that your post does not show immediately. As soon as a moderator logs-in your post will be approved. We use this 2 or 3 first post buffer to make sure no attacks take place before all members are fully aware of the forum rules. From then on each user takes a free posting clearance and retains it under all conditions unless he or she refuses to respect forum rules. Dear Visitors, Many people browse these boards each day. We invite you to participate and share your views on Greek and World Sports with us. Thank you all for making these boards the home of quality and civilized discussion. A corner of the web where all opinions and people are respected. The Phantis Crew. --
  4. Established: 1934 A Member of FIFA since: 1948 A Member of UEFA since: 1962 Coaches:
  5. AEK rival Benfica for Inter Milan's Karagounis --> Click Here for the Link to the Article <--
  6. Who are you favorite Club* in**: Greece: Greece2***: England: Italy: Spain: Germany: France: Turkey: Holland: Portugal: Belgium: Scotland: Australia: South America: North America: ... ...** --- * You can give the names of more than one Club if you want ** Coppy and Paste this list to answer and add more Countries In the list if you want *** In case some people also support the local team of the city they were born in or for whatever other reason)
  7. I think PAO fans will win this one... or will they? ;)
  8. Let us see what Continents our Greek and Foreign Members Represent
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