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  1. I freakin cannot stand the VAR, this loss may cost us our whole European campaign, let's hope not but things aint looking good.
  2. One game at a time, first things first we need to secure these 3 points tonight above all else!
  3. This team is better than it looks, CL is always going to be tough we are always going to be the underdogs, that is the beauty of it all when we pull off a result, that is what makes it sweeter. This year, we are a step behind from last I think if you look at the details you can infer why. Very short to no preseason, a couple key departures at the back, new guys yet to gel, some key players missing for our toughest CL games (playing MC with no striker)...At home playing with out fans is a big loss for us also, the fans always gave the club a great boost and we don't have that this year ei
  4. <iframe seamless="seamless" src="https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/embed/e0960926-7e93-411a-8d00-96a71c969331?autoplay=false" style="border: 0;"></iframe> Are you the creator of Hi and Lois?
  5. One positive was the amount of ball possession we were able to have, not many teams are able to do that. Spurs even though they beat City a few days a go were being out possessed at 80% in that game. I know it doesn't mean anything points wise, but it is one positive to take from this as we move on and keep improving and we keep dreaming.
  6. One minute of silence was observed tonight in Karaiskakis for Diego
  7. F'in Corona, we move on...Let's go for Maximum points it is within our reach.
  8. Νικολακόπουλος: «Τελικά με Ραφίνια και τρία στόπερ ο Ολυμπιακός»
  9. El Araabi and Hasan will both be missing this match it seems due to contracting Covid.
  10. Guys this in Man City, what did you all expect lol With a bit of luck we might have been able to tie the match, we were not bad in the second half until the 80th minute. Guardiola has a squad value to work with that in 20x times the value of the whole Greek League...we move on. The team will get better and we will bounce back. No shame in an away loss to City, any team in the world will have a tough task getting points from them at Etihad, let's be real.
  11. Η ενδεκάδα: Σα, Χολέμπας, Σεμέδο, Σισέ, Ραφίνια, Εμβιλά, Μπουχαλάκης, Καμαρά, Βαλμπουενά, Ραντζέλοβιτς, Ελ Αραμπί BENCH 88 Tzolakis(GK) 44 Karargyris(GK) 2 Soudani 9 Hassan 10 Pepe 12 Vinagre 14 Androutsos 17 Vrousai 19 Masouras 21 Drager 27 Bruma 34 Papadopoulos Manager: Pedro Martins(POR)
  12. Always liked this player, even more so after meeting him in Greece one time during the 2nd Valverde era.
  13. Porto did not play better than us or show much, but they played smart. They kept it tight in the back, even though we had long spells on possession and we could have scored, they absorbed the pressure and patiently waited to strike on the counter. The mistake in the beginning really was a gift though that is true, it took a lot of pressure of Porto and allowed them to just sit back and not have to take any risks or open up at all unnecessarily. I thought Valbuena had tied it for us with that lob but again, no luck, the Porto player did an amazing job of clearing that right before it went
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