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  1. Greek fans can be so fickle, reminds of a game I saw long a go in Karaiskaki, first hale Tzole makes a couple good plays, one fan (all game shouting, commentating louder than most, distinct voice: "bravo re paiktara, eisai gigantas...." second half he misses a change or two or makes a bad pass: "pe Tzole! ti einai afte reeeee eisai teleiwmenos, syko kai fyge!" From a God to Rubbish in minutes. Typical Greek soccer fan. I remember looking at Tzole, at this point he was with us 10-11 years or so, and the way that "fan" "was" tongue lashing him made my skin crawl. What an entitled ingrate.
  2. Preach! Talking about the worlds richest welfare recipients, its so heinous it is downright hellacious.
  3. This was hard to watch. Semedo and Ba were extremely missed. Pity because the few times we pressed Arsenal they were shakier than the leaves of a tree in late September...we need another quality cb or two this summer.
  4. You are right Laz. But innocence in the eyes of the law does not mean necessarily mean that one is morally or ethically beyond reproach. Same way not all who are labelled criminals are wrong or bad. Laws and legal systems are far from perfect. Politicians lets say that start wars and kill countless non combatants do what they do legally. Arguably if the colonial powers had not caused a mess the way they did, not just in Greece but the world over, NOV17 and many terrorist organizations would never exist in the first place. Again not coming out to say NOV17 is justified. But there is nuance, and I can respect a group that has some sort of values or a code and sticks to it, willing to fight for what they believe is a righteous cause. I hope I am not coming off as a supporter of murder, I do not even kill spiders lol. But I can understand how some people fight and chose to do so with the use targeted targeted or strategic violence. Mandela was labeled a terrorist. Israel would not be a state today if groups like Hagana, Stern gang and others did not employ terrorist tactics, nobody ever brings that up. Kolokotronis was at a time imprisoned for treason, Socrates was sentenced to death...the law isn't always right.
  5. Looks like Yiayia is eating good lol Recently joined Olympic Donetsk as part of their coaching team.
  6. More than 25% of trucks leaving the UK for EU are empty as exports dive
  7. Of course murder is wrong, but if someone considers themselves to be a guerilla type soldier fighting and taking out the enemy is one thing, and civilians are another. Many groups purposely target civilians because it is easier, it causes more fear or for several other reasons. This is something as far as I know NOV17 does not do. They strategically would target people that they deemed to be legitimate targets. Like I said earlier I don't approve of those murders either, but I can respect that they do not recklessly and senselessly kill just any person at random. Also my reply was in response to the ppst above mine about the killing of"many innocent" people.
  8. I think youre confused with skai , maybe im wrong too... Anyway, who do you think is the most professional news outlet for Greek sports?
  9. To be fair, the people that have been hurt by NOV 17 have been for the greater part targeted for political reasons, there are very few civilians that have been hurt by NOV17 attacks. I would not go out on a limb and say wether or not I think he deserves this or that, I am not informed enough to have a responsible opinion. But as far as I do know, they targeted specific persons that were their ideological enemies and were not recklessly bombing public spaces and putting civilians at risk unnecessarily, that is something I can respect or find something honorable in. Thanks for posting @athinaios, care to share any of your own thoughts?
  10. Ok, Sport-fm is the source, I know people have accused them of being pro Olympiacos over the years, but generally they have been more reliable than most of the news sites that are around IMO. @Blackhawkyou think they are not among the better ones or nah? 4.5? Not many teams outside of the Gulf or Russia would take a stab at that price, if any.
  11. Was this already known amongst the fans or is this news to you all? Ο Ρέμπε είχε «κόψει» Πρίγιοβιτς και έφερε Τσόλακ!
  12. Ζημιά με Σεμέδο στον Ολυμπιακό: Μένει έξι εβδομάδες έξω!
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