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  1. Yeah pretty much. Got it right about Sparti and Marinakis. Not so sure that he was more desperate for cash more than he wanted to advertise his own company, SUPERFOODS, through PAO! Plus, fans did not like the name change. Anywhere you read now, Panathinaikos is NOT Panathinaikos, it is Panathinaikos SUPERFOODS. It is a complete name change and a sponshorship. A sponshorship that gives 0 revenue back to PAO of course nercause is the owners business :D I don't remember that photographer!?!?! Dimitris is a nutcase and now the last ( Fotsis is actually the one left) of the Mohican
  2. Do or die as far as advancing to the next round.
  3. Hahahahah that was the best ! Anyone got the pic ?
  4. That's how you win games for 20 years
  5. Accor6

    Lunatic Kyrgios

    Disgrace http://www.gazzetta.gr/other-sports/article/992701/proklitika-adiaforos-o-kyrgios-oti-heirotero-ekane-pote-vid
  6. Απίθανα σκηνικά διαδραματίστηκαν στο ημίχρονο της αναμέτρησης Ελλάδα – Κύπρος, όπου προπηλακίστηκαν δημοσιογράφοι του ΣΠΟΡ – FM! «Γαμ@ τον Παναθηναϊκό σας και τον Αλαφούζο», τους έλεγαν και τους έφτυναν! Ξύλο στα επίσημα!Την ώρα που οι δύο ομάδες ήταν στα αποδυτήρια τα επίσημα μετατρέπονταν σε «ρινγκ» και στα δημοσιογραφικά εκτυλίσσονταν σκηνές ντροπής!Σε ό,τι αφορά το επεισόδιο στα επίσημα του «Γεώργιος Καραϊσκάκης» έπεσαν... ψιλές! Τα χειρότερα, όμως, έμελλε να διαδραματιστούν στα δημοσιογραφικά του γηπέδου, όπου προπηλάκισαν τους δημοσιογράφους του ΣΠΟΡ FM 94,6. Άγνωστοι που δεν έχει διευκρ
  7. You can have this conversation somewhere else please MODS can the last few messages moved somewhere else
  8. Excellent except from that! I missed that , sorry!!! You know why? because Diamandidis made everyone around him better whether everyone who surrounded Gallis made him better. An d i am talking about both offense and defense
  9. Champions League (With 15 more Championships for Osfp (17-2) the last 19 years ) a)Appearances: 28 OSFP, 30 PAOb) Games 150 OSFP, 157 PAOc) Wins53 OSFP, 49 PAOd)Ties 28 OSFP, 45 PAOe)Losses69 OSFP, 63 PAO f) Points 134 OSFP, 143 PAO Conclusion:In almost 60 years of competition OSFP has managed to play 2 more seasons in europe than us. HOWEVER, he has managed to neither played more games than us nor to collect more points!! TOTAL EUROPEAN GAMES/POINTS PANATHINAIKOS: 273 GAMES 96 WINS 67 TIES 110 LOSSESOSFP:247 GAMES 97 WINS 41 TIES 109 LOSSESTOTAL POINTS (2-1-0
  10. Ο Παναθηναϊκός κορυφαία ελληνική ομάδα στο Champions League! Η πιο πετυχημένη ομάδα της χώρας μας στο Champions League παραμένει ο Παναθηναϊκός. Οι «πράσινοι» διατηρούν την υψηλότερη θέση από όλες τις ελληνικές στο «all time club ranking» της UEFA. 23/09/2016, 22:06 Η κορυφαία ελληνική ομάδα στο Champions League παραμένει ο Παναθηναϊκός. Οι «πράσινοι» έχουν αρκετά χρόνια να βρεθούν στη φάση των ομίλων (πιο συγκεκριμένα από το 2010), ωστόσο ακόμα κι έτσι διατηρούν την υψηλότερη θέση στο «all time club ranking» της UEFA. Πρόκειται για τη λίστα που κατατάσσει τις ομάδες ανάλογα με τ
  11. The broken record has cost you many championships
  12. Gallis was more influential in an era that Greece was struggling with basketball and was vastly unknown. He changed the map of Greek basketball and is responsible for the ascendance of the game in Greece. High octane offensive player in an era that very little defense was played. You can't make assumptions as to how his career would look in the NBA had he decided to make it a career. It's difficult to predict what a Great European player can or can't do in the NBA or vice versa. Look at Antekoutombo...will most probably surpass or has already done so every Greek player abroad. BUT can he
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