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  1. wrong topic to post in oops sorryanyways I deleted it
  2. fighting he means as in argue amonst each other as to who will get what portion of the money to go around. I cant believe that the NHLers went to Europe minor leagues. UHL... charity games but will not play in the NHL. for more money then they will ever will in those leagues then they tell u were doing this not for money to stay in shape idiots you could have done that in the NHL
  3. 10 percent of the players only opposed to the salary cap the other 90 wanted to play so now everyone gets to eat it with no play Owners. fans. players !
  4. bravo re pedia... the greed of todays nhlers is unreal refusing to play for a salary cap oust.. now they had to cancel the season because of these morons all i have to say to the players is this SCREW you. sorry about the language but they deserved this!
  5. done I pinned the topic as suggested and finally realized how the topics at the top are always there now :)
  6. wow the top leading scorer in the greek league and hes called gay which reminds me y isnt a PAO player the top scorer? anyways. hes a good player!! and about the big game thing and not scoring: this is from the 3-0 embarasment we gave u in rizoupoli last year 3' 1-0
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