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  1. http://www.sportime.gr/football_inside.asp...rticle_id=37709 i feel sorry for the players having to put up with people like the guy in the photo
  2. i know i know today we play the dolphins we can beat these guys
  3. if u wanna know why u guy have 1 title in 10 years.. take a look at todays game to kerkirayoure right im stunned my self why we suck in europe. and PAO has played better yes but when youre use to winning easily in the greek league its hard to adjust when valencia MANU come to play us.
  4. if corruption is the reason according to hollywood the reason we lose in europe then we would have never won any game in 10 years inb europe so hollywood.. what your excuse after the 5ares last year?
  5. after the game ehtes the French have found the true meaning of HO HO HO after what they did to u guysLOL
  7. 34 OSFP titles 1 1 title by the greens 10 in 10 years 2 # of 5aers last season 4 psg-pao 4-0 31 (games with no win on the road by OSFP) :( 7 (7 goals copped by my team 7-0) :( 1 2 4 7 10 31 34 there u go
  8. dont laugh at ioniko after they beat u guys 2-0 which will cause u the title for sure and we will have tio put up with all the consiracy theories for thr 11th year in a ow from the PAO sideanyways games over and done
  9. vazecha.. its nice to see u point to OSFp as corrupted and completely ignoring the corruption PAO brings to the greek league just go ask kalamaria.. ofi.. xanthi who the refs have clearly adjusted the score in their games with their m*****es
  10. Hey man another team we don't agree!! I am a Dolphins fan and yes this year once again not looking good. u guys were expected to contend... us we had a slow start alla can still finish 9-7 alla 9-7 is no playoffs
  11. aston.. he clearly wants to get into an argument,.. anyways were 6-7.. a 9-7 ennding would be nice were getting better but this season is lost
  12. were 6 and 8 ...im sure next year we can make the playoffs. but 7 years in a row no playoffs sucks
  13. hahahahahahits so easy to brush aside isnt it?? cant wait untill Pao do a great come back to hear the s%$#! that comes out of your mouth :LOL: i can just imagine it now, "ohhh again u guys r getting the pushes in the league" "if u didnt get a penalty or ofi let u come back u would be 20000 points behind us now" "Look whos cheating now" bla bla bla OKwhateverr u say bro
  14. unless the Jets pull a comeback like OSFP did !
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