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    APOEL vs Zenit

    i had to reply to the last comment od djebour being equal to ailton?? wht the f has djebour done in the last two years..how many goals has he scored in europe ailton has like 6 this year.. apoel has 3 points olympiacos has a koolori!!! i was at this game today Apoel have something special enough with the m*****es olympiacos has big problems europe looks like a bust for them this year... and irlandos solomou and alexandrou came on there greek cypriot too....we have a deep bench thats why some of these players cant crack the sqaud.. our captain charalambides my name sake has to sit on the bench
  2. Hey maybe Ketsbaia would come back if the reds apologized to him??? LOLOLOLOL what a disease a team that never lost a game to a team who will be playing in the Europa League next year!!!!!!!!! Bring in Pele and Dunga too coach and maradona can be an asistant bravro to the reporters and press of the reds who were the dismise of temuri Ketsbaia now look at there team now!!!!!
  3. Pao are the clear favourites to progress hopefully we see a good game good luck to both greek counterparts we are proud of both there accomplishments!!!!
  4. My apologies yes you are right i was thinking of another Karagounis dive!!!!!
  5. wtf are you talking about man. Thats absolutley a red card. Violent or unsportsmanlike conduct on the pitch is punishable by red. PERIOD. Weather you hit a referee, a fan, the other player, your OWN player, you will be punished. Thats the rule, and the call makes absolute sense. If a player scores a goal, then proceeds to throw double-middle fingers to all the fans, should not this be punishable? It doesnt affect the game right? If I tell the ref to F*** his mother, should I be punished? Had no affect on the game? Conduct, applies to all on the pitch and in the stadium. Its the fans fault
  6. The season is officially over 9 points back what a disgrace already not even December yet! Fire the coach fire the management fire the team!! Tieing garbage teams that wouldn't even play in the tenth division in england!! Only champions league left will see what happens there maybe saravakos will come back out of retirement and help this team!!
  7. Na sou bo kati i am so happy pao and anorthosis have achnace to make it to the final 16 at least one greek team will reprsent!! Pao are the clear favourites and i cant see anorthosi pulling off a victory but you never know!!! But when you got boasters like XXX who are mocking the Cypriots na katsis kala for what because the greens got pounded in Cyprus they never showed up to play they deserved to lose when you dont respect a greek team like anorthosi for what they have accomplished so far then you have no business and even talking about football!!! Anyhow may the best team win Win or lose the
  8. I here ten thousand olympiakos supporters will be the game cheering for anorthosis!! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ WARNING: I don't like where this is going. I'm planning on having a good weekend without aggravation, so I won't hesitate to pull the trigger. ;)
  9. How great would it be if trianos dellas scored the winnerbfor anorthosis to knock out pao!! Even better yet a 90 minute own goal for yiannis gkoumas top corner on galinovic. Anyway you look at it at least pao willbgo thru if ano does and any Greek Cypriot will take that over anything!!! I can guarantee this it will be a tense 90 minutes for pao every one of there fans will be wearing a diaper that game!!!!
  10. all eyes will be at the gsp in Cyprus even the panathnaikos fans won't be watching there team cause if anorthosara win avrio its lights out!!! Famagusta will be shown all over the world avrio before the match this should be fantastic!!!!!
  11. The occupied famagusta will be with us avrio!!! 3 to 1 for our boys bring us to the next round!! Oli kypros mazi SAS ate anorthosara mou!!
  12. We almost beat one of the best teams in the world without our captain without Dellas and without Savio!!! WE had Nikos Frousos up front who is 35 years old and we had two other players who never even played in a game this year!!!!! So what does that tell you ?? We have the heart determination and we have destiny on our side there is nothing any team can do were are destined for the next round!!!! Anorthosi Famagusta the elite of Europe Unbelievable hey we might even win this tournament who knows!!!!! LOLOLOL
  13. This is for Drakos who never even watched the game but can analize it!!!!!"
  14. if ano beats Bremen they will send the 15 year olde to playvthe last game in Athens may pao scores 50 goals on them just like every other team was suppose to do name to kathiko SAS win in Italy then the last game might mean something good luck to both Greek teams!!! I love howvthe 35 year niko frousos scored a cracker against inter today brvo nikola!!
  15. The three goals against Rapid were a gift!! The three goals aginst Olympiakos were a gift!! THe three goals against Panathnaikos were a gift!! The three goals against Inter were a gift!!! ANd the Three goals we bury the Germans will also be a gift!!!!! End result Anorthosis in the 16 of the Champions League!!!!
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