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  1. Crespo would be great!! Nuno Gomez is useless is so overated!!!!! Cant do anything with Portugal!!!
  3. Bravo Marko yia tin Patrida!!!!!!!!!
  4. Markos ekanes mia olokliri patrida na einai perifanos yia sena!! You are a hero!! Marcos' Excellent Adventure by Luke Buttigieg Sunday, 29 January, 2006 Marcos Baghdatis arrived in Melbourne as one of the rising stars of the tennis world but it would be fair to say that plenty of the game's fans knew little about him. The 20-year-old Cypriot has changed that though with two superb weeks at Australian Open 2006. Baghdatis played some of the finest shots seen at the tournament and also engaged all he came across off the court as his excellent adventure came to an end just one match short with defeat against world No.1 Roger Federer in the Melbourne Park decider. The 2003 Australian Open Junior Boys' Singles champion took it up to the Swiss No.1 seed for two sets but the momentum changed when he says he began to start 'thinking too much' about winning the title and not just playing his natural game. "I just start thinking, got a bit stressed out, stopped playing my game, made some mistakes, gave the chance to Roger to come in and play his game and be aggressive, and that cost the match I think," Baghdatis said following Federer's 5-7 7-5 6-0 6-2 victory. "I did focus for two sets. But then, I don't know, there were moments that start thinking too much. Maybe was a bit scared of him and didn't really believe in it. So, I mean, it was tough. After everything was going so fast, I couldn't do anything. He was playing great." "He got his momentum and he was playing great tennis. So when Roger's playing good, I mean, it's really tough. And when you give him the chance to come in the court and play his game, I can tell you, in the court it's really tough." "Yeah, I start thinking about that, start thinking about a lot of things, and I stopped playing. Gave Roger, like I said, the chance to come in and be more aggressive than me. That's what happened." Along the way Baghdatis beat Czech No.17 seed Radek Stepanek in the second-round, American No.2 seed Andy Roddick in the fourth-round, Croatian No.7 seed Ivan Ljubicic in the quarter-finals and Argentine No.4 seed David Nalbandian in the semi-finals. "Beating Roddick, I mean, was first time winning in Rod Laver Arena I mean, beating No.3 in the world was my best victory," Baghdatis said of his stunning Day Seven victory. "It was really emotionally was fantastic." As well as thrilling both the local fans and Melbourne's Cypriot and Greek communities with his performances - with his own soccer-like fan club following his every move - Baghdatis also delighted the tennis public with his personality. He celebrated every victory by heading off to a local restaurant for some Greek cuisine, with the eatery adding an item to its menu and naming it in his honour, and he continued to charm even in making his speech at the presentation following his defeat. Earlier, when he walked out at Rod Laver Arena to a rapturous welcome, Baghdatis acknowledged the reception from the crowd with a few waves, and then sat down to ready himself for the battle ahead while keeping one eye on those cheering for him. He bounced out of his chair for the toss of the coin and then also laughed with the pockets of Cypriot and Greek supporters chanting his name and slogans about him before crossing himself as the match was about to begin. Baghdatis jumped out of the blocks by claiming the first set and then opening up a 2-0 lead early in the second set, and with two break points on Federer's serve in the third game he could have been up two breaks. But Federer won 11 games in succession and 16 of the next 19 to firstly square the match and then also take the third set and lead 3-0 in the fourth en route to his 166-minute triumph. Baghdatis fought the match out to the end, even though he was also battling cramp in his left calf - an ailment that he had treated three times at courtside - but Federer's class and experience proved too much. Having forgotten to pay tribute to Federer when he made his speech, Baghdatis was glowing in his praise of the now dual Australian Open and seven-time Grand Slam champion, who cried when he addressed the crowd. "I want to congratulate him (Federer) because he played a great tournament," he said. "He's a great athlete, great sportsman. He just gives a lot to the game. He's so charismatic. He's just playing unbelievable." "It's good to have him around. It's a pleasure to play against him and it's a pleasure to be in the changing room with him. Today when I saw him cry, I mean, I felt happy for him. He's a great man, I think." "He is a great person. He shows a lot. He gives a lot to people, I think. It's just so emotional up there, you cannot control yourself. So I think I know what he's going through." Asked to sum up his experience in Melbourne, Baghdatis told of how much he has enjoyed himself, with a school in his hometown of Limassol recording a song about him and his favourite soccer team back home, Apollo, sending him an autographed t-shirt. "Dream come true," he said. "That's the only thing I can say. I mean, it was a great dream. I mean, it feels great." "Feels great that all the tough work I've been through and all the things I'm doing through all these years and all the sacrifices my parents do for me, for them and everything, I mean, it was just great being here and playing a final, even if I lost it." Hopeful that he will be the inspiration for Cypriot kids to take up the game, Baghdatis not only wants to become a Grand Slam winner in future but also has his sights sets on Davis Cup success for Cyprus with countryman Yiannos Hadjigeorgiou. Baghdatis may not have claimed the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup as Australian Open Men's Singles champion, but he captured the hearts of not only his own nation in Cyprus, but also plenty more both in Australia and all around the tennis world.
  5. You know what i hate?? i hate the fact that Bidis has made me look like a dick-head... I personally can’t stand his post which consists of Bias, ignorance & racism… He and I haven’t been getting along for quite some time and during the mist of our arguments he has made some racist/personal comments such as “Aussie little boy”, “ur not Greek”, “Kangaroo”, “F ur mother” ect towards me when ive brought up valid comments about him and his posts… For a while I just ignored his racist and personal comments hoping that a Mod such as Evergreen, 2nd Mouse or Ziaka would do something or say something yet nothing was said.. After coping this abuse for a while (dnt believe me, go to the pao forum and look it up) and decided if he wants to play the racist card and cut me deep about my ethnicity, ill do the same thing and see how he likes it (which was wrong because I only did it to cut him, I dnt actually believe what I said)….Now here comes a new member such as Ur self and others who have only read half of the arguments and come to the conclusion that Im Anti-Cypriot… well let me set this straight, I have nothing against Cypriots (never had, except now with Bidis), I only made those comments as a means or retaliation towards him and his personal/racist comments towards me (if u were in my shoes u wouldn’t b able to tolerate it for that long so u would scoop down to his level, aiming to cut him deep)… However I do realize that I was wrong and should have never ever scooped to his level because in the process ive not only cut him but ive also cut other Cypriots in here and made my self look like a dick-head.. so I apologies to any other Cypriot or Greek except Bidis in here who took my words personally, by no means there was no truth to it, it was a form of relation for Bidis’s racist/personal remarks… So in conclusion I ask any other Cypriot or greek who has read my posts to understand that it was an empty retaliation towards bidis and his personal/racist comments about my ethnicity because im from Australia… P.S of course i have been supporting Bagdatis!!! i think his great and ironicaly the majority of his supporters are either Greek-Australians or Cypriot-Australians who are just like me Bidis :gr: :gr: :gr: I dont know why your writing a novel I asked for a truce!!! END THE BS!!ATE RE MARKO BRING THE TITLE HOME!!
  6. HE has already won an entire nation win or lose!!
  9. sure thing just keep it green. Thanks anyways ATE RE MARKO EIMASTE MAZI SOU PARE MAS STO TELIKO!!!!
  10. Limassol erupts as Baghdatis goes through to semis By John Leonidou THEY were scenes resembling the success of Greece in the European Football Championships in 2004. But who would have thought they would have been in honour of Cypriot tennis player Marcos Baghdatis. The 20-year-old tennis sensation has taken the world by storm after beating seventh-seeded Croatian, Ivan Ljubicic, with a 3-2 set (6-4, 6-2, 4-6, 3-6, 6-3) victory in the Australian Open quarterfinal yesterday. It is the first time a Cypriot has ever made it so far in the world of tennis. Cheered by the mass support of Greeks and Cypriots living in Melbourne, Baghdatis, ranked just 54th in the world, has also disposed 17th-seeded Radek Stepanek and second-seeded Andy Roddick in the last two rounds, and is now firmly in the sights of the world’s media. And the former world junior champion yesterday told Australian and American reporters that he was well aware of the celebrations backs home. "Everybody is in the streets right now; all my family, parents, just everybody, they're having fun; everybody today stopped working in Cyprus to watch my match." Television cameras turned up at the Baghdatis household just minutes after the game finished. His mother Androula was on the phone with Marcos minutes after his game telling him, “You were wonderful tonight my darling and we all love you so much.” She then told television reporters, “He sounded very emotional and very tired. I am so happy and proud of him that I cannot find the words to describe how I am feeling right now.” His little sister Zenia added “you were really great tonight and I love you a lot” His father Christos continued “I have just one more favour? Could you please go into the following round as well.” Celebrations were not just limited to the Baghdatis residence. There were plenty of celebrations in his hometown of Limassol and in particular at the Agios Nikolaos roundabout. People danced about cheering and some even jumped into the fountain on the roundabout in celebrating. Meanwhile cars drove by blowing their horns and some people waved pictures of Baghdatis chanting “Ole”. Also present at the roundabout was Marcos’ brother who told reporters that he never stopped believing that his brother would win the tightly fought game. “It was certainly more nerve racking than the last game but I never stopped believing in him. He was absolutely magnificent and has made every Cypriot around the world proud, especially me.” “He is sensational”, cheered one girl. “It is people like Marcos that make us proud to be Cypriot.” Messages of congratulations were also coming from the very top. Upon his arrival at Larnaca Airport from Moscow, President Tassos Papadopoulos also heaped praised on Baghdatis for his stunning victory. “Our biggest congratulations have to go out to Marcos Baghdatis for his excellent victory. He is doing our nation proud with his displays and we wish him all the best in his difficult upcoming schedule.” Praise from abroad is also not been lacking. CNN had stated, “Clearly having fun in his best Grand Slam performance, Baghdatis has become a crowd favorite. Cheered by dozens of chanting Greek supporters, the Cypriot ran his list of seeded victims to three by beating Ljubicic.” The BBC were a little more subdued in their reference to the Cypriot youngster saying, “Unseeded Marcos Baghdatis survived a fightback from seventh seed Ivan Ljubicic to reach the last four at the Australian Open in Melbourne.” Going under the title ‘Cypriot giant-killer fells No.7 seed’, one of Australia’s biggest media publication’s The Age said, “The great adventure goes on at the Australian Open for Marcos Baghdatis and his band of brotherly Greek fans, stirring recollections of Euro 2004, in which Greece began as rank outsider and won the tournament.” Baghdatis will now face fourth-seeded Argentine
  11. I am afraid that Bides is right. We were deceived by the Greek media, which are calling him Pagdatis. I had a look at the Australian Open official website and his name is indeed Baghdatis and he hails from Baghdat, Iraq. He is not even Cypriot. (Only joking) I just puked!!
  12. Congrats to Marko amazing victory for Cyprus and Greece... The fans are behind him all nation is behind him... Anyways he plays Nalbadian Thursday good luck to him.. I want to call a truce to Hollywood and Drakos.....
  13. BAGHDATIS WOWS FANS IN MELBOURNE Tuesday 24th January 2006 Related stories: Australian Open results - Men More Tennis stories: The Australian Open 2006 Belgian ousts brave Davenport Aus Open order of play Aus Open draw - Men Aus Open Draw - Women ATP Tour schedule WTA Tour schedule ATP World Rankings ATP Champions Race WTA World Rankings WTA Champ'ns Race Betting Greek-Cypriot Marchos Baghdatis delighted his many fans in Melbourne with a thrilling five set victory over Ivan Ljubicic of Croatia in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open. The 20-year-old opened up a two-set lead before the seventh seed battled back to level the match, but Baghdatis edged the fifth set to win through 6-4 6-2 4-6 3-6 6-3. The world number 54 now faces David Nalbandian of Argentina in his first Grand Slam semi-final after winning in three hours and 17 minutes. Baghdatis squandered seven break points in the opening set before he finally broke 26-year-old Ljubicic in the ninth game off a forehand error. He broke twice more in the second set, the first off a backhand winner and the second off another Ljubicic mistake, before the errors started creeping into his own game. A double fault set up the break Ljubicic needed to grab the third set then another double fault cost him the fourth set as well before he regained his composure in the decider. Baghdatis, who caused the shock of the tournament when knocking out Andy Roddick in the last round, saved two break points in the third game of the deciding set before gaining the crucial break in the next. Ljubicic served out impressively to love at 5-2 but Baghdatis held his nerve to serve out for the match. "I think it's all going crazy in Cyprus with all the people watching my matches, especially my parents," said Baghdatis, who made just 26 unforced errors. "In the third set I started thinking a lot, I was putting some doubts in my head and he started playing well and got some confidence, the points were going too fast and I couldn't control the game. "In the fifth set I just said 'don't miss a ball and play for every point' and that's what I did, I am very happy, I play great tennis again and I went through."
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