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  1. Ya this did completely come out of nowhere and im in shock as well. :D Congrads to both of them for playing in the premiership now and i look forward to seeing them play soon. :tup: :gr: I love transfer season!
  2. o and did i call st etienne or what.
  3. I agree st etienne would probably be the best matchup. Remember we did beat a french team a couple years ago in uefa soso or somthing. I butchured that
  4. you guys should hope for sporting or atletico. Chelsea is far too talented despite their struggles, and van nistelroy is an excellent player despite his age for realmadrid so you would like to avoid them also. Ask agio vasili for an early christmas present last year the draw for olympiacos was on my birthday and we drew chelsea lol lets hope you guys have better luck
  5. congrads guys great victory and help from bremen well done first place in the cl is a very very very good thing all but the best :)
  6. complete bullshit of a goal and game
  7. the goltv announcers are amazing they bring life to the goal far better than that smith fellow who should not even be speaking :LOL:
  8. couldnt of said it better my self re fileTRUE TO THE MAX
  9. that is the thing niko olympaicos didnt play their best football. Their defence was lacking in the firsat half and made some mistakes in the offence. Its scary how olympiacos could play even better.
  10. how are we doing with coefficients this year compared to last year
  11. i agree with u and metalurg wil be tough because we are playing them in the ahrsh winter of ukraine and i dont think olympaicos has played in such a tough environmetn before
  12. ha calm down man i know they arent that good but they do have some quality players nuno gomez, suazo, reyes, etc i dont think they are that bad they are better than a paok than an aris by far bu today they showed no skill at all.
  13. wat are u talking about im not a benfica fan im just saying the lack of respect you have for olympaicos today. yes benfica are not that good but olympiacos is playing superbly beginnign of second half
  14. wow pao fans just e happy for us we showed u guys some respect in yesterdays huge win against inter i suggest you do the smae
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