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  1. :nw: :nw: :nw: about the offside: the two players were on the same level so the goal should have counted. but: how many times have similar scenes been called offside. it happens a lot that when the ball is passed and the receiving player is "offside" a heartbeat later it is called offside? i remember a scene with kovacevic in the cl where he starts way behind the defender and receives the pass he is called offside. what he clearly wasn't. imo those faults happen in every league but just in ours those decisions are discussed in such a way in the media that nobody trusts the refs anymore. s
  2. hmmmmm are you sure? ;) that penalty could have been given in every league. kara seems to want and get it and he managed to do so. it is part of the match. congrats to the 100th annyversary :tup: i wish you a lot of luck and success and a lot of 2nd or 3rd places ;) ;) ;) :P :P :P
  3. just for having the exact numbers. but anyway. i have to agree with you, that pao has collected more points in the last years than us...
  4. 1 Chelsea Eng CL 6 13 16.3000 2 Manchester United Eng CL 5 13 16.3000 3 AC Milan Ita CL 6 13 15.3100 4 Real Madrid Esp CL 6 12 15.0110 5 Liverpool Eng CL 6 11 14.3000 6 Olympiakos Piraeus Gre CL 6 12 14.2550 7 Sevilla Esp CL 5 11 14.0110 FC Barcelona Esp CL 5 11 14.0110 9 FC Porto Por CL 6 12 13.7675 10 Internazionale Ita CL 5 11 13.3100 11 Arsenal Eng CL 5 10 13.3000 12 Schalke 04 Ger CL 6 10 12.5690 13 Hamburger SV Ger UC 5 10 12.5690 14 AS Roma Ita CL 5 10 12.3100 1
  5. the actual ranking is on this site: UEFA Club and Coutnry ranking Belgium and the Czech Rep. are close to us and with just another win of one of our teams we get past them. lets just hope that anderlecht, slavia and mlada don't get any points anymore. and if pao stays first in its group and gets drawn against anderlecht, we have the chance to get an advantege for the next year already :) :box:
  6. i just hate the german speaking area. all the newspapers are talking about a not deserved victory of our team. :box: bild.de is even stating that the germans have been bullied since they reached greece because of the strike thats going to take place tomorrow. at the moment they don't even know if they'll be able to return to germany tonight... :LOL:
  7. oh come on, this just happens once every decade ;) such a nice evening. stoltidis was amazing tonight. we were discussing with a friend, how would it be if darko, stoltidis, djole, nikopolidis and antzas would be 5-10 years younger *dreaming* bravo paidia. THRYLE THEE MOU - OLYMPIAKE MOU
  8. well done and congrats to our team. it is so weird to have waited for away wins for years. it is a completely new feeling :D :D contra is the only page that lists all the possibilities for the final standing:
  9. Group C Matchday 1 Olympiacos - Lazio FT: 1-1 Scorers: 55 Galetti - Zauri Cards: Patsatzoglou - Stendardo, Zauri, Mutarelli Quote of the coach: We lacked the ability to convert chances today and could have got a better result. It would have been important to start with a win. Fans' Man of the Match: Luciano Galletti Matchday 2 Bremen - Olympiacos FT: 1-3 Scorers: 32 Almeida - 73 Stoltidis, 82 Patsatzoglou, 87 Kovacevic Cards: Sanogo - Ledesma Quote of the coach: Our win today was a supreme team effort - we have written history thanks to a very strong performance in the second half
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: well done paidia :gr: :gr: :gr: if its possible i'll get some tickets to go and watch some of our matches here in switzerland :D :D :D
  11. yeah yeah, will go soon... :P
  12. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: i bet they'll bring this comment in some of the morning shows tomorrow. finally. i couldn't watch the match. saw the 1-0 on the teletext and before i wanted to go to bed, i wanted to see the final score. but now i watched all the highlights on tv. i can't believe it. thanks to nikopolidis we didn't conced more goals and finally it was us who scored in the final minutes. could this really be the change we were waiting for? good luck to all the teams tomorrow. :gr: :gr:
  13. Antonios Nikopolidis Tomislav Butina Leonidas Panagopoulos Michalis Sifakis Christos Patsatzoglou Didier Domi Michal Zewlakow Raúl Bravo Anastasios Pantos Vassilios Torosidis Júlio César Paraskevas Antzas Kyriakos Papadopoulos Ieroklis Stoltidis Cristian Raúl Ledesma Luciano Martín Galletti Predrag Djordjevic Marco Né Konstantinos Mendrinos Giannoulis Fakinos Lefteris Matsoukas Darko Kovacevic Leonel Jorge Nuñez Konstantinos Mitroglou Michalis Konstantinou Lomana Tresor Lualua i just wonder how we will play. there are a lot of players i don't see getting any time at a
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