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  1. katsouranis scored on 26' benfica winning 2-0 on 89'
  2. mine is coming soon.. i told to my mother to get me one from greece and send to me!!!!! cant wait... im getting the epeteiaki!!! ill post pics... :D
  3. it was an amazing game brothers... that kind of football i like to watch... epithetiko me olo tis to megaleio!!!! bravo to Doni!
  4. for me samaras is better than charistea... :)
  5. gkekas scored another goal in 59' against NURNBERG.. final score 4-1
  6. still i dont understand why is kokkalis fired lemoni...
  7. Gekas just score 1-0 in 30' against Hannover... in a few starting the 2nd half
  8. UEFA CUP: sporting lisbon, tottenham CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Manchester Untd and nothing else... and i like a little chelsea
  9. get ready... ronaldo is coming to town... :LOL: :LOL: :box: :box:
  10. manchester tomorrow againt Lyon!!! come on manchestara... na skisoume tous gallous!!! ill say 1-3 :nw:
  11. im thinking to order one from www.sportarena.gr is any good?
  12. this year i like tottenham too!!!! APOEL because of Makridis!!! :tup:
  13. giati na min einai etsi i emfanisi tis omadas?? giati mono gia fetos??? to trifilli to megalo kai etsi aplo fenete para poly oraio para mesa ston kyklo... kai tha ithela na do prasini mplouza me prasina sortsakia kai prasines kaltses!!!
  14. peirate ton gkalitsio... bravo sas
  15. 100 years jersey is the HOTTEST ONE!!! im def getting on... :)
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