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  1. He is your unofficial leader, why don't you tell us what the convictions where for?
  2. Melitsambidi has been convicted in court, can you say the same for Marinaki? There is a difference between allegations and a conviction.
  3. And Melitsambidi as well, although officially he is not the owner of AEK 44 but just a fan, no double standards there though right Sydney? :la:
  4. The Greek justice system is a farce in any other first world country these hooligans would be jailed.
  5. I hear you Athinaio, you make some sense, but CL is the big show Europa is not that interesting to most people IMO.
  6. We never do well in Europa, we have always done better in CL , plus you can't compare the difference in prize money, it's a joke. Tsoulou all the way IMO.
  7. Too bad we could not get a result for the thousands of travelling fans, but we still hold on to second place and I don't think Arsenal will take it from us in Karaiskaki December 9th. Best player for us Ideye, worst Masuaku. Our back four seemed very pedestrian, given Bayern were playing with 4-5 forwards but they just seemed to lack urgency or will when marking in our box. Link to goals: http://www.sport24.gr/football/ChampionsLeague/apo-allo-planhth-h-mpagern-4-0-ton-olympiako.3787807.html
  8. Will they be protesting for their right to aim flare guns at players? :gr:
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