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  1. 8 million is a hard deal to refuse for any Greek team, if they could get a % of any future fee that would be nice too. THat 8 million can go a long way for the club if used wisely.
  2. 5 people died that day, let's hope that nobody else has to lose a family member to this kind of "protest". The worse may be still to come if cooler minds do not prevail. Armed protests being planned at all 50 state capitols, FBI bulletin says
  3. Why?? Just ....why? Feds Searching for Person Who Carved 'Trump' Into Manatee's Back in Florida
  4. Οι σκέψεις που κάνει ο Μαρτίνς είναι για ένα σχήμα 4-2-3-1 διαφοροποιώντας το 4-3-3 που επέλεγε συνήθως μέχρι τώρα στα μεγάλα ματς της ομάδας. Σα, Σεμέντο, Μπα, Ραφίνια, Ρεάμπτσιουκ, Εμβιλά, Καμαρά και Ελ Αραμπί είναι οι σίγουροι για την 11άδα... Από εκεί και πέρα οι Βαλμπουενα, Φορτούνης, Βρουσάι και Μασούρας διεκδικούν τις τρεις θέσεις πίσω από τον επιθετικό . sport-fm
  5. Going forward, what is to stop any smarter, more polished player, to pick up the Trump playbook and take it even further into the kind of chaos we have seen already.
  6. sdna i heard was supposed to be owned by skai or alafouzos, but it was just talk, didn't see any proof. Weeren't they the frontrunners with the whole noor1 ship caught with contraband fiasco which was said to be part of Marinaki's fleet at the time of initial reportings?
  7. I'm pretty sure at some point soon Warda will self implode, but until he does he will be fun to watch, I think he is a great player just always manages to screw things up for himself one way or another. If he could just play the game and go home and read or watch tv lol he would be levels ahead of what he is now. Or at the least, acknowledge that you are a loose canon, and try and find a club that will bear with the shitshow but do everything to bring out your best on the field.
  8. Υγεια, αγαπι και οτι επιθιμεις να το βρεις βροστα σου. Best wishes to you all for the new year alania.
  9. These two do a great podcast! My faves were with Karagouni and Alefa, gonna have to see what Sapi got to say in this one 🍿
  10. Valbuena dishing out assists here like hes santas helper late on deliveries.
  11. Merry Christmas to all, an oldie but a goody.
  12. In general Sportdog is pure trash, any time spent on that site is 100% wasted time.
  13. He is not going to change now, he has always been how he is, everyone knows. He could make Materazzi look like a choir boy with some of the things he did in his playing days.
  14. Sounds like fear mongering, why would there be shortages exactly? N.B. I am not very informed about BREXIT btw, so if you can explain further it would be much appreciated.
  15. I thought that it would kill the flow of the game, but at least it would make the game more fair. But so far it has been mostly trash and filth, not worth it at all. The most vexing thing is I don't understand when it is decided to be applied, why does the ref sometimes look at the clip other times he doesn't, it just all seems very unclear and inconsistent.
  16. You guys need to come down back to earth. This Is the CHAMPIONS League. Our whole team budget cannot even afford to pay for 1 star player on may of the teams in the competition. That being said, we did not play to our potential by any means, but at the same time, if things would have gone our way (penalties, corona flu keeping our strikers out etc) we could have made some noise it was not beyond our reach, just was not our year this time. Yesterday we had enough chances to get a result, our finishing let us down, it happens. But in CL in 6 games, that will be the difference for teams like us. We dont have the luxury on having mediocre performances, to progress we need to play our best every game all game to a man. We will always be underdogs in CL and that is what makes the results sweeter when they come. Its been a weird year for us and everyone, I'm sure we will be back on track sooner than later in europe like we have been used to with this coach and squad. Have faith, like ta kalhtera erxonte! There is quality here. Dont let that old Greek miseria gerontistiko kafenio bug get you. Nothing soft about the kid, he is pure class, and the best Greek player in the game today.
  17. I freakin cannot stand the VAR, this loss may cost us our whole European campaign, let's hope not but things aint looking good.
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