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    Aris Roster

    Στον Άρη ο Μπρούνο! Ο 26χρονος Βραζιλιάνος είχε αποκτηθεί το καλοκαίρι του 2019 από τους «ερυθρόλευκους» και έμεινε ελεύθερος, ενώ το συμβόλαιό του με τον σύλλογο της Θεσσαλονίκης είναι διάρκειας 2,5 ετών.
  2. Υπέγραψε στην Σεντ Ετιέν ο Σισέ Κένι Λαλά: Το δεξί μπακ με το «10» στην πλάτη Never heard of this right back before, he he looks crazy impressive going forward in his youtube clips, also apparently he takes all the fk's pk's for his team, and wears the 10 jersey. Excited to see him play.
  3. «Το απόγευμα στο Σεντ Ετιέν ο Σισέ, στην αποστολή με Νις»! Σύμφωνα πάντα με τους Γάλλος, ο Σισέ θα δοθεί δανεικός για έξι μήνες με 600.000 ευρώ μπροστά και 13 εκατ. ευρώ οψιόν αγοράς.
  4. You guys are loaning a player who is currently out with a bad knee? This cant be right...
  5. «Είμαι πολύ καλά σωματικά. Είμαι στα λιγότερα κιλά της καριέρας μου και έχω δουλέψει πολύ». Def sounds like he is hungry...we will see very soon.
  6. «Γι’ αυτό υπέγραψα στον Ολυμπιακό»
  7. Even at half decent shape, if he gets even the slightest of service he can bang in a the goals. That killer instinct is there, and I am quite sure the player wants to show that he is not finished yet. The deixei.
  8. He has not played this season, but apparently he has been training in France.
  9. Φουντώνει η φημολογία για Ολυμπιακό και Σωκράτη
  10. Μια ανάσα από τον Άρη ο Μήτρογλου!
  11. You would think he learned his lesson after pissing off his whole country with his behavior at the African cup...some people never change though. Let's see I am rooting for him, I like him as a player.
  12. Man with many kids always in the hole.

  13. Με αυτή την 11άδα θα παίξει ο Μαρτίνς στο Αγρίνιο
  14. Didn't he just sign last week for 1.5 years? Before he came from Volos?
  15. Warda is a game winner on any given day, he is quality.
  16. The republican politicians I don't think like Trump so much, none of them supported him during his lead up to the white house way back. They simply are against anything democrat even if they don't necessarily like Trump. The media has been putting the idea out there even before the elections of a possible non peaceful transfer of power and that was curious, no one I know or had seen or spoken with ever mentioned the thought or brought it up at all. The media planted the seed and it grew I feel. But obviously it could never have happened without the work of the fat sleazy orange bastard. This is the kind of thing you expect to see in other countries, to see it happen in Washington is...shocking. Maybe, things are worse than we think, one thing for sure, this was ugly, bold and things need to change, the cause needs to be addressed and not just return to business as usual. Because if there is a next time it will surely be much worse. This poor manatee and animals in general are not involved, lets leave them out of this. I can't wait to visit florida again, totally serious I need some crazy in my life this lockdown is dulling me out.
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