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  1. REY


    The life is cruel sometimes, as he acquired overrated ugly coaching master Pardew that I don't like nor value. After Savas Pantelidis, the most annoying one, at least to me. You have confidence, you had a victory over Oly, and you bench Gray suddently and you start Peersman on CD. WTF I have just witnessed tonight?? Overconfident to win Volos regardless of the 2nd stopper or stupid, there is no third option?!
  2. 2:1 etsiiii re, Mancinara Da fight-ara, and Palma. Kill the Gavrakia!
  3. 0:1, almost 70' crap display actually so far.
  4. If I am not mistaken, Aboubakar Kamara should be a past from Olympiakos.
  5. I watched the game. I don't know what to say. They didn't deserve to lose, scoreless, but we needed this win. Cuesta is such an octopus.
  6. This off-step penalty taking deserves a paycut off the wage. Can not believe this stupid trend in Europe and globally is still alive and players consume it. We should have been in front. We are better in the second
  7. 0:0 HT Big nothing from us. Factor 'power of Kamara' is missing, that won us matches against Aek and Paok last season. Still a half to go. Pameeee
  8. Burgos' darling Iturbe on the bench finally. Mateo Garcia this time on. Palma benched, Manu Garcia on, more offensively on centre mid. I think Doukoure and Diop on DCM. Mazikou in on LWB for soft Peersman.
  9. REY

    Aris Roster

    Ps. When analysing the problems, let me add also a LB to RB problems. So far, Peersman soft. To conclude with this LB point addition, defensive wingers and central midfield haven't been replaced properly, or at least they don't perform so far. Central defense, out of form for a bit. That's what bothers us and Aris currently and where problems occur.
  10. REY

    Aris Roster

    Certain things from our past matches explained and answered your question. While Sundgren was one of the best in qualifiers for his Israeli team, beating both Olympiakos and Red Star, and if I am not mistaken, will be playing in Champs league, we currently have RBs who, according to Karipidis, who are better or what? Mbakata defensively, Odumbajo?? The other big issue is, while we thought we had completed solid CM, this Dabo with easy going and cool Cheick Doukoure, when starters, are absolutely unacceptable if this keeps like this. They are not better than Sasha-Matilla, let alone something else. RB, CM major problems for me so far this season, with Fabiano slightly and especially clumsy Brabec dropping performances made us pay. AM, wingers upront, Grey, Luis Palma in form, Mancini fighting as always, should be good and quality for the rest of the league minus Olympiakos. This little Manu Garcia and his finesse, when gelled even more in the team, will be a great asset. His moves and passing mmmm... I liked.
  11. A week from the loss, and still I am badly surprised Burgos is not with us any more. I liked the work. Yes, bad away games this season, but why these many roster changes? He/they need certain time, por Dios.
  12. I am a spoiled child from the last year. I expect a victory, really. We are not at the best time, but they don't look sharp either for months now.
  13. In almost all of our away matches in Europe past 4 years, we looked slower than our opponents in most parts of each match, more error prone, unprepared, conceding easy. I agree, the new additions also have needed time to gel and while they make bad decisions on the pitch, the opposition punishes. But to always lose like 2:0, 3:0 away and expecting us to improve the situation and be intensive for 90 or 120 mins at home to level the goal difference, is too much for the boys, and we have been always eliminated. Will be tough extremely in the home one. Looks like Doukoure and Dabo are to much orientated to attack to be decent D/CM and intercept something. Dabo disappointed me with a lack of fight Sasha had. I think with Sundgren leaving, we lost stability back there, although there is an attacking flair. Opposition usually exploits our right side of defense. Ivić killed us with good tactics of sending any sort of pass from central mid to their attackers in the space between Fabiano and Brabec and that is their weakest point of partnership,because they looked like amateurs in 3, 4 situations. In 95% I have agreed with Burgos' selections, but this time to bench Camacho and Palma at the same time, where one of the places Mateo Garcia took from the start, was a mistake.
  14. We are lucky not to be 3:0 down, even 4. Hard, clumsy legs of our defenders and central mid. All started from there
  15. 0:0 in first 25' away from home. Israeli are all over us so far. Ivić their coach read us well, at least for now
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