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  1. Mantzios looked worse than Hoenning today. Slowly losing plot?! We will see. They were outfoxing us, especially with this ref's rythm we were crap. Why Jeggo playing so little and Sasha, Manos and Mancini so much is really least understandable and little annoying becomes. Very bad match. Very incoherent.
  2. Wet conditions from previous away games, strange VAR, a lack of striker and certain other issues made us be out of our nice path. Still can't believe that against this year's Aek we haven't produced a better game today. This is poor, with no energy, with no life.
  3. La la laaa den eimai kalaaa 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/1174870782/posts/10222169401602073/
  4. 0:3 10 mins to the end. Punished every open game plan of theirs. They were dangerous 15 outta 45 mins of first half where they had their threats to our goal and that's it from them more less
  5. They can whine as much as they want for VAR and Dutch refs. They should have played with -1 or even -2 players on pitch for most of the 2nd half. 3 at least open-foot challenges onto our players and double-yellow to dirty Dougla.
  6. Is it possible that this fuker Douglas is kicking our arses like that
  7. Some dirty plays by fukers aka that wancker Pablo Garcia
  8. It's amazing how I have much disbelief in this Sasha-Matilla stuff here. Sasha can play everywhere but on central midfield as far as I am concerned. Play him RWB, RW, everywhere, start him over Garcia, do the shiett, whatever but not there. We don't have control at the start
  9. Very interesting match under way. If we just keep untouched here, interesting continuation of the SL will come on for us.
  10. The match was lost due to the fact that Mantzios wasn't brave enough to keep putting Bertoglio over Sasha from the start, plus Lopez probably was a better option in this match to start at ST. Was not necessary to put 3 C(D)Ms without a central creative AM for this one, since his job was safe whatever result it was destined to be, but with less pusy midfield approach in the first half could make him even bigger hero not losing to Oly eventually, and making play more AMs from the start. I said that for a ST position (Lopez over Mano), assuming that Larisa match still didn't happened an
  11. The biggest plus, apart from 3 pts of course, in this match was a solid display of Mateo finally. Probably, the meeting Mantzio-Mateo gave fruits, plus certain tactical adjustments agreed between the two. Nevertheless, it was good to see him involved more in the game.
  12. Good response and recovery after Oly loss, so psychology keeps being high. Bravo
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