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  1. Good luck, really. Paok lifted their game when needed the most lately, to take over our 2nd position. They look slightly more compact, but overall, in terms of quality, we have more talented team. If we didn't have this Mourinho type of coaching in Tottenham that we see under Mantzio, we would finish many points over our neighbours.
  2. Unfortunately 1:1, not much to play on. Once Fortounis, ElArabi came in, we have problems all over. I hope Mantzios doesn't lead this talented project next season. I would be very disappointed.
  3. Luckily we are 1:0 in almost 40'. We didn't deserve the lead playing agains Oly's subs so far. With such ordinary game plan and coaching like this, we are lucky to be in the 2nd place, although we probably deserve to be there, probably on 6-7 pts more than 3rd place if we had a more dynamic coach than Greek ordinary one, to be honest.
  4. 1:1 Rose. Sure, their counter after horrible finishing of Mano for 0:2
  5. 0:1 Mancini How players save Mantzios' arse in matches against smaller teams, it's amazing. But OK, I can take it, what can I do? Still to play 15-20 mins.
  6. 0:0 still. Dead meat, boring Aris overall. If it were for Herrera or Hoenning for example, we would have asked for coach's head on the plate. But of course we are not objective this time, because Mantzios is such a great sample of coach.
  7. What a sad coaching really and idea-less Aris for some time now, especially playing home against P(A)OK. Very disappointing.
  8. Must-not-lose one, boys on the pitch, don't mess up now! I am little bit tired of this 'hot-cold' rythm of our results in last month or even two. Inconsistent as hell.
  9. Very predictable display, all is good until their box, and then big nothing. On the other hand, we concede goals from 5-7m in last 2 matches mostly due to miscommunication. Too much of Mancini we see, too little of Xande, for example, etc.
  10. We are all over them in the 2nd. Come on Ari mou !! We need it before Paok match...points, psychology. Edit: etsiiiii 1:2 Mateoooooo
  11. Another half time with a player up against Greek giants (firstly Oly away), and let's see what we are made up from.
  12. What is the logic that Manos shoots a penalty in front of Bertoglio or even Mateo?? Something from training grounds that we don't see. And sure upront Mancini-Mateo-Manos with Bertoglio cannot give us the 2nd spot, and with this coach who is always outsmarted in big matches, we are gradually losing plot and this 2nd position, unfortunately. Instead of retaining or improving our form, this coach can't motivate them to rise. Manos, Mancini are not material for top 5, let alone Aris who is seriously fighting to make some history, finally. And then transfer of lazy and slo
  13. Will we really blow this point lead and situation against such Aek? 0:2 Ah re Mantzio and shaky Sundgren
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