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  1. It was going to happen at one point of time, really, and not against Man City, nor Atletico Madrid, but from one least expected - the team whose name Aris joked about. That is a truth
  2. Underestimation is a bad thing in modern football. And this team keep giving us bad starting from past year's playoffs and catastrofy results against P(A)OK to this one.
  3. Yes, good changes in the 2nd, but he(coach)/we need to be cautious. Since matches will be amounting and competition will be tougher. Good luck
  4. Good stuff from bertoglio as well in the second half
  5. Lopez very fresh and lively after entering.
  6. A lot of good stuff starts happening when I start whining. You might have missed me.😎 Gama toooo!
  7. You know that season arguably and potentially could stink if you have: - Rose as one of rhe main defenders - Matilla and Sasha as probably the worst or let's say the most unstable pair of CMs from 2006 and - You have Mancini as one of most influential attacking players in moments of no striker. Ganea, Datković, Sakić, Jeggo hmmm I look a bit impatient and uncomfortable
  8. I guess it's early to be overcritical from my part. Time will tell
  9. Not sure how these newcomers will help but... I think that the omada slowly deteriorate each year after we came back
  10. Indeed two serious chances, as I was thrilled how poor his shots were at occasions
  11. Krima that Mancini is given so much time in the second half and Diamantopoulos is nowhere near to be given a chance
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