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  1. You can’t fault bouchalakis if he doesn’t have the talent. At least he tries things with the long balls and is aggressive enough to give it a shot going forward. All siopis does is run and pass the ball back. I can do that too
  2. Meh. Not even close. But you can’t blame that. They had 2 chances to put the game away in the first 10 minutes. I’ll just excuse this loss and tuesdays game as to having the league wrapped up.
  3. Meh, they’re still kids. Half of them won’t be playing in two years
  4. Does anyone actually spend their time and money caring about these games?
  5. The commentator yesterday said they’ve only won 2 of like 23 World Cup qualifiers so that’s what does them in I guess.
  6. When you know you’re going to win, and first place is on the line, morons in the stands need to understand this and just let them win this game without any incidents.
  7. Pavlidis should start over Giakoumakis. He’s a lot better and it was shown today. Never liked giakoumakis. He’s way too uncoordinated and looks like a donkey trying to go down a flight of stairs. That being said, maybe as a sub late in the game. That’s about it. Also, zero goals conceded in 3 games. We can put to rest all that Manolas and SokrAti talk. They’re not needed.
  8. To the guy that asked me about Dazn, you can replay the game all day if you want. I just looked and you can watch it at its entirety.
  9. I tried doing that but if you can, I can’t seem to find out how. I doubt you can though.
  10. Like I said. It’s fountas. We’re using excuses for injuries. It’s fountas. There are about 500 000 players better than him in the world. Lol
  11. It’s Fountas lol. I don’t even think the teams were playing know who he is. It’s really not even close to being a big deal. Like I said it’s not lewandowski, not Messi. Not Ronaldo. It’s fountas. Lol
  12. I don’t think the defenders will be the problem. I understand, he shouldn’t be there. I agree 100 percent. But I think it’s the attack that should be focused on. You can’t win if you don’t score. And that’s a big problem.
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