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  1. I’m not a JVS fan or a hater. But I don’t understand a lot of you guys. When he picked the starters, everyone loved the lineup. Now after the draw, everyone hates it. You can’t love it before the game, and hate it when it doesn’t work out.
  2. The teams biggest problem I’ve noticed is speed. So many times, they were caught from behind. Are there any fast guys out there?
  3. I just finished watching the game. Stayed away while I recorded it. Oh well. It happens. I thought we’d have 3 points after today. Instead we have 2. That’s only one less. Lots of football left. Anything can happen. If I came in here and told everyone I’ll take the skops today everyone would have bet me. I’d have everyone’s life savings, houses, cars, wives and dogs. Lots of time left.
  4. Georgia has played 2 great games with nothing to show for it. They must be demoralized. The Greeks have to take advantage.
  5. Please for the love of god. Never let mavropanos near the field.
  6. Those 4 in the back should never see the light of day in that field. Svarnas and mavropanos are terrible.
  7. He creates a lot. Hopefully with more experience his finishing gets better.
  8. If tzolis and guakoumakis knew how to finish this game would be over already
  9. They just held Spain to 1 1. I’m not saying the two guys back there now are better cuz they’re not, but it wouldn’t have been a different outcome with them on the pitch either.
  10. That’s why they play the games. You’re right. No one is an easy out. In football upsets happen. Ball is round it can go anywhere. Greece tied Spain yesterday. The same Spain that destroyed Germany. Anything can happen on any given day.
  11. Maybe. You’re correct. But that’s one player I’d love to have. One of the best in the world. Easily. And only 20
  12. A few things I got from today’s fantastic result. 1. That’s why JVS is a coach and we’re in here posting. He knows a lot more about the sport than all of us put together, and knows a lot about his players tactics than we do. 2. My dog could’ve went in goal for both teams and the game would still be 1 1. 3. Siopis has to be about 5 ft 1 4 tzavellas has the worst haircut I’ve seen. and last but not least. We tied!!! End of story.
  13. This is a remarkable result. Style points don’t matter. A point is a point. Regardless. I just saw the replay didn’t know the score at all. Was at work. And I am thrilled.
  14. Not with Alfonso Davies of Bayern Munich back there. You heard of him?
  15. Greece will be in 2nd when it’s done. They will get 3 from Spain 4 from Sweden. 4 from Kosovo and 6 from Georgia
  16. You think losing hatzidakos is even as losing Ramos? Wanna buy a bridge? Lol
  17. I was just going through these lineups and geez. I see Volos aek. Vvv etc. On one side. The other I see man city, Real Madrid, Barcelona etc. On paper it’s a pure mismatch. But, the game isnt played on paper. One thing is Spain is a little weak up top. Maybe we can hold them to 0 0.
  18. The only thing I want from this friendly is to see the the lesser guys play so no one important gets hurt.
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