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  1. No Baldock. I don’t want anyone on the greek team with a caker name.
  2. Exactly. Everyone is in the same boat
  3. 4 games in 10 days is not an excuse for anyone in particular. Everyone is in the same boat. Let’s not go out and say only Greece is suffering.
  4. You want this team to score goals? Find a world class striker. They’re coaches, not miracle workers. Look at Poland. Average team at best. But even they have a world class striker.
  5. Problem is, you’re talking about that season. He was 24. He’s now 29 with 2 major knee surgeries. Getting back to that form will be hard, if not impossible.
  6. It’s not their job to dictate who goes and who stays. It’s their job to play. If you don’t wanna play. Bye Felicia.
  7. This is retarded. May as well have the World Cup every 2 years then.
  8. If they can’t win this group, there is no hope. My sons team might be able to win this group
  9. Yeah it’s Ranieris fault they lost to the faroes. The same Ranieri that made Leicester a champion a year later. You should be able to beat the faroes without a coach. No excuse.
  10. Your the one that takes shots at other people but I’m not all there. I guess it’s people like you fifa thought of when they started the say no to racism campaign.
  11. Let’s just talk about the greek team. That’s all I’m here for. That’s who I vote for
  12. Scroll up and see Canaduuh. FYI
  13. Lmao. They actually won a gold cup in 99. Beating USA Mexico and Colombia. And like I said you’re talking 2004. That was almost 20 years ago. Of course they would’ve got mauled. I’m talking today. No one talks about Australia beating Vanuatu Maldives and Fiji to get to the World Cup before. But hey whatever fits your racist narrative as always. You’re the same racist prick through the internet. But like I said not your fault. It’s the idiot moderators who let you spew racist s%$#!.
  14. Have you actually seen their forward line lately and watched them play? I’m not saying they are better than Greece. But their top 2 players David and Davies are better than anyone on both teams.
  15. Dude I’m 49 years old. I don’t have time or energy to make fake accounts. I have this one and that’s it.
  16. Well yes I live here. I will root for Greece and Canada any time. Just like the Australians on this board will root for Australia. No harm in that. So are we on or what
  17. They would destroy Georgia Kosovo Moldova and Slovenia also. I will say that with confidence. In fact, why don’t we make a little wager. No money. Just a friendly banter wager. I’ll bet you Canada gets to the knockout phases in the World Cup. If I win, you leave this board for a year. If I lose, I’ll leave this board for a year. Great friendly little wager.
  18. JVS is not a bad guy he made to many blunders with the Ethniki and did not learn from them. As for corruption Canadians and the CSA are shady as well. Kick backs and bribes they are the same s%$#!. You mentioned Croatia they are a small country but they have an abundance of talent but corrupt too. As for Canada smoking us lol maybe at shinny. Lets see them play Spain and how many goals they eat. ————- they may eat 7. But they will score 4. That’s for sure. Way too much talent up too.
  19. Holy crap! I didn’t know he was born and lived in Canada until he was 11. Wow
  20. Those players don’t have that kind of money. Have you seen where they play?
  21. I don’t know about the other countries. I can’t speak for those. But Canada isn’t the Canada of old. They are talented, very fast, and have 3 world class players playing for huge clubs. And starting for them. Lauren plays for besiktas. David is on French champions lille and starts and of course Davies on Bayern. That’s the forward line for them. Not many countries can line up a better attacking 3 than that. JVS doesn’t have very many attacking options. Greece aren’t built to attack. It’s just not in their system. Hasn’t been since I remember. I say find a defensive coach again and play to the strengths.
  22. You’re right. To play attacking football you have to have guys that can run. I haven’t seen anyone on the team that can do the 100m in under 30 seconds.
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