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  1. Bakasetas is the biggest VISMA this team has after Tziolis and Tzavellas. Svarnas is heading into the same direction
  2. galanopoulos came back for aek and scored as well.
  3. sure. its better to have the limited siopis and kourmpelis, zeca who is totally useless on the offensive end and the epitome of mediocrity bouchalakis, so we can pass on an option like samaris.
  4. Zeca is possibly the oldest player of the squad at the momet. He's only good when it comes to destroying opposition's attacks. Samaris' passing and shooting abilities are far superior to any other midfielder of this squad (not including Fortounis). Would definitely call him up, we don't have much better options to choose. Having Kourmpelis/Zeca duo and calling up an average Siopis is like having the same person 3 times in the squad.
  5. samaris has been back on track with benfica the last 2 weeks, yesterday he scored for them. i would like to see him in the call ups again. on the other hand what a disappointment koulouris and mparkas have been. the first one barely, barely scores for toulouse in french's b division and the second one has lost his starting spot at celtic. truth to be told his replacement is doing far worse since he has conceded something like 14 goals in 7 games although i heard they will be looking for a starting goalkeeper in january. btw fabio cappelo praised manolas before their game against mila
  6. my squad. vlachodimos-barkas tsimikas-giannoulis manolas-mavropanos-siovas-chatzidiakos lykogiannis-retsos galanopoulos-bouchalakis zeca-mantalos-kourmpelis limnios-donis fortounis-pelkas masouras-tzolis fountas-koulouris alternatives; dioudis, kyriakopoulos, rota, samaris, siopis, chatzigiovannis, mpakasetas, pavlidis.
  7. Manolas specifically is 29 and is one of the best cbs this country has ever produced. and you want him out for what? i suppose him and siovas were good enough defensively (sokratis as well) when we almost reached the quarter finals in 2014 and later challenged what turned to be world's number 2 and 3 in belgium and croatia.
  8. Anyone noticed how many times we have wasted a free kick or a corner? Life would be much easier if you had Fortounis searching for Manolas or Siovas unlike Tzavellas who's never been a real CB to begin with. Hatzidiakos is good in the build up play but I think he definitely isn't ready to be a starter yet. Needs to be tested in a tougher league because the Dutch one is soft in terms of defence.
  9. 1. denmark obviously or in a lesser extend croatia. otherwise we stand very little chance to take a point from any of the rest. 2. romania or slovakia who are pretty much on the same level. poland would be very bad and id like us to avoid serbia, turkey and switzerland. wouldn't mind wales/sweden/austria 4. slovenia because they are trash. avoiding bosnia would be essential, while albania/israel/skopje are quite dangerous. 5. cyprus/estonia/lithuania/latvia 6. san marino
  10. The only place where Bakasetas could be useful is as an 8. Literally playing him in any other place in the offensive end makes him as much useless as having someone like Kourmpelis playing there.
  11. Possibly in the link you have posted thd results of month November have yet to be published. Bosnia lost both of their games which means they are going down hence Finland and Greece which made 2 victories are going up.
  12. sweden are a rather good team, it's only slovakia and romania from pot 2 that are around our level. others are less or much better us.
  13. we have most of the times gotten favourable draws and im starting to thinking if that's because of UEFA's GS who's the son of Savvas Theodoridis 🙄
  14. Oh no Tzavellas is experienced and captaincy material unlike Manolas and Siovas who are bad guys and harm the team.
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