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  1. Lmao badass. You can find my comment in the game against Spain, was pointing out that we are going to drop points against Kosovo and Georgia with that kind of play but PaokCT and some people like you started mocking and laughing with me. They are the same people who got their pants wet after a game where we couldn't sting 3 passes together and have NO knowlegde about football. Never mind as I will be laughing with people like you who and you in personal.
  2. You shut the fck up. Name calling and mocks since last November when I said Van Asholes whole selections and game plan was questionable.
  3. Very pleasing performance lmao Hope everyone who mocked me in the last game because i said we showed literally nothing goes to fcking hell and shuts his mouth up.
  4. Lol. Not even a single shot and a goal which came off as a fluke. Hope you'll be there once your darlings manage to drop points against Kosovo and Georgia.
  5. This team isn't able to score a goal even if they play all night. I'm going to have a bet on no goal for Greece at 1,55.
  6. Whatever you say. If I ever played for any NT I would definitely not going to dedicate the success to let's say any corrupt politician who's making a career through the pauperization of its people, any cop who violently abuses someone for no fcking reason and many more. If you feel playing some fcking football game means by definition you represent these people then your are completely wrong. A good case is for example Antetokounmpo, who was racially abused by many before becoming a superstar in basketball. Unless you think he's playing for the Greek NT for all the people and not for those who helped him through his poverty years, his friends, fans, family and his teammates you are wrong again.
  7. No you don't play for your country. You play for your teammates and mostly your close people. Country contains some groups of people that I for example would never feel I represent them.
  8. little OT but just saw that Benfica-Arsenal game for the Europa league knock outs will be played in Karaiskakis. Wondering why they didn't pick some like Rizoupoli or Oaka lmao
  9. sure. let's bring pavlidis as a replacement who's been playing in a relegation side in netherlands or koulouris who's been kicked out of toulouse.
  10. home stadium means nothing if we get to play with similar squads like the ones in the NL games.
  11. olympiakos have started using androutsos as a right back. he has left a good impression so far and hopefully we see no more of mavrias/mpakakis/rota in this position
  12. The best for him would be to stay in the Dutch League but in a top side, let's side Feyenoord or Psv.
  13. His career as a professional football player should be done real quick with this frequency of Jim getting injured. At least at top level, for sure. This is unbelievable
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