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  1. Game is at the Olimpico in Rome - 13/10/2019. While we may be without Soc and Manolas, it will be a huge opportunity for Greece players against one of the top football nations. I hope to see a hungry, motivated team with something to prove, and try to take it up to Italy. At least try and make them earn it.
  2. This guy must be also knocking on the door. https://m.sport24.gr/football/EllinesExoterikou/o-fountas-skorarei-me-mania-kai-trelainei-thn-aystria.5611095.html
  3. Squad announced Μπάρκας, Βλαχοδήμος, Διούδης, Μπακάκης, Γιαννούλης, Σιόβας, Τσιμίκας, Σταφυλίδης, Χατζηδιάκος, Λαμπρόπουλος, Σιωπής, Κουρμπέλης, Ζέκα, Μπουχάλακης, Βρουσάι, Γαλανόπουλος, Μάνταλος, Κουλούρης, Μπακασέτας, Παυλίδης, Δώνης, Λημνιός, Φετφατζίδης, Μασούρας, Ρέτσος https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/oristiko-xwris-manwla-swkrath-kai-samarh-h-ethnikh.5610395.html
  4. This one is on the coach for me. You are playing away and are up 1-0 at HT and leave the one guy who done very little and with a yellow card come back on the field in 2nd half. Maybe that's harsh and granted the ref's decision to dish out a 2nd yellow and subsequent red to Benzia was brutal, the coach should have taken action at the break. Also that missed opportunity at the 85' was devastating, brutal as it would have given Oly the lead 2-1 and I think the team would have won it with 10 men. You could tell it was such a psychological blow to many of the players and while not making excuses, I think it was a contributing factor to the loss of concentration on set pieces at the end.
  5. No Soc, Manolas, Toro and Samaris - wow https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/ethnikh-o-fan-sip-kovei-manwla-swkrath-samarh-kai-torosidh.5608259.html
  6. Two players currently in good form are Velios and Diamantakos. https://www.contra.gr/podosfairo/diamantakos-o-punk-for-stin-ypiresia-tis-zankt-paoyli.7502302.html?utm_source=Contra&utm_medium=TopStories_article&utm_campaign=24MediaWidget&utm_term=Pos3 Even though Velios and Diamantakos were not too good when they started for the NT they should not be disregarded if their form is good. Along with Mitroglou, Koulouris, Masouras, Fetfatzidis and Pavlidis we have some forward options. The problems are central and DM positions.
  7. It's easy to be critical of individual players. If a player has the talent and quality but then does not want to put in the effort on the field that is a problem. If a player does not have the talent and quality then all the effort on the field does not produce desired results for them or the team. Soc is not one those players. I was glad to read this https://www.to10.gr/podosfero/euro-2020/722780/sta-plana-tou-fant-sip-gia-tin-epomeni-mera-tis-ethnikis-o-sokratis/
  8. Coach van't Schip has copped a lot of criticism after the poor results. I found this interesting .. "... ακόμη και για έναν 'μπαρουτοκαπνισμένο', εγνωσμένης αξίας τεχνικό, το έργο 'ανοικοδόμησης' της εθνικής θα έμοιαζε δύσκολο και χρονοβόρο, and "Πόσω μάλλον για τον Ολλανδό, που προπονητικά δεν είχε να επιδείξει κάτι εντυπωσιακό και που έμοιαζε να έχει εκείνος περισσότερο ανάγκη από μια τέτοια συνεργασία, παρά το αντίθετο..." and "Σε κάθε περίπτωση η επιλογή του Φαν'τ Σιπ δεν ενθουσιάζει, καθώς μπορεί να ήταν ένας εξαιρετικός ποδοσφαιριστής με θητεία σε Άγιαξ και Τζένοα μετρώντας 41 συμμετοχές με την εθνική Ολλανδίας, ωστόσο ως τεχνικός δεν έχει τίποτε εντυπωσιακό στο παλμαρέ του.:" Here is the full article https://www.contra.gr/podosfairo/ta-6-vimata-tis-ethnikis-elladas-mechri-tin-anypolipsia.7497910.html The Greece NT job is a big challenge for any coach, but the fact van't Schip has been to Australia and Mexico is not necessarily a negative as it shows that he is prepared to move outside his comfort zone to further his own development. I am not sure he will succeed, but what I see is a professional who communicates well with the press and therefore with the players. His answers to difficult questions shows he is a coach who understand and realises the situation he finds himself in and what needs to be done. Greece NT is a team lacking in confidence, lacking in quality in key areas and undeserving of sold out stadiums. Injuries, retirements, an underperforming league, a lack of players playing in big leagues and a side that built it's success on defence are all contributing factors. I remember in Australia between 2014-17 van't Schip was very respected for the job he did with foundational club Melbourne City (fka. Melbourne Heart). The club built a reputation for attacking and high-scoring soccer, and had it's most sustained period of on-field success during van't Schip's time in charge. He left the club mid-way through the 2016/17 season to be with his terminally ill father. He formed a good working relationship with Michael Valkanis as his assistant and they are both now working together in the NT. These guys are no mugs, they have an eye for talent, and will roll their sleeves and will work with and bring the best talent to the NT. Another thing, van't Schip made it clear he will need time, he will work with youger players but won't automatically drop senior experienced players if they can help the team in next 2 years as he restarts the team. Call me crazy, but I am actually excited and look forward to Italy and Bosnia in Oct.
  9. This was a match we should have won without a coach, won it with our reserves. I cannot believe a team of professionals couldn't achieve a result. You'd think the introduction of a new coach would give players motivation. Instead, and I'll quote the commentator our attack was laboured. Not one decent dribble in 90 minutes. I anticipate that there will be some serious omissions vs Italy and more new faces in the squad. Realistically we are a long shot for the WC 2022, and it may be another 5 years before we make a major tournament again.
  10. If we can get off the floor, and get within 3 points of Fins by the last game then belief will be stronger and we may have an outside sniff. While we have mathematical chance we should play as well as we can to win each match with best possible starting lineup. If Van’t schip starts experimenting too much in remaining matches indicating he is preparing for WC 2022 qualifiers, then any small hope will be gone. He can do this once mathematically there is no chance of qualifying for example we lose Liechtenstein and Finland beats Italy tomorrow.
  11. Looks like Van Skip making a few surprises to the starting line-up Barkas Toro, Soc, Manolas, Stafylidis Kourbelis, Bouchalakis, Vrousai Masouras, Kolovos Koulouris https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/ethnikh-elladas-me-ekplhkseis-h-prwth-endekada-toy-fan-sip.5590816.html
  12. Hoping on an improvement from the last 2 outings, which shouldn't be hard to do really. This is what I would like to see no goals conceded in the first half no goals conceded in the second half we score at least 1 Now if we accomplish that we will win the 3 points, which in the scheme of things is what we need. Without Mitroglou, Fortounis, Donis and Mantalos we will need to accomplish something we haven't in 3 years. Beat a nation ranked above us in the FIFA rankings.
  13. Squad of 23 announced Οδυσσέας Βλαχοδήμος, Βασίλης Μπάρκας, Αλέξανδρος Πασχαλάκης, Βασίλης Τοροσίδης, Μιχάλης Μπακάκης, Κώστας Τσιμίκας, Κώστας Σταφυλίδης, Σωκράτης Παπασταθόπουλος, Δημήτρης Σιόβας, Κώστας Μανωλάς, Μανώλης Σιώπης, Ανδρέας Μπουχαλάκης, Δημήτρης Κουρμπέλης, Κάρλος Ζέκα, Ανδρέας Σάμαρης, Γιώργος Μασούρας, Δημήτρης Πέλκας, Πέτρος Μάνταλος, Μάριος Βρουσάι, Δημήτρης Κολοβός, Γιάννης Φετφατζίδης, Ευθύμης Κουλούρης, Βαγγέλης Παυλίδης. https://www.epo.gr/News.aspx?a_id=49204&NewsType=22
  14. I don't think the 2nd penalty was fair. The defender was literally standing less than a meter away and the ball makes contact with the hand. Clearly it was not a deliberate act and the ref should have considered the distance between the opponent and the ball. Very harsh.
  15. Nothing better for a striker than to score and to do it in your debut match is the ultimate. https://www.toulousefc.com/fr/le-egalisateur-signe-efthymios-koulouris
  16. Έλα πίσω στην Εθνική Τσιολαρα. Χωρίς εσένα η ομάδα είνε για κλάματα ? https://m.sport24.gr/football/EllinesExoterikou/apoxairethse-th-saoydikh-aravia-o-tziolhs.5548859.html
  17. Well, I hope this guy can find success at Olympiakos. Only 22. https://m.sport24.gr/football/omades/Olympiakos/terezopoylos-poios-eisai-ntoyrmisai-o-superman.5549251.html I was surprised he wasn’t given a chance in June given the effort made to bring him into the squad.
  18. Looks like it will be official in coming days. New coach will be a foreigner. http://sportdog.gr/sports/podosfairo/article/525055/telos-o-anastasiadhs-apofash-grammenoy-mpam-me-kseno-texniko-dinoyn-kala-lefta
  19. A lot of things coming out are disturbing to say the least. One of the funniest ones was Soc asked the coach how he wanted the team to defend set plays, corners and free kicks, i.e. did he want zonal or man to man. Anastasiadis response was limited to more heavenly father, prayer mumbo jumbo.
  20. We have dug ourselves into a massive hole that will take a miracle to get out of. To make it, we will need to beat Finland home and away and beat Bosnia at home. The odds are less than 12.5% assuming we are 50:50 chance. Draws are useless now so the odds are even less. If we drop any points in Finland in Sep i.e. draw to them, then we will need for them to lose at home to Italy and for us to win our last 5 games. With Anastasiadis at the helm, we have 0% chance of winning in Helsinki. Behind the scenes they are searching for the next coach. Some on the board favour Ouzounidis and others prefer a foreigner. Whoever they elect, he will need to know Greek footballers well, both in Greece and abroad. https://www.to10.gr/anonymous/657833/o-agnostos-polemos-piso-apo-ton-angelo/
  21. I would take him and as a SM Hellas fan I would welcome it. What we need is someone that can step into the fold and bring a semblance of stability to the friggin squad. Someone that can get the best from the players. Identify the best Greek players, by skill and speed for each position. I’m sure half the people on this forum can do that. Decide on a formation, give the inexperienced players roles and only play the ones that are ready. A good coach would know who can and who can’t. We need to find 2 players one on the left and one on the right of Fortounis that can play with him. Not Bakasetas, not Pelkas and not Masouras. Pelkas is a backup and Masouras a sub for now. It’s time to look at L. Lamprou, Limnios. Masouras has shown glimpses but lacks a clear head. E.g. shoots when he should pass and passes when he should shoot. This isn’t good for a forward. He also shuts his eyes when going for headers and the ball hits his shoulders or he misses it completely. He needs to work on his deficiencies otherwise he won’t succeed at international level or at Oly. We need to sort out the midfield and our DM has to play as a DM. This position is killing us. If Samaris, Zeca or Kourbelis cannot, then bring in someone that can. When Soc started he was a DM. DM is the link between defence and attack, it’s a role that requires speed and concentration. It’s the role that thwarts the opposition attacking play. It is ideally suited to a mentally tough, intelligent and fit player. Not half injured, lazy and clueless players. This player must work closely with the coach and vise-versa. A good coach must have a good understanding of what he wants from the DM. He must be trusted. Anything less is unacceptable. Think about the last game and who was marking Mkhartarian. No one. Gekas wasn’t playing but was getting called up. I remember we beat Latvia 5-2 and he was not playing for 6mths and scored 3. You can call up some players like this that are proven as long as they are fit. In our case we need to do this where there are no other options. Some players you call up because they are the best you got. Mitroglou and Torosidis should have been called. Mitroglou was not injured just not playing enough. They are 30 and 32 respectively and are not yet finished. Nor is Soc. We need these guys as they give us experience and stability. It doesn’t matter Mitroglou doesn’t touch the ball. He is better than anything else we got for now and commands respect on the field. Koulouris is ok but inexperienced. He is young and can be used as a sub for now. If Mitroglou injured then Koulouris is next best option. Donis is perfect on the right or as the 2nd forward in a 4 4 2 formation. Any half brain coach would understand this. Just my thoughts
  22. When Soc started, we had Kyriakos, Seitaridis, Patzatsoglou Torosidis. As well as Katsouranis and Karagounis. More or less players with much more experience that helped him with NT. He was the youngest at the 2010 WC at 22. He started well and stayed that way. I never like to see us change our back 4 unless injuries or suspension. Certainly not from one match to the next. Look at France and Croatia in WC 2018. They changed the odd player here or there but never their back 4. Absolute total stability. This is one thing Scibbe did well, I think. Now compare that with our current NT and the 5-6 games Anastasiadis has been in charge. Not one single match has he used the same backline. With formation changes from one match to the next and during matches. Total instability. When Anastasiadis drops Toro and brings in a Kotsiras (uncapped) and a Mavrias (? how many has he played <5) then changes LB, CB and RB every match and then drops Manolas and changes GK every match and can't decide on a formation then you can start to imagine what our experienced players think. This is just one problem with the coach, as other points have already been made. He must go. Rumors are that Ouzounidis, Dellas are possible replacements. Yes, I would take either in the current climate to get us through qualifiers otherwise we will completely implode.
  23. I don't think Soc said we can't make it. He said we don't deserve to make it and takes full responsibility for the team's performances.
  24. Unbelievable In the post match press conference, our coach was asked why we lost to Armenia, and he said it is because Armenians are better people. Read it here https://www.pagenews.gr/2019/06/12/apopsi/aggele-den-einai-kalyteroi-anthropoi-oi-armenioi-apla-exoun-kalytero-proponiti/
  25. The results speak for themselves. We’ve conceded 9 and scored 0 first half goals in 4 matches. If he stays and Soc, Manolas and Torosidis leave we will be Pot 5/6 team by the time WC qualifiers start. Not starting Manolas, leaving Torosidis out, changing goalies like he’s changing shirts. Lol. Instability is off the scale. The coach has to be shown the door.
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