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  1. Realistically first place over the Spain team that destroyed Germany 6-0 a few weeks ago is out of the question. Max points against Sweden are attainable but still very optimistic I think. We have work to do
  2. Nah man, no luck. Same error message.. 😞
  3. The fifa stream via YouTube isn’t supported in the US. Anyone know where to watch this from the US?
  4. Needless to say fortounis is our best and most consistent player. I honestly rate him in the likes of manolas and Sokratis. I am glad we have gone back to complaining about how bad the NT played in wins. It’s refreshing considering our performances in the past few years
  5. Impressed with giakoumakis, always in the right spot. Also always impressed with Limnios who can create a chance at any given moment. Good to see tsimikas playing with confidence and putting some really great crosses in the box
  6. Pelkas scores a header in his debut with fenerbahce in a 3-2 victory over goztepe
  7. Pavlidis actually showed me why he got selected today, and I could see him succeeding. He plays a a good false 9, where he keeps his back against the goal, receives the ball (with a good touch) and lays it off to the wingers. I’m not sure if this is the coaches intention but I think it could work if he puts an actual left wing in there. Limnios and Pavlidis has a good thing going in the first half. bakasetas penalties (in both games) were horrible.. wayyyy too close to the keeper. You can’t play it too safe with the penalties. However, we should have won this game regardless of the
  8. Mantalos passing is killing us right now. Glad to see vlachodimos in goal for a change. I think this team struggles with teams worse than them because while we do have a weakness in creating opportunities these small nations fill their box with defenders adding pressure to our attack. I feel like against better nations (that don’t park the bus) we will be much better at creating chances. I just hope coach not fielding players such as fortounis as a starter Is just him allowing younger players minutes and confidence. Fortounis should definitely be a starter on this team.
  9. The right back lambropoulos was horrible, very low energy on defense. I was watching him on the second goal walking towards the ball handler in the box. I understand that this is an inexperienced team, but the one thing I expect from our young players is intensity and hustle. Both goals came from The left attacking flank. Also koulouris didn’t get much playing time but the little bit he did was mess up several fast breaks. loved the goal series Limnios pass to fountas to fortounis. also not a fan of Dioudis in goal. His every goal kick resulted in a turnover of possessi
  10. Tsimikas our with a “thigh injury” won’t be participating in the match against arsenal. It is said he won’t be back until after the International break.
  11. Tsimikas actually started in the game against Lincoln city. It was a blowout win for Liverpool. Tsimimas seemed nervous to me. Didn’t play bad though. He was making safe back passes for the most part. He had one or two good crosses into the box. No notable mistakes really. He needs to build confidence. I imagine he may be feeling a bit of imposter syndrome.
  12. Team played just as I expected them to with that line up. I don’t understand why JVS didn’t use all his subs and why he made them so late considering the team probably lacks some fitness after the break. What is Masouras going to do with 6 minutes of play.. We could have really benefited from fortounis as well. Very strange tactics from the coach. on the bright side some very impressive individual efforts from players like Limnios and bakasetas.
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