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  1. I only watched the highlights against Norwich but besides getting completely Crossed over by a Norwich winger, it seems like he had a good game, some great corner kicks, crosses, and even a decent shot on target. im impressed with his delivery.. I didn’t see much of gianoulis in the highlights with the exception of a cross that was caught by the keeper
  2. Very fluid play in the first half. Norway looked pretty weak tbh, we did a great job at containing Haaland who was pretty invisible all game. Very positive performance for Pelkas, and someone who doesn’t often get the recognition he deserves is vlachodimos. When he is at goal I feel so much more confident in our defense. Enjoyed the no BS defending of Kpap and tzavellas, although we will need to replace him long term. massouras had a great game as well. also, maybe an unpopular opinion.. but do you guys really feel that Tsimikas is anywhere near Liverpool material? I have not been too impressed with him, I don’t mind him on the NT But you’d expect better from someone who’s training daily with Liverpool. Anyone else feels “ehh” about him?
  3. That’s not the attitude I want to see from our coach. Seems a bit dismissive of the poor performance today. I do get the feeling he doesn’t really believe this team is capable of much. regardless, he’s the best coach we’ve had since santos.
  4. Anyway campaign is not over, let’s not be so dramatic. We move on to the next game with Kosovo and Sweden, needless to say if we win both those games, we won’t be in a bad spot. Sweden expected to lose from Spain and hopefully us too. We have to get our game together. Pleasantly surprised with tzavellas performance today
  5. I don’t like bakakis too much but I feel like he had a solid game before coming off. that kid on the left wing for Georgia Is extremely talented. This is what we expected from Limnios, who has basically vanished in the last few games 😞
  6. Truth is, we needed a goal all game.. they couldn’t do it. We were gifted one. then we had to defend for like 15 minutes, and we couldn’t do that either.. extremely disappointing game and result. mavrias was poor conning to replace bákakis who was having a great game..
  7. 100x better. I’d say they’re outstanding paying Spain at the moment.
  8. I think Limnios had a pretty bad game, but you guys are also being pretty harsh.. a bad game doesn’t justify “permanently removing him from the squad”. I think he still has something to offer. as for mavropanos, he had a decent game, it’s a matter of chemistry, the goalie would have anticipated that header back had the two players had more chemistry.. I think he will be a fine addition to the team once the team stabilizes. Which I can’t say will happen until the WC LOL.
  9. Georgia is absolutely going to be a problem, they are fast on the counter. we should be rooting for Spain to take 3 points from everyone.
  10. Realistically first place over the Spain team that destroyed Germany 6-0 a few weeks ago is out of the question. Max points against Sweden are attainable but still very optimistic I think. We have work to do
  11. Nah man, no luck. Same error message.. 😞
  12. The fifa stream via YouTube isn’t supported in the US. Anyone know where to watch this from the US?
  13. Needless to say fortounis is our best and most consistent player. I honestly rate him in the likes of manolas and Sokratis. I am glad we have gone back to complaining about how bad the NT played in wins. It’s refreshing considering our performances in the past few years
  14. Impressed with giakoumakis, always in the right spot. Also always impressed with Limnios who can create a chance at any given moment. Good to see tsimikas playing with confidence and putting some really great crosses in the box
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