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  1. Kala les file, oti mporoun gia tous psifous
  2. I read somewhere that the Greek Supreme Court granted permits for construction of new sporting facilities. Any truth?
  3. Golden chances missed by Tsiggaras and Crespo in the first 10 or so minutes. Marseille were clearly shaken up by the crowd.
  4. Well, time to resurrect this once-dead topic. The plans for the new Votanikos stadium were approved by the Athens mayor, Bakogiannis, and the amateur council of Panathinaikos. My understanding is that they will break ground soon. After around 20 years of discussion, it seems like the plan is finally going to go through.
  5. I had a chance to watch the King Otto documentary. What an amazing way to re-live the dream run of 2004.
  6. The final may be moved to Athens due to issues with the Albanian FA lmao.
  7. Why didn’t he call up Lyratzis, Tsinggaras or Michailidis? All playing for U21’s?
  8. Big W. If PAOK can make it to the next round, I'd consider their European season to be a success
  9. The only guy missing from the Greek team is Giannis
  10. Another day, another win against Turkey in WC qualifying, this time in Turkey
  11. Big tie, not only for PAOK but also the country coefficient (and that 2nd UCL spot)
  12. Greece are in good position. Having hopefully two teams in the knockout round will be clutch.
  13. Greece up to 15th, but the 15th-19th place are all neck and neck.
  14. Greek team has a small **** mentality. Dropping countless points against weaker teams for 10 years now.
  15. Yeah, I think it’s time. JVS needs to be fired. Blast most of the players except Odysseas, Tsimikas and Tziolis into the sun.
  16. Enough of these cheap goals against minnows. If Greece doesn’t collect 3 points, JVS may need a firing.
  17. A win versus Sweden would put the countries level on points but Sweden would still be ahead in the standings I believe. World Cup qualifiers has the first tie breaker at goal difference, not head-to-head results which would screw us.
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