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  1. The men’s national basketball team has qualified for the tournament for the first time in 16 years!
  2. Good move. I was expecting someone MUCH worse lol.
  3. PAOK should be heavy favorites in round 2 and favorites in round 3.
  4. Very good season. It seems like Greek teams perform every other year so hopefully we’re not let down next season…
  5. Winning the protathlima without a real striker the whole season is certainly an accomplishment lol.
  6. Now that the season is over, it would be fun to look back at some of this past season's signings and re-evaluate them. Good (imo): Taison, Despodov, Baba Ok: Meite, Ekong Bad: Samatta (bleh), Marcus Antonio (?) Jury is still out: Otto Thoughts? I know I missed some and I don't watch every match so my impressions may be way off.
  7. Dare I say that this was a more impressive achievement than the 2018-2019 season? I think the first one is much more "special" due to the long wait and undefeated record, but the level of competition this year was just a notch higher.
  8. Haha yes I had the channel on still while he was talking. He is a fiery guy lol.
  9. Very nice win! 2nd title in 5 years after such a long drought. Bravo!
  10. Oly needs to win both games vs Villa and then the UECL final, so quite unlikely. I think we are stuck with four teams in Europe next season.
  11. Two UECL quarterfinal appearances in three seasons for PAOK, and I think this run was more impressive. Here’s to hoping the team doesn’t let us all down next summer in the qualies.
  12. Hey, I remember those threads early in the season where there was little hope for this team. They definitely exceed expectations and made some huge European memories.
  13. This is the best opportunity for PAOK to reach a European final, so why are they playing with such a lack of urgency over both legs? So tragic lol
  14. When you’re putting on Bouchalakis while looking for a goal in extra time, you know you’re in trouble. Would have been nice to have Tzolis or Pavlidis come off the bench..
  15. Oh well, just not good enough. When you’re a small country who struggles to produce creative players, losing someone like Fortounis is a big deal.
  16. Fair, I think he’s done a good job but no doubt the quality of the squad has been reduced massively compared to 5-10 years ago. Correlates pretty closely to when he bought Nottingham.
  17. Bravo PAOK! MOTM Johnny Otto for his wonderful assist in the first half ?
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