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  1. I wouldn't characterize this as a "rough week," personally. The gap to 15th place was cut down even further and is now less than 2 points. It was something like 3.5 at the start of qualies. I'd imagine PAOK and Olympiakos will make UECL knockouts. If one of AEK and Panatha can make it through too we'll be in great shape.
  2. Will be sold to a big club in a top 5 league in the next 1-2 years.
  3. I went and saw the third movie. Is was worse than the original but better than #3. One thing that I really didn’t like was the heavy handed social commentary on the migrant crisis and the idea that it’s ok to be replaced in your own homeland by foreigners.
  4. I think we will pass Israel, Ukraine and Norway 100% this year. There's a good chance we can catch up with Serbia this year too. And next year, Scotland will be within striking distance since they will be losing a fantastic season that got them 9.75 points.
  5. The gap to 15th at the start of the season was around 3.5 points and is now down to 2.225 points. Making steady progress.
  6. What happens to all the academy players? Do they just get sold to lower tier SL teams?
  7. 3rd place and dropping to Conference is in reach. If panatha can beat Marseille then so can AEK. Also Ajax are not the same team compared to a few years prior.
  8. What an amazing MD1. I think Greece will finish the season 16th, just below the Czechs IMO. Should be able to surpass Serbia next season and perhaps Scotland as they continue their slide.
  9. PAOK should get 2nd. Maybe sneak a point from Frankfurt in Toumba too.
  10. Things looking much better this year compared to last. When was the last time Greece had 4 teams in the groups stage of Europe in a single season? I don’t think we’ll make it to 15 but could certainly get to 16 or 17.
  11. Pleasantly surprised reading the initial replies in this thread from several months ago and seeing how (rightfully) pessimistic everyone was. Team really proved us wrong.
  12. PAOK got 3 pretty tough draws and came out on top in each of them. No luck drawing a minnow from Estonia or Latvia lol.
  13. Olympiakos looking very good this year. I think they’ll win the Super League
  14. When was the last time Greece had 4 teams in the group stages? Bravo to PAOK. They should be in a good pot should they advance as well.
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