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  1. Crespo sounds doubtful about his return (fine by me!). A shame he'll get much less emotional of a sendoff than Varela, though. https://inpaok.com/731565/krespo-dyskola-tha-synechiso-ston-paok/
  2. The rebounds are a KILLER with superman. That's good to hear
  3. Doesn't he know that the first rule of PAOK is that we are always trying to get rid of our #1 goalie? Jeez.
  4. The team needs to balance usefulness with wages. Mitrita at $1mm is definitely not worth it. He probably is used to all that sweet Saudi money at this point, sad to say. I def don't think Akpom is worth buying based on this season - even if his wage is fine, 3 million is a LOT for someone with his proven level of output (which is to say, low level of output). Colak offers most of what he can do physically, and seems to be better as a target man. I think Colak + Oliveira is enough. Even though the team is apparently going for youth, I hope they get a REAL Biseswar replacement. Too many player names bandied about that are box-to-box midfielders without any particular skill as a playmaker. El Kaddouri can't do it. Soares can't do it. That Uruguayan kid's highlights also show basically no playmaking ability. Very worried about that position.
  5. Pretty happy about the Sastre buy. Cheap and seems good. Will be good competition for Lyratzis. Wondering what that means for Taylor, however. Did Crespo pack all his belongings, or did he just go on vacation? Still, I am very pro him not accepting any new offers. He might be good enough for the Greek league, but so is Mihaj. Invest in youth, dammit!
  6. Looking like four friendlies while in the land of wooden shoes: https://inpaok.com/731306/apofasi-gia-tessera-filika-ston-paok/
  7. His contract runs through June 30th, so I would assume any games that take place before that date would result in the normal compensation being paid to the team he's still on.
  8. Just tuning in now. Not sure why I rushed home when I knew it would be delayed haha
  9. I'm already impressed. I took the ferry to Thassos last summer with my cousin and watched her - a genteel local girl! - nearly get into a fistfight with the guy who was directing cars onto the boat. I guess PAOK fans are truly a cut above. Can't wait to see a man in a kilt standing somewhere in the crowd, hefting a broadsword
  10. Is this in addition to the possible Ukraine-based reshuffling of next season's slots? I tried to make sense of those articles a few days ago but my head started to spin.
  11. And when I'm done with them, I cast them aside like a used kleenex
  12. I am available to provide you parental support going forward, my friend ❤️
  13. They must not like him that much if they're not buying him!
  14. Every team needs average players. I just know that we can do better with our backups. 🤷‍♂️
  15. Looks like PAO's gonna have at least one player disqualified for this weekend (Macheda with his second yellow)
  16. That's Zivkovic's position. Unless they move him to the left, no way he'd start over him. I would expect an actual signing for LW this summer anyway.
  17. Now this is more like it. 2-0 up. The Iceman and AK47 have scored.
  18. How about this for criticism: I don't think you should get back with your ex!
  19. Ahh problem solved, they'll be good from now on then hahahaha
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