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  1. Did you consider that he's the one that told the lie? Or that he was telling the truth, then changed his mind? Why are you like this?
  2. I wish we sold MORE people when real offers came in. What a healthy club that would be!
  3. That's the thing - I think we can make it to the UCL without more players. Brugge is better than most of the teams we might come up against. And honestly, we are unlikely to have any new signings play at this point anyway, unless they acclimate incredibly quickly. I will remain paranoid until I see something that excites me. I just am lacking faith after seeing their preseason games.
  4. Probably an overestimation of his love for us. I don't really care about this one way or another, really. He will be another in a long line of people who come back to Greece and don't make an impact.
  5. (I blame Razvan for wanting to keep a team together that will be absolutely humiliated if they make it to the Champions League)
  6. He is the wind beneath my wings
  7. Probably a combination of the team not wanting to spend money until they guarantee Europe, and nobody wanting to come play for a team in Greece that might not be in Europe. It will always be an uphill battle. Similarly, I would expect Kotarski to underperform now that he's attracted some Italian interest. Same exact case as with Shakhov - he'll take a pay cut to play for a garbage team in a more attractive league, probably. Don't be shocked if Konstantelias goes the same route. I think we'll lose multiple players by end of August - which is not in itself a problem, if we actually replace them.
  8. I missed both of them because I dropped an entire open bag of kritharaki and was trying to find all the bits so I could still feed you tonight 😞
  9. Kotarski "rumors" keep coming back and forth. Yesterday it was us rejecting 8.5mm for him. Today I am seeing that they asked to take him on loan for this season for 1 million, and then a mandatory purchase clause for another 4 million, for 95% of his rights. If that second one is true, the #s are truly insulting. I'd think about that 8.5mm, assuming we have a replacement lined up. Especially if we've secured CL participation.
  10. Apparently Haitian media says we might want this guy. https://www.transfermarkt.us/frantzdy-pierrot/profil/spieler/492955 The club is basically flush with cash right now...there is no reason to go for decent players from garbage leagues. SPEND SOME MONEY, IVAN
  11. Some sites are saying Kedziora will be announced on Saturday (due to "procedural issues"), while others are saying he'll be announced today. Regardless of when the signing is announced, he is now officially a free agent (his profile on Transfermarkt has been updated), and is free to practice with the team, presumably as soon as today. -edit- it seems we may have upped the payment on our end to 400k, to cover more of what the Ukranians owed the player. Seems reasonable to me.
  12. The mighty Aris apparently has received a VERY severe penalty for their antics in the cup final; since the team didn't accept their medals they are all banned for the first two games. The danger for us, of course, is if they field their K19 lineup for those games and suddenly discover they're all budding superstars 😞 😞 😞 I think the EPO should fine PAOK just in case.
  13. Not a great game, but at @PaokCT tells me, I gotta calm my ass!
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Like, fewer playoff games is good for us. But it also feels kind of insulting for teams 5-8? Is that just me?
  15. Filipe Soares is off to SC Farense officially. Looking at their lineup, if he can't get major minutes with them...he's a lost cause.
  16. Is this the same guy? Seems weird to replace an attacking midfielder with a striker. Either way, we have a need up there.
  17. They're gonna be real cheap when we lose these next two games!
  18. Yikes, that's rough. Explains their rather tragic looking lineup. PAOK is probably footing the bill for this game, in other words. Unrelated to that, the Kedziora black-out apparently is now due to the Russian missile strikes on Kyiv last night, including the one that hit a children's hospital. I am not sure I buy this is the reason, because Kedziora could have signed the day before that happened, but do with that info what you will!
  19. Looks like that last friendly is going to be vs Vitesse: https://www.transfermarkt.us/vitesse-arnheim/startseite/verein/499 Didn't we loan someone out to them a few years back? https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/1214803_neo-filiko-gia-ton-paok-kontra-stin-fitese
  20. Sport24 is saying that the Belgians are saying that both PAOK and AEK are interested in Tarik Tissoudali, who is a striker playing for Gent. https://www.transfermarkt.com/tarik-tissoudali/profil/spieler/245228 Not sure why they'd want to sell him (and so he'd probably be relatively expensive). But looks like he had a decent season last year, with 21 goals / 12 assists in 51 games. That games number is a bit misleading as his minutes played (3,317) implies that he was a substitute for a big chunk of those games.
  21. Was taking a look at this article just now, about TV rights. Still pathetic that we earn so much less than the Athenian clubs. But for me, the big takeaway is that the value proposition for getting that overseas Novasports subscription is...well, basically nonexistent. https://dailymedia.com.gr/media/sports-media/58234/tileoptika-dikaiomata-super-league-kai-kentriki-diacheirisi-i-analysi-kai-to-ti-ischyei.html So you're guaranteed to miss half of our derbies, I guess? I also think the Cup isn't included either, right?
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