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  1. Could be. If he didn't want to go back, he wouldn't have said it (probably). On to the next striker, I guess!
  2. Not that I'd complain about this, but this seems to be very threadbare evidence: https://inpaok.com/689561/menei-ston-paok-o-krmentsik-2/ -edit- spelling
  3. So no news is good news? https://inpaok.com/689472/oi-exelixeis-me-ton-pablo-gkarsia/ I wonder how TV (streaming) rights would work with the B team. I'd watch if the games were included in PAOKTV.
  4. I agree. I also don't have a problem with a player participating with their NT, but I DO have a problem with them being penalized for it. If he gets cut, it'll be because he's truly past it. But considering our history of patiently waiting for Biseswar to get into shape, I don't think there's an issue here. Even if he was in the team from day 1, how likely would he be to start over Warda or Kagawa, anyway? Assuming Warda isn't cut immediately haha
  5. If we get this guy, who leaves? Lyratzis I'm guessing
  6. Big "Meh" outta me. He's a free agent at the end of this month right? I'd still choose to overpay for Krmencik over that guy any day of the week.
  7. Yup, thus the boost! Maybe we can hire Fenerbahce to just sell our players for us.
  8. Charisis signing for another two years at Atromitos. Shows they have some faith in the guy after his injury. Of more relevance to us: https://inpaok.com/689242/afxise-tin-prosfora-tis-gia-pelka-i-lyon/ Shameful how little we were able to extract from him. But if they flip him for 10mm, that gives a serious boost to what we gained from him (which now also includes a 500k bonus).
  9. You're right, it could be nothing. I hope so! I like the kid well enough but I'm glad we moved on. But I will still say there's nothing worse than hearing "he's not a real ___" - this is the popular thing you effete footballistas say to sound all intellectual-like. I'm not falling for it! He's 100% a winger, damn it!
  10. Not liking this! https://inpaok.com/689221/sto-kadro-tou-paok-o-limnios/
  11. Here's one that is based on VERY thin info. I'd venture to say that this is the one position where we don't need any players, to boot. https://inpaok.com/689128/epimenoun-gia-gkalntames-paok/
  12. Hell yeah, Schwab was my vote
  13. About Krmencik, he thinks his current club may try to loan him but he didn't exactly say they were looking for another loan on our side. Important distinction! I hope they don't back a dump truck full of money onto El Kaddouri's lawn. Guy will be injured for 2/3 of the season anyway.
  14. His bit on Biseswar is pretty epic. He LOOOOVES the guy. About an hour and 30 minutes in
  15. Looks like the start of preseason is being pushed back to the 29th (one week), after all
  16. Misic just signed (permanently, not on another loan) with Dinamo Zagreb. Big win for them, and they got him for only 2mm EUR.
  17. He has arrived. Apparently he'll be in town until Saturday, at which point he returns to Romania to prepare for his big move. Looking forward to tomorrow's press conference
  18. Remind me again why we care so much about Holland as an option? No offense to our tulip-loving moderator, of course
  19. Congrats! How do you feel? I got the J&J one (one day before the hysteria caused them to temporarily suspend it here), and was out of sorts for like four days. Would do it again, though. The pharmacist was also very cute, so that was a bonus.
  20. There is literally no reason to hire Prijovic over Krmencik. When you account for his wages, the higher cost of purchasing Krmencik is offset. Plus...Krmencik's style is much more in line with how Lucescu's wants his guys to play. Remember, Prijovic was kind of an outlier stylistically. Watch Lucescu break the bank to get him back now that I wrote that.
  21. Link to vote for MVP of the season: https://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20210530-box-mvp-of-the-season-poll/
  22. I see at least one fan site claiming they will be. You'd think that Razvan would want as much time as possible, though. Wouldn't be surprised if they keep it as-is.
  23. Was considering getting Disney+ with its ESPN add-on for this - will have to look into whether or not that includes ABC. Haven't had a tv subscription since like 2013 haha
  24. Looks like the IFAB has decided to keep the 5-substitutions option until at least December of 2022. I like it.
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