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  1. Swansea and Brentford both drew today. Norwich is 8 points clear with a game in hand (14 points away from 3rd). I think a draw might be enough to guarantee promotion? I'm def going to watch this game, which is starting in about five hours.
  2. Good point. The remaining games are very tightly clustered. 18th, 21st, 25th, 27th -break- 5th, 9th, 12th, 16th The 27th is the Cup game, so if we make it through we'll see some more matches show up
  3. Warda back in, thank God https://twitter.com/PAOK_FC/status/1381234563616215040?s=19
  4. Well considering how many teams have managed draws or wins vs us while playing terribly, I won't begrudge our guys the victory here.
  5. Most of us watch on that Mao Mao group. If you can't get in there, then just go to https://bianconerotv2.blogspot.com/ and follow the links to the listing of games.
  6. Hold up, they changed their logo? Looks nice. I can finally tell them apart from that other team.
  7. Lousy game. Another underperformance by us. I say throw Bananas in there next time
  8. It seems Charisis might have torn a ligament. Hate to see it; hopefully it's not as bad as people fear. I really like the kid
  9. If we play a 4-3-3, expect Warda to at least be the first sub. But why couldn't he start in the midfield? As in the below: --Schwab--Warda--Tsiggaras---
  10. No way we get the clause's amount, IMO: https://inpaok.com/680765/o-esiti-kai-i-ritra-tou-daneismou/
  11. Mitrovic scores the 1-2, game is in the 3rd minute of stoppage time. Should be over any second now. Glad Zivkovic at least got a half hour in.
  12. Not his first goal of that type - about eight minutes in.
  13. Krmencik subbed off for a fella named Vydra. Is this surname common in Czechia? I'm reminded of a certain long-lived Czech/Greek player of Lamia's.
  14. Interesting game so far (I tuned in about halftime). Blackhawk, is there any resource for those of us who want to take advantage of VPNs for these kinds of games? I'd imagine one of these countries would have something streamed online similar to Open? Link: http://live.jokerswidget.org/freelivematch/8784632911462510.html
  15. So we'll see him in early June, then. You mean LITERALLY pay his rent? Like, his apartment? Hahahahaha
  16. Here's the link to Arioniadis' interview regarding PAOKTV (and related initiatives). It's currently live and he just went into the background of why PAOKTV exists (giving specifics on the #s involved).
  17. Can you imagine how much chest hair that team had
  18. And there's the problem. I think financial controls are not only a good idea, but necessary. However, the system as it exists now serves to lock in the teams that got obscenely rich, and lock out teams that only now have owners with deep pockets. If a Chinese billionaire decides to make Atromitos into a football powerhouse, why should we have a problem with it? Or to put it another way: I don't really have an issue with Abramovich boosting his team to success with his own money. I do have an issue with everyone else not being allowed to do the same, just because they came to the game late
  19. Probably found his level. Klaus at 30% effort would do just fine in SL2.
  20. Welcome, I think that after he had his big injury, he lost essentially all of his speed (which used to be his number one advantage). Used to be a very good dribbler, but after being ordered to play more disciplined football by his coach at the time, he toned down on that. Recent highlight videos probably won't show much. However, he's also played so rarely in the past year that he doesn't exactly have a lot of minutes to highlight... Others around here would disagree with me, but I think he's kind of washed up. Seems to constantly be in conflict with the team's administration or coac
  21. Mark my words, there's no way any of those teams are interested in him. Would be happy to be proven wrong.
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