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  1. I really hope that draw against them doesn't come back to haunt us.
  2. I thought Esiti was an absolute beast tonight. One of his best performances in a PAOK shirt. As Blackhawk said, they have a better side and during some parts of the game it was as if we were playing with 10 men, not them. It will be tricky against them in November. A tie would be amazing.
  3. If we move the ball quicker in our counter attacks and keep the ball more while they are all men behind the ball, we score a lot more. I have no idea what Biseswar is thinking when he holds on to the ball for longer. I also don't understand the long balls than give away possession while we have the ball and are in control. Just keep the ball! Even if it is just a 2 metre pass!
  4. Παίξτε μπάλα ρε κοπρόσκυλα. Θέλω να πάω εκδρομή στον επόμενο γύρο.
  5. Honestly, if I were a professional football I would leave a Greek team that is cursed to never play CL and go to a team that is due to play in the group stages. Even just for one season.
  6. He played CL with Red Star after leaving us.
  7. Volos an absolute pleasure to watch. Attacking, attractive football and with a bit more quality they would be 2-0 up.
  8. With the money he got from the Saudis, he secured the future of his grandchildren's children's. He played Champions League, Europa League and went to a World Cup. He played in Italy, England, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Greece and the Middle East. Australia is now giving him his last big pay check. At 31 years old I don't think he really cares if it is a fall. He has plenty of money, a trophy wife and has travelled the world playing his favourite hobby.
  9. They all miraculously start to play better as their contracts come up for renewal.
  10. It's a fair point. Speaking of Varela, am I right to be expecting his departure from us at the end of the season?
  11. To be honest we will have issues if he is available as well.
  12. No way should there be any reduction in price. Pay the agreed clause and he's yours.
  13. Considering the pressure they are under in the league, an empty stadium probably suits them better.
  14. Is that the Goose Island talking? There is no way we are getting results against Copenhagen. Mind you, knowing PAOK we will probably beat Copenhagen away, draw with them at home (they will equalise in the last minute or something), lose to Slovan and draw at home against Red Imps. I am absolutely gutted that Sidcley is on loan and we outright own Lucas Taylor. Really wish it was the other way round.
  15. They are a sh!t team. They lost to Shamrock Rovers and the EO swept them aside. There is no excuse for drawing against a side who could only foul and knock it up to the black lad who, to be fair, isn't a bad player. Michailidis belongs in the B team. He is simply not good enough to be in the first team. He is a liability in defence and wastes the ball too many times trying to hit Hollywood balls cross field. He can barely stand on his own two feet. The subs did absolutely nothing to change the game, although Karol held the ball up quite well. All in all, that was a dreadful performance and if we play like that against Copenhagen we haven't got a song and dance. I really feel for Zivkovic. He was unstoppable when he first came and now he has sunk down to our level. Good look trying to get a move now. It's nights like these where I question Lucescu. We should have started with the same 11 who started against AEK - why did he choose this game to rotate? This should have been 2/2 with rotation against OFI on Sunday. He has to take the blame for tonight's result (though I am sure he won't).
  16. The referee hasn't got a clue. That was definitely a second yellow for Medvedev. Michailidis is liability. Our defence is very weak. We need to be very careful as they are quick on the break. They have that absolute tank up front who is already causing problems.
  17. Sheriff Tiraspol doing things that we can only dream of.
  18. I am happy for OFI. They finally have an investor and the Samaras father and son to run the daily operations. I would like to see them become stronger and compete for top 5.
  19. Happy to see the lads proved me wrong.
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