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  1. Huge win, which allows us to focus our efforts domestically from now until the end of February. It also means some of the lads with less playing time can get a run-out against HJK. Looking forward to the away day in March!
  2. The game is tied 0-0 then in the 85th minute Antonio comes on and scores the winner. You heard it here first! Παίξτε μπάλα ρε κοπρόσκυλα!!!
  3. The same agenda is being pushed in almost every new film being made. Go woke, go broke!
  4. Couldn't get a ticket so will be watching this one at the fan club. A win means we can play a second-string side against Helsinki.
  5. I did say that my view would never come into play. The fact that countries are now so 'diverse' is one of the reasons why. Again, I have stopped watching national team competitions and am happy with my decision. The fact is that while indeed some countries like Germany, England and Australia (even Ireland now has black players!) are now a mixed bag, I prefer the days when you looked at a starting 11 and saw 11 names that were native to that country. Now it is like club football. Each to their own!
  6. But isn't that something clubs do? If PAOK go all the way in the Conference League isn't that a testament to the players and football we produce? This is exactly what I mean with national teams and clubs being conflated.
  7. We agree to disagree. At the end of the day I am fully aware that my views on this will never come into play, so I just stopped watching national teams.
  8. In my view you would have played for Greece. This may be the case in normal everyday life but it just isn't the case in football. Do you honestly think that Baldock would be putting on a Greek jersey if he were good enough to play for England? The same goes for Zeca - he shouldn't even be playing for Greece in the first place as he isn't Greek. It becomes a joke when players can pick and choose which country they represent. It might as well be club football. His parents are from Togo so he should play for Togo. The fact that he was a product of German football does not mean he should play for the German national team. His blood is Togolese. Going by your logic, European clubs can bring in 11-12 year olds from Africa or South America, train them up then say "Well, we taught them how to play so they should play for our country". I thought the whole idea of a national team was to display talent that is native to the country, not imported or inherited. To prove how inconsistent it is, you can even look at examples where brothers played for different countries. Jerome and Kevin-Prince Boateng (Germany and Ghana), Granit and Taulant (Switzerland and Albania), Pogba bros - these examples prove that players choose their country based on how to progress their career (ie. get a transfer). It's ok and it is understandable - a player wants to earn as much as possible (we all do). But don't expect me to sit and watch a World Cup or Euro where nearly all players in the French NT are African, there are two Swiss players amongst the Serbs and Albanians, Germany is literally a World XI, with many more countries like Greece and Spain following suit. Huge respect for players like Hakimi, Armando Broja and Aubemayang who chose their true identities over a potential transfer. Aubemayang especially, as he is proof that as long as you are good you will get the move you want.
  9. You are 100% correct, but that's not the point. The point is that you should be playing for your roots and not for a transfer.
  10. How it should be. The way it is going, national team competitions are becoming like any other. Players are pretty much picking and choosing who the represent rather than being forced to by their blood.
  11. I ended up watching the game in a kafeneio in Astoria. Unfortunately the PAOK Fan Club of New York no longer a stable location. Lucescu once again making unnecessary changes just like he did in Scotland. He got away with it there but not this time. I have no idea why he didn't start with the same 11 that dismantled OSFP. Koulierakis made too many unnecessary fouls near the end of the game. He must learn how to compose himself.
  12. Considering you live in Germany your best bet will be to get one from a fan club. Most cities in Germany have one. They will probably require you to become a member though. Otherwise tickets go on sale one week before the game.
  13. Murg has risen from the dead. I have no idea how that happened.
  14. It wasn't overturned. They simply moved the decision to Monday. Uganda.
  15. I'll be at the NYC fan club for this one. Again, would be great to see anyone who is in town!
  16. Probably next year. We found cheap return tickets to NYC so thought why not.
  17. If any of you degenerates are in NYC between the 8th and 14th of November, let me know if you would like to meet up. I plan to go to the fan club in Astoria on the 9th when we play against Aberdeen.
  18. If anyone finds a video with us singing "Δικέφαλη μεγάλωσα" after the final whistle, please post it here.
  19. Epic away day. The truth is that we stole the three points and they should have had a penalty. The 15 minutes after the final whistle were simply ecstasy. We sang "Δικέφαλη μεγάλωσα" the entire time on repeat. Absolute scenes that I will never forget.
  20. Got my tickets and will be going to this with Scotsman. Hoping we make this 3/3 but I think it will be a tough game.
  21. Seemed like we were exposed at the back a couple of times. Their balls over the top put us in a spot of trouble. Meite was solid.
  22. Fantastic result. When he made the mistake I was annoyed, but I just knew Koulierakis would make up for it.
  23. This is Greek football now. Anytime a team loses they just blame it on the officiating. In fact, even when they win they still moan.
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