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  1. He was joking of course. I can see him playing in the Premiership. He has the speed and brains.
  2. Το γήπεδο είναι απαράδεκτο. Σε μια πάσα στρωτή η μπάλα αναπηδά 100 φορές. Διαιτησία οτι να'ναι, δεν αφήνει να εξελιχθεί το παιχνίδι. Βέβαια ούτως ή άλλως αυτό το ποδόσφαιρο δεν βλέπεται.
  3. Just tuned in. Anybody know why Zivkovic was dropped? I thought we had finally moved on from Paschalakis.
  4. Upon going to the cinema for the first time in the US I actually couldn't believe there was a tap for melted butter. The Europeans who arrived there all those years ago must have been confined by healthy-eating parents their whole lives before setting sail. This is definitely one of their ways of saying "F you" for all the times they weren't allowed to eat sweets and had to make do with potatoes and broccoli instead. PS. My girlfriend (who is from the US) made sweet potato casserole as part of our Thanksgiving meal this year. Brown sugar mixed in with sweet potato? Fair enough, I will giv
  5. Let's just beat Omonia before we start talking about scenarios.
  6. Of course he doesn't take the blame for going 2-0 up. He takes the blame for what he did after. Tsiggaras was completely lost after our second. Their midfield which was made up of tanks literally ran ours over. He should have been brought off at half time and replaced by Esiti who is a beast himself. Also, why did he play Crespo at wingback? Did he not see the games against Krasnodar?
  7. Δύσκολο ματς. Δεν μας βλέπω καλά.
  8. No way was it the right pass made by El Kaddouri on that counter attack. He has Tzolis to his left who was completely unmarked. He chose to play the pass to the right where there was a risk of it being cut out. He played a terrible pass and the defender got a foot to it. If anything it should have been played to Tzolis who would have gone himself or eventually crossed it over to Zivkovic.
  9. Might I also add that Pereira wasn't included in the UEFA list. Another one for the list of complete f- ups.
  10. These are the result of a poorly organised pre-season. 1) Leo Matos is excluded from the squad. We play the biggest games in our history against Krasnodar without a proper wingback (Crespo) and lose them only to find that Matos is suddenly back in the team pretty much the next day 2) We tell Vieirinha he is done at PAOK. He doesn't play in any of the CL matches and would have buried the penalty against Krasnodar in the first game. Then all of sudden he is also back in the squad but isn't available for European games because it all happened after the deadline 3) We sell Akpom rig
  11. 1) Why is Crespo playing wingback? 2) Why didn't Esiti come on (at least when it was 2-2)? 3) Why is Biseswar still playing for us? 4) Why is he starting Tsiggaras in this type of game where the opposition midfield is made up of African beasts? I cannot see us making us out of the group now. We need Granada to do us a huge favour and I can't see that happening with PSV back to full strength. In fact, I cannot even see us beating Omonia next week. The players should be fined a week's wages after today, that was an absolute disgrace.
  12. Why is Crespo playing as a wingback?! The CL games should have been the last time he played in this position.
  13. They have tanks in midfield. He really should have brought Esiti on at half time.
  14. Those black players of theirs are absolute tanks. Why the f**k can’t we buy some of them? Shocking defending. All of them just ball watching. They have absolutely taken our wingbacks apart. Best case scenario is a draw now.
  15. Our defending is just awful. Like watching park football.
  16. We can’t handle their one touch passing. Definitely not sharp enough at the back.
  17. Happy Thanksgiving to all you Yanks in here.
  18. Σκατά με φράουλες. Ήθελα να γράψω οτι η πρόκριση χάθηκε με το Κοσοβό στην Αθήνα αλλα και πάλι για την νίκη θα παίζαμε σήμερα. The problem is the amount of foreign players allowed in the Greek league. There needs to be a rule that ensures at least 6 of the players in the starting line up are Greek.
  19. This referee gives me the impression that he has never reffed a game before. Any hard, fair tackle is a foul for him.
  20. Αυτοί δεν παίζουνε ποδόσφαιρο. Βρίκσονται έξω απο την περιοχή του αντιπάλου και γυρνάνε την μπάλα πίσω στον Βλαχοδήμο. Αν είναι δυνατόν. Τζαβέλλας και Μπουχαλάκης δεν έχουν καμία δουλειά στην εθνική.
  21. Said it so many times. The only national team shirt he should be wearing is one he got from the boutique.
  22. Boston saying it how it is as always.
  23. Vasco da Gama (Matos) v Palmeiras (Ferreira), which our former coach coming out on top with a 0-1 win. Matos flying in with career-ending tackles and was eventually booked at the end of the first half. It seems that now he is back home he is unleashing an even wilder side that he couldn't show while playing in Europe. All those challenges he made for us seem tame when compared to what he was doing today. Madman.
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