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  1. I just heard Baldock has been approved and will be called up for the June matches. can anyone confirm?
  2. Honestly I was hoping with a new coaching change we would have seen Manolas or at least Siovas back along with Fortounis who can create space and open up defences. Even if he’s at 70% ready he’s still our best option. For me I don’t think we will see much of a difference with this team that we seen in the past.. I hope I’m wrong but I see they same thing playing over and over again with this team.
  3. What Bakasetas did with the Greek flag draped around him while he danced zeibekiko in a 60’000 plus stadium in Turkey showed me the kid has some big balls and passion for his country.. I have a whole knew respect for him. https://www.instagram.com/tv/Cdlos9kgK2k/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  4. I’ve never liked Bakasetas he completely hinders our attack, he’s slow and he’s not an accurate passer and that’s why I mentioned we need another number 10 and a healthy Fortounis is our best option in my opinion. I think Poyet as a new coach and seeing what Bakasetas has done in Turkey owes it to himself to see what he offers (which is nothing) but a hard shot. Now that he’s watched him two games hopefully that’s enough it to see he doesn’t cut it. So for me I’ll give Poyet a pass in this friendly, now if he starts him and makes him captain when the campaign begins in June then that’s a problem. But we still need to address the other positions of need as well.
  5. That’s why In my previous post I had mentioned what is in my opinion the positions that need to be fixed in order for us to progress. RB, Midfield and a number 10 that can move and distribute the ball. As ugly as this performance was we can’t blame Poyet yet as he was trying to see as many players as he can in 2 games before the nations league games in June. JVS did have the team playing better then the previous coaches no doubt but to say we never had an ugly performance like this under JVS is not an accurate statement IMO. There have been a few ugly performances especially game 2 of the World Cup qualifier at home against Georgia where we did nothing and got outplayed by them and that was a game of serious significance which possibly cost us 2nd place. I was pissed about this performance today as it feels like we took another step backwards but it’s a friendly so let’s just hope Poyet seen enough of who he wants and doesn’t want starting for this team as difficult as it is in only 2 games.
  6. It was a horrible game that lacked, structure and had no flow. It looked the team didn’t know what style they wanted to play. Bakasetas is a huge problem in that position but we need to keep it real he wasn’t the only problem. Guys were over passing the ball to wide open teammates, their was confusion on how they wanted to attack so majority of our possession came by us holding the ball from our own side of midfield with a lot back passes. The only player that played well is Vlach. Even our back end was exposed a few times and allowed the Montenegro players get behind them. Not sure it’s fair to judge this coach as every time we change a coach we take a few steps back until hes figures out who he wants to play and what style works for this team, so topping the nations league as bad as the teams are is not a guarantee due to the amount of time he will have with the players. Our back end I’m okay with but we need to figure our RB positions. Buchalakis and Siopis are not the answer for us in the midfield and Bakasetas should not be our number 10 he kills any attack. Up front should be given to Giakoumakis and the wings should be Masouras,Tzolis and Douvikas. Until we solve these problem it doesn’t matter what coach we bring in we will continue to have results like this.
  7. You’re right it’s not just Bakasetas they are all playing terrible.. But Bakasetas is not helping either. Why not sub him off as well.
  8. We deserved to eat that goal there it was only a matter of time.. Has Poyet not seen enough? Why wouldn’t he make a change at this point..
  9. Most of our possessions have been from our side of mid field and full of back passes. This is a bad overall performance to this point.
  10. starting lineup: Βλαχοδήμος, Λύρατζης, Χατζηδιάκος, Μαυροπάνος, Τσιμίκας, Μπουχαλάκης, Σιώπης, Πέλκας, Μπακασέτας, Παυλίδης, Δουβίκας.
  11. Tell me you guys noticed the minute Bakasetas came on our offence went to s%$#!, no flow and sloppy passes.
  12. Ya I guess. .… We know what Mantalos brings to the team which is not much, I wanted to see Alexandropoulos start.. Any idea of the status of Fortounis?
  13. Regarding Manolas, Soivas Korubelis the plan was to call them up but they have a busy schedule so he left them sit out of the friendlies but plans to have them for the Nations League games in June.
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