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  1. Overall we haven’t played bad, they just capitalized on there one chance.. but our defence is stating to worry me a lot..
  2. Bro for someone that doesn’t care you’re really talking a lot.. Personally, friendly or not I like to see the team play, what players will be used and what style of play he will try in preparation for the Euro qualifiers..
  3. We’ve become so bad defensively.. We can’t even keep a clean s%$#! against terrible teams and a good Hungary teams just exposed us with pretty much their first attack..
  4. It's one step forward two steps back with this team. They showed the same thing against Cypress as well. A team that has turned the corner don't have performances like this.
  5. Bakasetas is starting to prove me wrong He's turning into a goal scoring machine for us.
  6. If Turkey advances via the euro which is a strong possibility considering their group who would replace their spot in the nation leagues playoffs? Do you know?
  7. As much as I want to be positive guys let’s be real we are not coming out of this group this is one of the worst draws we could’ve got. Ireland will even be a tough out for us.. We’re gonna have to fight them for third to be realistic. Netherlands and France can score at will we are not the defensive shut down team that can suffocate offences that we were years prior. Our best bet is for Turkey to qualify through the euros and that way the best second place team replaces them in the nations league. This is realistically our only and best chance of qualifying for the euros..
  8. Wow what a terrible draw for us. We have no chance in hell of coming out of this group.. Netherlands France Ireland Greece Gibraltar
  9. UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying draw: Frankfurt am Main - Sunday 9 October 2022, 06:00 - your local time Teams in the draw UEFA Nations League pot Netherlands Croatia Spain Italy POT 1 Denmark Portugal Belgium Hungary Switzerland Poland POT 2 France Austria Czechia England Wales Israel Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia Scotland Finland POT 3 Ukraine Iceland Norway Slovenia Republic of Ireland Albania Montenegro Romania Sweden Armenia POT 4 Georgia Greece Türkiye Kazakhstan Luxembourg Azerbaijan Kosovo Bulgaria Faroe Islands North Macedonia POT 5 Slovakia Northern Ireland Cyprus Belarus Lithuania Gibraltar Estonia Latvia Moldova Malta POT 6 Andorra San Marino Liechtenstein
  10. I would say in addition to that in pot 2 you also want to avoid Austria and Serbia and in Pot 3 Ukraine and maybe Sweden to avoid.
  11. Pot 1 Netherlands Hungary Italy Belgium Croatia Portugal Poland Switzerland Pot 2 Wales England Bosnia Israel France Austria Scotland Finland Serbia Czech Republic Pot 3 Sweden Armenia Romania Slovenia Ireland Montenegro Iceland Albania Ukraine Norway Pot 4 Turkey Georgia Kazakhstan Luxembourg Greece Azerbaijan Faroe Islands Bulgaria Macedonia Kosovo Pot 5 Northern Ireland Slovakia Cyprus Belarus Lithuania Gibraltar Estonia Latvia Moldova Malta Pot 6 Andorra San Marino Lichtenstein
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