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  1. I'm torn again if i want JVS gone or not. We've changed coaches from 2014 and have not seen any good results even when we had manolas, Soctrates, Fortounis and so on so i don't know anymore if changing and building a new system is the answer again or does that start us back at zero again and all the closeness and family like atmosphere that JVS has build especially introducing the young guys will be a waste. I'm not saying i want to keep him I just honestly don't know at this point anymore. Bakasetas starting every game is a mistake i don't mind if he's a bench player but not our starter, What he did with Siovas by completely cutting him off was also a mistake and he put his pride ahead of the better of the team. Not reaching out to Manolas like he told him he would at the beginning and then didn't bother calling him up or having an open dialogue with him until the world cup when we draw Spain was also a bad move and ruined the chance of one of our best players playing with the NT. I feel like we have made progress but i feel like we are now going to hit a wall i don't know if we can keep progressing anymore under JVS but i could be wrong I think the next two games might help us make a decision. I completely see why people are torn on if he should stay or go. We've had Ranieri, Makaarian, Skibe so if we do change coaches then they have to be Greek in my opinion as having foreign coach has not worked for us since Santos.
  2. Guys this was the best f***ing first half of soccer we’ve have played in years and we have all been advocating for a change in style of our traditional sitting back and forcing a counter and getting one or two chances a game. Like this is something we can build on, Sweden looked like a minnow in that first half and I truly believe if that penalty never occurred we win this game, we were shredding the Swedes they were hanging on and couldn’t even string two passes together as we were all over them. I criticized JVS after the Georgia and Kosovo games but man i’m giving him full marks tonight and I don’t care if thats an unpopular opinion in this forum. We keep saying myself included he’s fielding the wrong line up but honestly we don’t have a superstar scorer anywhere so he’s getting the guys to play as a team with speed and high pressure. I’ve been so negative about this team since after 2014 World Cup but this to me is a step in the right direction. We split with Sweden and we already took a point in Spain. I will tell you guys straight I would rather lose games playing like the way we did today than sitting back and watching the most boring lackadaisical soccer waiting for an opening to make a mistake so we can get one or two chances in the entire game. Also a healthy Fortounis will help us Immensely.
  3. Bottom line guys we all knew deep down that after we dropped points to Kosovo and Georgia we weren’t finishing 2nd, Sweden and Spain got max points from those teams. I am encouraged of our first half performance and if it wasn’t for a brain dead move to give the penalty the momentum wouldn’t have switched as that goal went right to the Swedes legs and the crowd got into it. Tonight we were the better team, we couldn’t Capitalize on any of our chances early on and that’s the way it goes. If we end this campaign with one lose it was successful, let’s go out on a high and try to get a win or the very least a draw against a Spain team that will be desperate to win. I think we are headed in the right direction let’s hope this is our last tournament we miss as there is no excuse to miss the next euros now. Our players will have gained more national team experience by then and with a few of our players back like Fortounis we should be okay. I would still love to see Manolas on this team but that’s not happening. On to the euro nations league unless a miracle happens and Spain lose there next two games and we win.
  4. Those weaker teams park the bus they don’t give any space because they don’t chase so a team like Greece will struggle to find space and open them up.
  5. So now We need Spain to lose or draw against Sweden and we need to beat Spain and Kosovo. Not happening but that’s what it comes down to now.
  6. 100% I’m with you, I desperately want the win tonight, you don’t want to waste such a great performance.
  7. You may be right, but I do remember JVS saying from the minute he got here he wants to play a high tempo game. But I do see your point.
  8. We’ve always had a hard time finishing, Masouras did finish one of his chances but it was offside. Yes the missed chances might come back to burn us in end but overall I’m loving what I’m seeing from this team. Even if we don’t win if this is the way we are going to be playing football from now on then we will start moving up again.
  9. If this is JVS vision of this team then I’m sold, beautiful football with high pressure. Our speed and pressure is causing Sweden to panic and make bad passes.
  10. Sweden is so lucky not to be down so far as this game could have been 3-0 for us so far.
  11. Guys the game just started let’s not worry about what we have to do in our other games. Let’s focus on this game first.
  12. Boys I know it’s early but we look great, we are pressing we are quick, good passes and a disallowed goal already. I
  13. This is going to be a much different game then we saw in Athens, the Swedes are great at home and they will be playing in a full stadium. A win is a must even though a draw we are mathematically still alive realistically anything but a win and it’s over but let’s see now as the underdogs which I prefer if we can keep a clean sheet and find a goal off a counter. An early goal would be huge and it would out the pressure on the Swedes.
  14. Thats what drove me crazy why bring him in so late. The only change was pavlidis for Pelkas. We need Tzolis and Douvakis to start against Sweden as he gave the Swedes problems last game. Also Siopis is a little Pitbull he works hard but has a very hard touch.
  15. Dude i was so stressed i really thought we weren't going to score. HUGE WIN now it comes down to the Sweden game on Tuesday.
  16. Not a fan but i need to admit hes been clutch in the last few games with some big goals.
  17. I was being sarcastic i was the one complaining all game that we are s%$#! against these type of opponents.
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