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  1. I’m very gutted once again that we didn’t win our group but I understand we are a rebuilding a team and we have shown lots of progress, The teams has a different mindset and they are starting gel and okay the the style JVS wants them to play. I also agree there has been games this campaign we didn’t look good but I think that will come with experience and maturing as a team. The team looks like it’s headed in the right direction and as the English announcer said “This team has looked to turn the corner with JVS In such a quick time. think like anything it will take some time but changing coach
  2. I agree If you are going to bother brining up Tzavellas then that defeats JVS argument that he wants to rebuild with young players and get rid of the old kills, I would rather see Manolas and Siovas on the team rather then Tzavellas.. He is contradicting himself when he does that.. I think against top quality teams they will be needed especially against teams where we barely have the ball past midfield..
  3. I might be alone on here thinking this but I’d like to see JVS take this team to World Cup qualifiers.. I think he deserves a chance. Changing coaches should not be an option right now IMO...
  4. At the end of the day it’s not the coaches fault if in all of Greece there’s not one proven striker, that’s not the coaches fault as this has been our problem for years. We were fortunate to have Mitro A while ago but other then that we have no one.. The coach has the team playing with high energy and looking like a team but once again we don’t have anyone to put the ball in the net and there’s not one coach that can change that.
  5. It’s hard to rate if Slovenia’s defence is that good, I mean who did they beat? Moldova and Kosovo and we already know we have a hard time scoring against the weakest of teams.. They do have a world class goalie but if it was any other team that can score I think they beat them by a couple of goals tonight..
  6. Even if we would have scored against Kosovo and beat them we still would lose the division as we would be behind on goal differential..
  7. Sadly unless we have a consistent scorer this will always be the outcome for them..
  8. I think you miss understood me, I said you can’t blame him for tonight’s lose he made the right moves..
  9. You can’t blame JVS on this one started the players he should have and made the right subs to force the attack..The one mistake maybe I would have keto two strikers instead of taking of Giakoumakis for Pavlidis..We have definitely improved under this coach but at the end of the day if we can’t top a group like this one we have no business going to group B as we would get our asses handed to us.. What does this really say about our chances in the qualifying group for the World Cup? Not good at all.. We played a good game but they need to win these types of games if they want to climb up the fif
  10. Very disheartening we haven’t felt any joy in the last 6 years.. The team looks better under JVS but we still can’t win a f***ing Easy group..
  11. Tzioilis looks like his coming on and i think he will take Fortounis off which is a bad move if he does..
  12. With one yellow and Tzavellas being a hot head maybe JVS should take him off just in case.
  13. We have showed a lot of hustle and good transition and overall a good team effort with a few chances to score. Normally i would be very happy so far but knowing this is our final and has so much implications if we win we needed to do more. The second half we have no choice now we have to go all out which might leave us vulnerable for Slovenia to counter but we really don't have a choice.
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