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  1. Anyone know if Poyet is going to do a press conference? i know his signing is officially tomorrow..
  2. “New Ethniki Omada assistant coach is 37 year old Gerard Nus The Spaniard is former assistant of previous Ethniki coach John Van't Schip at Melbourne City in 13/14 season. One year before, he was Brighton's academy coach when Gus Poyet was in charge of the first team”
  3. Poyet is younger so maybe more in touch with todays game, in saying that i don't know much about him at all. Anyone know what style of play he prefers?? Curios to see if he reaches out to Siovas, Manolas and Soctrates.
  4. I think their seems to be a bigger issue here as the EPO do not know what direction they want the team to go and what they want their identity to be. From the names listed since the firing of JVS we’ve heard Defence minded coaches and offensive minded coaches. The EPO can’t just look for whoever is available they need to first find what the identity of the team is and then find a coach that fits there style or else this revolving circle of team failure and firing and rehiring of coaches won’t stop. A coach needs to come in and first see what style suits the team best and only play the best players available in their natural position, we can’t have guys playing in one position for their club teams and then moving them to a different position for the NT and think they will be as affective.. I think we have enough talent if we use our very best to be able to qualify for tournaments but the need to address the midfield will be crucial in my opinion.
  5. From the names listed i think i would go with Donis but it seems like they are leaning towards the coach from Azerbaijan which I'm not a fan off.
  6. Ahh okay thanks for clearing it up.
  7. Ange Postecoglou did an interview yesterday with a Greek network and said it would be his dream to take the NT coaching job now. He said he really thinks its the best thing for him that's where his heart is. Not sure the EPO wants him though or is even considering him. Thoughts??
  8. What did we really expect. Did we really think we were going to bring in a big-name coach with a budget of 500,000?? We are going to be stuck with someone very mediocre at best..
  9. Rumors have it that the EPO are in talks with Italian coach Gianni De Biasi the current coach of Azerbaijan. Thoughts?
  10. He should be a big part of the NT going forward, i would even make him the captain of the team when he's back and healthy. There is no question he is one of the most talented players Greece have.
  11. I believe what triggered everything was that Ang didn’t call up Torosids and that didn’t sit well with Manolas and Socratis and you could see how upset they were and their performances and body language even reflected that. That’s what I think started everything.
  12. Παπασταθόπουλος: 'Θα πω τις σκέψεις μου στον νέο προπονητή της Εθνικής, αν θέλει να μιλήσουμε' (sport24.gr)
  13. I get what you are saying but lets be real for a second, If we can't win this group then what are we going to do in the euro qualifiers which will have two better teams in our group? or how did we really think we had a chance to make 2nd in the in world cup qualifier that just ended. If we are going to be scared of the kosovos and NI then this team has no hope. So for me it comes down to this, if we don't win this group then we have taken no steps forward at all the last year and we are right back to the days losing to the faroe Islands. The team and the young guys have now had a few campaigns to play and gel together so there are no more excuses IMO... Now a lot may depend on the coach we get ad his style of play and players he selects.
  14. I don’t think this group is difficult at all to be completely honest and if we don’t top this group it’s embarrassing.
  15. If we can’t top a group like this we don’t deserve to be playing in any major tournaments whatsoever.
  16. I mentioned this before but i don't want the weakest draw. I want the best teams out of this group, If we cant top any group in group C then we don't deserve to go to any tournament. Plus playing Turkey would really Push this team and prepare us for a tougher euro qualifier campaign.
  17. I've said this from the beginning midfield in my opinion is the most important position as it dictates the flow of the game and creates the offence by creating space and feeding balls through and it can also slow down the pace of a game and until we have a very capable midfield duo we will not succeed. We have a very limited ceiling that we can reach. Personally think we have good enough wingers and hoping Douvikas can grow into a decent finisher. But in my opinion it all goes back to the midfield for us. its no surprise we starting losing games when Kara and company retired. We have been speaking about this for the last few years now and we still don't have an answer.
  18. Nations League draw this Thursday. Here are the pots for group C. it seems Greece will have either Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria or Northern Ireland as the top seed in there group. GROUP C POT 1: Turkey , Slovakia , Bulgaria, Northern Ireland POT 2: Greece, Belarus, Luxemburg, North Macedonia POT 3: Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo POT 4: Kazakhstan/Moldova, Cypress/Estonia, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, I may be the only one to say this but i want the toughest possible teams out of this group, I don't want the easiest possible draw. if i had a choice i would want the following. Turkey Greece Kosovo Cypress
  19. Just posting this here. The nations league group rankings... So embarrassing for us. GROUP A France (2021 Finals) Spain (2021 Finals) Italy (2021 Finals) Belgium (2021 Finals) Portugal Netherlands Denmark Germany England Poland Switzerland Croatia Wales (promoted) Austria (promoted) Czech Republic (promoted) Hungary (promoted) League B Ukraine (relegated) Sweden (relegated) Bosnia and Herzegovina (relegated) Iceland (relegated) Finland Norway Scotland Russia Israel Romania Serbia Republic of Ireland Slovenia (promoted) Montenegro (promoted) Albania (promoted) Armenia (promoted) League C Turkey (relegated) Slovakia (relegated) Bulgaria (relegated) Northern Ireland (relegated) Greece Belarus Luxembourg North Macedonia Lithuania Georgia Azerbaijan Kosovo (2 play-out winners tbc in March 2022) Gibraltar (promoted) Faroe Islands (promoted) League C or D (2020/21 play-outs) Kazakstan Cyprus Estonia Moldova League D (2 play-out losers tbc in March 2022) Liechtenstein Malta Latvia San Marino Andorra
  20. I've thought of that as well, but its hard to tell if it was the guys retiring that was the downfall of this team or if it was the coaches coming in who changed the system. Skibbe did play more of a defensive style and we still didn't succeed. Also we can't ignore the fact that the older coaches like Santos didn't prepare the younger players for the eventual transition to the team when the older guys retire. But regardless Santos wont come here as we only have a budget of $500,000 to spend on a coach as per the EPO and right now Santos makes almost 4x that, plus the EPO wants to select a coach this month i believe. Lets see what happens as i think non of us here can take another failed campaign.
  21. I read that article today, they also said they only have about $500,000 to spend on a coach so right there you can forget about any big name coach coming for that kind of money.
  22. It’s now rumoured the leader for the job for the national team is former Aek coach Manolo Jimenez… What are everyone’s thoughts if this is the direction the EPO goes?
  23. That's what concerns me. With Portugal he had some great attackers and played more defensive but a team like Portugal who can capitalize on a few chance's can make them successful but with Greece our shots on target to goal ratio is very bad so playing defensive and only creating a couple chances a game will make it difficult for us. Obviously results are the most important thing at the end of the day but i don't want to go back to watching Greece line up heavy in the back and just protect the net until they get one or two chances a game to counter. Santos style was successful with the players he had for us at that time but i cant see that style being successful with this generation of players.
  24. Dude am i missing something he didn't say anything that was racist at all. That's a pretty big accusation.
  25. I'm torn on this one, I was a big fan of Santos when he was with the NT but we all know he will implement a less attacking and more sit back and try to counter system. I think Greece need to find a couch that still preaches attacking football. With the young guys like Douvikas, Tzolis, Masouras and when healthy Fortounis back those guys are not meant to sit back i still think we need a couch with a good attacking mindset.
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