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  1. I get what you are saying but no matter what we all want to see the bottom line is this coach is not calling those guys up no matter what we say wether we agree or disagree with JVS decision. I’m not a fan of his selections or who starts or doesn’t start either but the reality is he has been getting results.. We haven’t just played well against Armenia and Kosovo we also beat Bosnia who is in a much higher group then us along with Finland, we also played Italy very well with JVS and could have had a better result but were unlucky.. After suffering so many years I’m okay with change as long as
  2. Take Mantolas off for Fountas and Bakasetas off for Fortounis. Need more skilled players on.
  3. Every pass is coming at a stand still no movement no speed in any of the passes. Very easy to defend against right now.
  4. Seriously man Baka has such a heavy foot, he can’t beat anyone one v one and can’t make solid passes, Why is he such an automatic starter and worse captain of this team. Tzavellas starting is another head scratcher that I don’t get..
  5. And who exactly are you talking about when you say “That sums up your football knowledge”
  6. Official lineup. Vlacho Hatzidiakos Svarnas Tzavelas Giannoulis Zeca Kourbelis Liminos Baka Mantalos Pavlidis not sure why Mantolas is on the wing, also I know a lot of guys here disagree but not sure why Bakasetas is starting. I really wanted to see Fortounis in this game as well as Fountas and I would have tried Rota today.. I don’t like how JVS was a starting to play guys out of position again..
  7. Then why call him up?? If you can’t trust to play him in a friendly against Austria or a team like Maldova then what’s the point?
  8. Now that Bakakis is ruled out of the upcoming games Rota will start for sure.
  9. A few things are starting to concern me. -We have not played anywhere close to how we finished the last euro campaign, we don't have the same energy or attacking, we've looked sloppy and confused at times and aren't plying with the same flow. -Way to many changes and faces, i understand you want to try new guys but at some point you need to stick with a core group of players and let them build chemistry. -We need to find a better combination of midfielders which is our age old problem. Still not sure who is the best combo -Our defenders are fine against weaker teams but the
  10. After seeing what our D core looks like against a slightly above average team i have to admit if we continue with this current defense core we are screwed.
  11. We have let there players consistently get behind our defence tonight. Sloppy in the back but that’s expected with the players we have back there tonight.
  12. I understand this is a friendly but we are playing some ugly football.. No control and scrambling all over the place.
  13. I really hope JVS uses his best possible line up against Austria as this game will show us if we are just producing good results against week teams or if we really have progressed and are heading in the right direction.
  14. I don't understand why Bakasetas has become an automatic starter, personally i think he's our third or fourth best option.. I don't get it.. he doesn't have the ability to get creative and open up space for the wingers.
  15. Just read Tsimikas is injured and wont be called up for the upcoming games with the NT.
  16. I think its safe to assume the selections will be similar to Septembers call ups with the exception of Siovas. Is Hatzidiakos still injured? Also wonder if Retsos will be called up as well.
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