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  1. Wow how we only have 1 goal this game is nuts.. we should have had at least a couple.. stupid to take out our best player Pavlidis for Koulouris
  2. Lets not forget when we have Fortounis back and we add pavlidis, Liminos, Donis Fetfa and Masouras we might be a pretty decent squad up front..
  3. Great passing just lacking in the finish.. looking really good and creating lots of space..
  4. if bakasetas starts as reported it is truly a damn shame and it makes me question the mindset behind what JVS is doing. Not starting donis who has speed and skill is pretty ridiculous as well.
  5. sport24 is saying this will be the line up. Bakasetas again and no Donis it just doesn't make sense at all. Paschalakis - Bakakis, Hatzidiakos, Kourbelis, Stafylidis - Galanopoulos, Giannoulis, Mandalos - Limnios, Pavlidis, Bakassetas.
  6. This might be a really stupid question and I know we don’t deserve to qualify anyways but what happens if Finland and Hungary automatically qualify for the euros as it stands right now they are in position to do so, does this mean we get into a playoff for the nations league to try and get into the euros?
  7. You might not be wrong at all but at some point we need to stick with someone for a while and give them some time.. he already spoke about the egos on the team and he already said he needs to rebuild this team so let’s juts give him a chance for a bit and see if things start looking up as this will not be a quick fix..
  8. Can blame the coach right now man, this team hasn’t performed with 5 or so coaches, let’s give the guy a chance to rebuild the team and see what he has. Yes there was some unpopular decisions but we need to give the guy time.. right now it doesn’t matter who comes in to coach the result will be the same as this will be a long process off rebuilding the NT.
  9. Get that waste Bakasetas off the field..wow he’s so s%$#!
  10. They actually looked pretty solid. Liminos has good pace and they closed on the Italians well. Overall a very good half against a much stronger opponent then us.
  11. This is s%$#! in my opinion, we don’t need to see what Bakasetas brings we already know that, I would have like to seen donis and fetfa on the wings. Wow seems Vlacho is now the third string net minder.. Not what I was expecting to see at all.. Πασχαλάκης, Μπακάκης, Χατζηδιάκος, Σιόβας, Σταφυλίδης, Μπουχαλάκης, Ζέκα, Κουρμπέλης, Μπακασέτας, Λημνιός, Κουλούρης.
  12. Does anyone know where to watch this game? Agonasport is currently not offering single game viewing.
  13. We need to approach this as we have entered our rebuild and it might get worse before it gets better as right now we are in the stage of experimenting with different players and building a new foundation and a new style of play and all of this will take time.. I’m actually looking forward to seeing new faces and to see if the coach can get these guys at a young age to have that fighting spirit and passion.. I think they should look at adding speed as much as possible and a good blend of players that compliment each other. Forget the Euros this tournament is done as it’s more important now to s
  14. IMO the coach is doing the right thing as he has no other option, why is he going to keep doing what every other coach has done in the last few years and think he will get different results.. he’s trying to see what he has in the younger players and how he can rebuild this team and implement a new style and a positive attitude.. This is the only way he can truly know what he has. There seems to be such a negative feeling around the current core of players and that is showing in there game play on and off the field. As good as Manolas and Socrates are If they’re bringing negative vibes to th
  15. Changes are needed and something has to give look where we are in the fifa rankings, look at the last time we’ve made a tournament, Socrates and Manolas as much as I like them have done absolutely nothing in helping this team tradition from the 2014 World Cup.. I’m not liking that he wants to give Bakasetas another look but at least this coach made some bold moves and is willing to see what we have in the younger players. We have nothing else to lose this team has already hit rock bottom doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is ridiculous so at least let’s see if t
  16. It’s only temporary as he called the veterans and told them he’s juts leaving them out to test new blood but they will be back. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/vant-schip-counting-on-experienced-trio-for-the-future
  17. As good as Manolas and Socratis are, maybe these guys along with Toro are a cancer in the dressing room and and maybe they need to be gone from the team in order for a fresh start. I'm not saying I agree with them not being called up by any means I'm just going by all the comments that the coach has thrown out for example (too many egos on this team) Maybe this is needed in order for the team to take the next step., It's not like Manolas and Socratis have taken control of the team and brought them back to respectability since our last world cup appearance in fact the opposite has happened as
  18. Boys sit back and take a look at the teams we are drawn with in group C... How low and pathetic have we become. When was the last time we beat a team of any quality? We are right where we deserve to be in the fifa rankings and in group C..?‍♂️
  19. I'm F***ing speechless..... This is truly minnow status... Years to get out of this hole they've dug themselves. Truly disgusting.
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