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  1. I don’t see how this is possible since Greece finished behind Finland and Hungary... Unless I’m missing something I don’t think it’s possible...wouldn’t Finland and Hungary both have to qualify from the euro campaign? Even then don’t they take the best 2nd place team out of group C of the nations league?
  2. The coach says all the right things. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/fan-sip-se-enan-xrono-prepei-na-eimaste-omada.5597407.html
  3. The coach deserves NO criticism he’s only been here a month he doesn’t know the players he needs time and should be given time you can’t keep changing a coach every few games you will never build consistency as every coach has a different philosophy.. the truth in the matter is we should have beat this team with our B and C players this is NOT on the coach at all.. He is very professional in his interviews he seems very logical and seems to realize how deep our problems are unlike Ange who came in and said we will win right away.. He may not be anywhere near a high quality coach but he deserve
  4. You say look at you know like this doesn’t effect you... are you not a fan?? Either way at some point those guys were going to retire anyways so what’s your point??
  5. I know most of us are not a fan of this coach but when you listen to his post game press conference he is very logical and I like what he had to say.. He understands this team is broken and changes need to be made and it will be a long process..
  6. I agree i think this team is way to damaged and we keep falling further and further it will be next to impossible for us to qualify for 2022.. There is no easy fix for this team it needs to be torn down front the top and that needs to start with the Epo, then the team needs to start looking at the youth as this generation of players can’t cut it.. The Epo needs to start drilling it in to players at a young age about the NT... Our development of players is so weak meanwhile other countries like Portugal develop there players at a young age, with great training facilities and clear cut plan.. T
  7. I don’t know how anyone can laugh I’m completely gutted yet some find it funny..
  8. Liechtenstein lost to the following teams Italy 6-0 bosnia 5-0 Finland 2-0 Armenia 3-0 GREECE 1-1 Liechtenstein only point of the qualifiers.. Greece have now lost every game at Oaka I’m this campaign.. We are a footballing disgrace and the one if the worst teams in Europe..
  9. Guys do not blame the coach at all, we are an embarrassment and one of Europe’s worst teams in soccer we have to face it.. this is only on the players and no one else.. we need to start being honest with ourselves and realize we are officially a minnow and a a complete disgrace..our players are not good enough bottom line.. The coach probably regrets taking this job.. I don’t care which players you try and mix and match the results will be the same.. This team has not changed at all since the disgraceful euro 2016 qualifiers..
  10. Liechtenstein has got sparked in every game and in Greece they are going to come and get there first point .. what a nightmare.. need to stop watching this s%$#!..
  11. Now it doesn’t matter we are officially eliminated from the euros if Finland s get a point..
  12. Fetfa needs to be a regular starter on this team he can take on defenders something we are desperately missing from this team.. with his skill he opens up defenders and creates space for the other teammates..
  13. They have no idea what to do so they keep trying the long ball.. these players are so s%$#!.. How the F*** do you think you’re going to break any defence when every Greek player is standing still and they are moving the ball with no pace.. F*** they’re so garbage..
  14. Don’t blame the coaches boys these guys can’t put 2 passes together against Lichtenstein..
  15. There’s not even 100 people in the stadium.. lol
  16. This is he line up.. Barkas Bakakis Manolas Socratis Tsimikas Samaris Bouchalakis Fetfa Vrusai Masouras Koulouris
  17. Don't forget Bosnia still have the Nations league playoffs
  18. No, There is no 3rd place playoffs, they eliminated that when the introduced the Nations league started.
  19. WOW Armenia just beat Bosnia 4-2 ITALY -15 PTS FINLAND - 12 PTS ARMENIA - 9 PTS BOSNIA - 7 PTS GREECE - 4PTS LIECHTENSTEIN - 0 PTS
  20. Keep it about soccer boys!! It’s very frustrating for everyone who loves the NT in the state we are in..
  21. This team is so dysfunctional that I wouldn't be completely supposed if we lost or draw this game...
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