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  1. Are we better with Manolas and Socratis on the team? Yes I don’t think that is up for debate but the attitudes they bring does far more damage to the team then good, they think they can run the show and that’s not how it works. I remember they caused a huge stink when Toro wasn’t called up and it showed in there play. Is that what you guys want? Two players who get to decide who plays and who doesn’t? Come on guys wake up. In a perfect world of course I want them on the team if they had better attitudes. Maybe that will change If JVS has a talk with them down the road who knows. As far as Siov
  2. Lots of drama with the NT. JVS told Sivas he is done from the NT after his comments after the Kosovo game. he will not be called up again. He also spoke about Socratis and Manolas who are done as well. So now Siovas, Manolas, Socratris are all DONE from the NT for good. Check out the article below. https://www.sport24.gr/Columns/Diamantopoulos/thn-kanate-reality.5754877.html
  3. Any news on where the NT is going to play there home games next month?
  4. I agree I wasn’t happy with all the call ups either and I think we can field a stronger line up, but I think JVS is using these games to to see what he has and to build a system that everyone buys into. Vlachodimos was a head scratcher for me why he wasn’t called up, also I don’t think Svarnas can hang with better opponents and Bakakis is not the answer. As I said before in regards to Manolas who is one of if not the most solid defender we have as long as he can come in and not distrupt the team morale and buy into the coaches plan them I’m for it. I also think we need to find a better combina
  5. I don't get why all the anger. Guys when we weren't qualifying for tournaments and losing to the Faroe Islands there was less anger and now that this coach has us unbeaten in 5 games and the top of our group for the first time guys are still bitching.. Were we all happy the way Greece played against Bosnia ,Armenia and Finland with this same coach? Yes. Was this the prettiest football we played this week?? No, but did we find a way to get results?? YES.. Its not always going to be pretty but a team that has confidence and is building towards something better finds a way to grind out some wins
  6. Just take it man we haven't been playing lights out the last 5 years to say its laughable is not the right mentality we are a rebuilding team with a new coach and our now unbeaten in our last 5 games. When we were winning years ago we would barely beat these type of teams 1-0. Kosovo has tied Denmark, beat the Czech, tied Finland and scored 3 goals on England in a loss. We are headed in the right direction and we need to keep building.
  7. I wish Bakasetas was not starting on the wing I would rather have Masouras in there.
  8. This game is a must win for us. you need to think Slovenia will win and be at 4 points. I'm hearing the only change for this game will be masouras for Mantalos and Tzolis for Pavlidis. I really want to see Fourtounis in for Bakasetas. I know Bakasetas has had a good year but if we want our best chance to score some goals we need Fortounis who can thread some passes and create space. Not sure why baskasetas has become an automatic starter.
  9. Tsimikas tests positive for covid, all players and staff are waiting for their results before they can confirm whether they can play on Sunday or the game is cancelled. The Rule from Uefa as I understand it is, if a player tests positive and you can still filled a team of 13 players including a goalie without calling anyone else up then you can play, if not you take the lose, if both teams have covid cases and can’t field 13 players then it’s considered a draw..
  10. JVS post game.. Tsimikas will be ready to play.. JVS apparently was very happy with the performance.. I personally think we threw away 3 points but it’s the first time together in about 10 months so I wasn’t really expecting a dynamic performance. I do think changes need to be made for the Kosovo game on Sunday. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=jQ0UTIWSrhE
  11. Kosovo just tied Moldova who are 175th overall in the FIFA rankings. Even though we didn't play great we controlled the game, we definitely lack finishers who can put the ball in the net. I still think this is a step forward as the previous NT under a different coach would have found a way to concede a late goal. This is an okay result which we can continue to build on.
  12. Overall a pretty uninspired performance but we did outplay them from the 20th minute and on and we deserved a victory..
  13. Wow we are so lucky there not to give up a goal.
  14. JVS shouldn’t wait any longer to make a change
  15. I was thinking the same thing🤦‍♂️ Watch them get one chance and score..
  16. I want to see Masouras replace Mantolas, and Bakasetas replaced by Fortounis, I think Fortounis can shred this team and create a lot of openings..
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