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  1. That’s a shame.. we were all over dominating possession and one chance they put it in..
  2. Huge game for Greece in regards to the World Cup as Finland sit 30 overall in Europe and Greece are 31st. Right now Greece would be in pot 4 for the wolf cup qualifying draw which mean 3 potential better teams in our group. If Greece beat Finland today then we leapfrog Finland and end up 30th in Europe which keeps us in pot 3 with only two tougher teams in our group.. Greece need this win badly to make there chances better for the World Cup qualifying campaign.
  3. Probably taking about the Nations league.. Third gets you nothing.
  4. So now that Greece are officially eliminated when does the Nations league start for the World Cup?
  5. I’m not disputing that. But why stress about things that are beyond our control yes we dug a hole but I’m happy to see for the first time since 2014 we are finally on the right track of building a team and a competitive team. We’ve been so negative the last five years and justifiably so But now it’s time to start being positive as the team is going in the right direction for once.. You bet your ass I’m happy beating Armenia considering we’ve lose to some worse teams in the last 5 years.. Time to be positive for a bit dude and stop bringing up the fact that we will not qualify for the World Cup
  6. Dude let us enjoy the fact that we’ve won2 games in a row and are playing good football and we are headed in the right direction.. After all the s%$#! soccer and missed tournaments we deserve to feel good about our team and the direction they are headed So let’s not worry about what tournament we qualify for next because if we play good anything is possible..For anyone that has negative comments right now sit back and think when was the last time we’ve felt pretty good about our team..
  7. Another step in the right direction. We could have scored a couple.. So many positives.. Our passing and ball movement and pressing forward all together has been excellent.. The first time In years I heard the announcer say “Greece are continuing to play attractive football under JVS” when was the last time we ever heard that? It seems like who ever JVS puts in they are all buying into the same system.. Can’t wait for Fortounis to come back.. I’m loving what I’m seeing.
  8. Starting 11 Βλαχοδήμος, Μπακάκης, Χατζηδιάκος, Σταφυλίδης, Γιαννούλης, Κουρμπέλης, Γαλανόπουλος, Λημνιός, Μάνταλος, Μπακασέτας, Παυλίδης. I was really hoping to see Fetfa start especially after coming on and making a big difference against Bosnia also would have liked to see Donis start for once.
  9. Regardless if the reports are true or not Skratis, Manolas and Mitro have had this team drop to an all time low so as they need to clean house and get rid of them. The have done absolutely nothing for this team since 2014. We have been blaming the coaches but the truth is I think these 3 are the main reason and that's why we have seen the same results with every coach we've tried. Finally we got a coach that recognized the main issue and had the guts to make an unpopular decision and not call them up. I'm not saying they are bad players but I do believe they carry a negative vibe and if they d
  10. It would be a miracle but these are the scenarios that Greece can qualify for the euros.. Better chance of winning the lottery.. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/greece-have-very-slim-shot-at-euro-2020-qualifying-playoffs
  11. People are saying there have been reports that Socratis said the NT doesn't fill his bank account.. If that's the case then he can go F....k himself as we have looked better without him these last two games then we have with him. I would never call him again. If these comments are true then this explains a lot and why he would be a cancer in the dressing room. You don't play on the NT for a paycheck you play for pride.
  12. You don’t want to change to much after our last 2 games which were arguably our best two games in years. You want to stick with a similar line up with the exception of a few and see if we can build on those games and continue forward.. I like the call ups.
  13. Its an absolute joke that he is not our starter...
  14. I think it’s fair to say most of us on here have some optimism after the team played two very good games against one great team and one good team..I also think it’s fair to say it’s not a surprise we played our best games without Manolas and Socrates which indicates me there mind set is a problem for the NT.. What happens now if we play our next two games like s%$#! does that mean the small sample size was just luck and we are back at square one when we thought we were headed in the right direction? I will be very disappointed and discouraged if we don’t come out and dominate
  15. If we continue to improve under JVS I think I would keep Socrates, Manolas, off the time for a while as I don't want these guys coming in and disturbing the culture of the team and all the hard work JVS has done. Even though they are great players there attitudes might be a cancer in the dressing room. Its much easier to get young guys and a new team to buy into a system sometimes then veterans who play for big clubs and big coaches that might have egos. We have guys that can fill there roles who offer good pace. I personally would finish this entire qualification without them and only bring t
  16. He was late to the team meeting.. I like the fact that this coach will punish guys and make them countable...
  17. I’m not sure if that’s the only thing required, I think Hungary Finland and either Serbia or Romania have to get in as well.. something like that as it needs to be a combination of things in order to get us in..
  18. @Ellada2004 is talking about how a hockey First Nation like Finland fills the stadium during soccer and a soccer crazed country like Greece doesn’t fill the stadium when the NT plays.. His point is when Finland were playing bad soccer they would still fill the stadium as most countries do, as the NT should always get support.. I’m from toronto and the leafs have been s%$#! for years before they started improving yet the stadium was always filled to the tits.. I do think the Greek mentally is if the team is s%$#! don’t support and will only start to come whe
  19. So after all this there is still a slim chance we can get into the playoffs for the Nations League. Sport24 breaks down our slim chances. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/ethnikh-elladas-kai-omws-den-exei-akoma-apokleistei.5619135.html
  20. We might not agree with JVS playing certain players but let’s be honest he has them playing a good fast paced system with lots of pressure.. The Italy game even though we lost gave us some optimism and we were unlucky but today’s game against Bosnia was the best all around performance in the last 4 years hands down.. With out getting to far ahead of ourselves this coach looks like he knows what he’s doing.. We dominated the Bosnians IMO.. Hope we keep building on this.. Finally a good feeling after a game for once!!
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