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  1. that’s what you find hysterically funny you troll because somebody made an error. I know exactly how his name is spelled it’s a f***ing error.
  2. I will agree with you that Fourtonis without the ball looks lackadaisical at times and like he’s not interested. but to be completely honest there’s no comparison between him and Bakasetas.. You needed to win that game against Kosovo you had no business starting Mantolas on the wing and Bakasetas when you needed to score. Also JVS took our most effective and dangerous player off in Liminos when we needed a goal. When Fortounis and Fountas came on you could see the dynamic of the game open up for us and that needs to be a wake up call for JVS. Also seeing Liminos scream at Chatzigovanis To mak
  3. Copy and pasted from Hellas Football regarding Manolas In a recent interview, Greek national team star Kostas Manolas expressed his disappointment with the situation surrounding Dimitris Siovas. When asked what about his thoughts on Van’t Schip the twenty-nine year old stated he had no comment. The experienced defender delved a bit deeper into his disappointment with the situation surrounding Dimitris Siovas, by asking what would have happened if the other players on the squad made similar comments regarding himself and Sokratis. In regard to the Greek national team itsel
  4. This love JVS has with Bakasetas doesn’t make sense.. Any logical coach can see he’s not a starter.
  5. This is a good read and it asks the same questions we do. https://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2020/10/an-alternate-view-of-ethniki-omada.html?m=1
  6. you can tell Fourtonis is not happy about not starting for the NT.... I don’t blame him he has a valid reason he knows as we all do that he is a much better option then Bakasetas.. I hope JVS breaks up this love he has for Baka soon or I can see Fortounis walking from the NT. https://m.sport24.gr/football/fortoynis-gia-ethniki-den-echo-na-po-kati-den-mporo-na-po-oti-niotho-adikimenos.9022448.html
  7. I was actually thinking about that the other day.. It’s bad enough being in pot 3 but pot 4 would be an absolute disaster...
  8. Starting Bakasetas every game and Mantolas on the wing is a real problem for this team, We have much better options, I understand the frustration people have as even though this is a rebuild we are still not putting the right players in the right situation to succeed. Bakasetas should be a player coming off the bench if he's going to stay on the NT but definitely not a starter as it is deeply hindering our attack. Also the playing guys that have never played RB is causing a real problem for us. I'm not sure why every coach we've had in the last few years continue to play players out of their n
  9. I agree with you, we have good pieces and the guys you mentioned are heading in the right direction, it’s a young team and it will go through it’s up and downs before they start winning more consistently.. That’s how a rebuild is done.. For people who think the coach is going to snap his fingers and all of all of a sudden this team will be a top 20 team again obviously don’t have the knowledge of what an actual rebuild is.. There’s a learning curve and these young guys are going to lose games in order to learn how to win. Right now it’s important that young talent we value get there feet wet a
  10. If we can’t come first in a group with Slovenia, Kosovo, Moldova then we have no chance of qualifying for the World Cup where we will face much better opponents in the qualifiers.. In saying that I’m not going to be negative like a little bitch because even the previous Greek teams with the “stud defenders” were drawing against weaker opponents as well. At least we see flashes of the teams being able to make good plays we just lack a finisher as we always have.. Mitro was the only finisher we had but was a useless player in every other aspect of the game.. I still think this team wi
  11. Let’s hope they have a late goal in them or else first in the group just became difficult for this team..
  12. This was There best first half since the European qualifiers. They dominated and should have been up by two three goals.. They needs to someone find the back of the net as Slovania is cruising by Moldova.. Also Liminos is by far our best winger this kid has some serious skill..
  13. Not a bad line up at all. I have to admit i don't know too much about Baldock...
  14. That’s what I don’t understand, even when we were at our best and making tournaments all the time we were still playing ugly football, we were beating minnows 1-0 and when we played a mediocre team that had some offence they all stood behind midfield just trying to defend and hope we were lucky enough to catch a team on the counter.. at least JVS has the team playing offence and not parking the bus.. I think some guys need to go back and remind themselves how this team use to win in the past and it wasn’t pretty.. Now we were playing better in our last few euro qualifying games with JVS then
  15. If you think he’s getting sacked while putting up results right now you are living in a dream world. Yes the call ups are not ideal in some cases I get it..The difference between me and you is I call it as I see it, I’m not a straight up hater, I give the coach credit when it’s warranted and I criticize when I see fit.. You have been hating from the start wether they play good or not.. Homie I don’t see anyone “Hidden” as you say, It’s almost like you want this team to lose just so JVS can get fired so you can some how feel inferior.. I’ve said it from the beginning I may not like the guys c
  16. I was also disappointed in his response especially when he said "Mantolas and Bakasetas were here from when I took over the team" So what does that mean? they should be automatic starters just because they were here when he took over the team?? That's a bad way of thinking. He also mentioned that Fortounis is not getting playing time with his club team (so that's why he's not starting) Then why is Staf an automatic starter when he's healthy?? he doesn't play regularly for his club team.. He also wants the old crew gone but yet he invites and plays Tzavellas.. I see a lot of hypocrisy and cont
  17. I hope JVS realizes a few things after tonight game; Before we got the penalty we were not creating anything we were making passes with no guys moving and through 40 minutes I don’t think we had a shot on goal, Not sure what the result would have been if Moldova didn’t lose a player. When Fortounis and Fountas came on then you started seeing the team play good ball as they created a lot of chances once the changes were made. Mantolas even tho he scored should not play on the wing, other then that goal he was not effective. Vlacho needs to be our regular starter enough with Barkas. Fo
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