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  1. Starting line up. two changes Bouchalakis and pavlidis out for Kourbelas and Giakoumakis Βλαχοδήμος, Μαυρίας, Χατζηδιάκος, Τζαβέλλας, Τσιμίκας Ζέκα, Κουρμπέλης ,Λημνιός, Μπαkασέτας Φορτούνης Γιακουμάκης.
  2. If I'm not mistaken i also think we have a chance to stay in pot 3 if Finland loses today and we win. Also what Boxou said we need Bosnia to lose against Italy and we need to win.
  3. I think Slovenia won’t press as much in this game as they will play a more defensive role and only open it up if they are trailing. Like us they have only allowed 1 goal against so they are pretty sound defensively especially against a Greek team who has trouble breaking down teams and scoring goals.. JVS needs to approach this game with a lot of urgency and he needs the team flying out of the gate and not give The Slovenians a chance to build confidence and to set the pace of the game.. The Greek team also needs to watch the counter which I think Slovenia will be waiting for as they no Greec
  4. I think we can all agree for as long as I can remember most guys on here don’t want to see Bakasetas play including myself.. The team looked good in the first half and that’s a big thanks to Fortounis who I’ve always said is hands down our best and most consistent player.. I’m happy about the win but what drives me crazy is at one point the Slovenia game was 1-1 and we needed to score 3 or more goals to over take them and JVS takes off Fortounis instead of Bakasetas, where is the logic in that? Bakasetas was horrible today and was fortunate to have a ball gifted to him by Fortounis. To this d
  5. Come on play with some more urgency.. Do they know a third goal would help huge as we are trailing In goal differential..
  6. I don’t understand why he’s starting pavlidis when Giakoumakis and Tziolis who both scored In pretty much there first game.. for a team that has a problem scoring goals JVS try's new players and they score in there first game and then he sits them and sticks with players who haven’t been scoring.. I don’t get the logic.. I hope I’m wrong.
  7. Bro you told me not to "even put that bad juju out there" when i said Moldova tied Russia and then you go and say that... 🤣
  8. I think What JVS did in the game against Cyprus was a smart move, he should have a clear image of what works and what doesn’t, If the line up that started the game played the entire game I think Greece would have scored one or two more goals as they were playing with energy and high tempo and creating chances.. He really benefited from this friendly to see what works best and in doing so he was still able to get the team to win.. Let’s hope in the next two games he goes with a similar line up to what we played in the first half which was more of what we saw in the last few games of the euro qu
  9. Dude what’s is wrong with you? Why would you say “you hope they lose all 3 games” you are obviously not a true fan of this team.. Most guys on here no matter how much we disagree with each other or the selections, style of play and so on still want the team to win. You would rather the team lose all 3 games and end up in pot 4 of the World Cup just so JVS gets fired.. That’s messed man..
  10. I understand when people say Fortounis looks lazy at times, I have criticized him as well, But lets be real for a second, for a NT that cant score goals and has a hard time breaking down opponents defense Fortounis is our best option by far. The fact that he is not an automatic starter is the wrong decision.
  11. Well he brought up Rota and had 3 games one of them being a friendly against Austria and only played the kid for like 5 minutes or so. Not sure what the point of calling him up was. he would rather put guys that are not RBs in that position for some messed up reason..
  12. If we lose or draw one of our last two matches then I believe we go into pot 4 for the World Cup qualifiers.. JVS better get this s%$#! right and realize what’s on the line..
  13. Honestly Greek players are made out of glass man.. everytime .. WTF
  14. I Will admit I have given JVS a free pass so far as I think he deserved a chance like any coach to see what he can do with this team, we know things don’t change overnight and there are some growing pains. I was very optimistic the way we were playing the last euro qualifier games as I saw something in this team that we haven’t seen before with our attacking and it wasn’t against garbage teams we looked good against Italy, Bosnia and Finland. But seeing what he’s doing now and not playing the best players available is really frustrating. I know I’ve said 100x if he decides to cut Soc and Manol
  15. Ya it was.. I don’t see JVS reaching to him to be honest.. It seems like JVS Has a stubborn personality and demands a lot from his players, it doesn’t seem like he gives to many 2nd chances.. In saying that what did Manolas actually do to JVS? I think he should have at least reached out and had a conversation with Manolas and let him know what his expectations are if he rejoins the team..
  16. https://www.sport24.gr/football/manolas-ti-tha-ekane-o-fan-sip-an-elegan-11-paiktes-to-onoma-moy.9023353.html
  17. Curious to see what type of line JVS fields knowing 2 wins are a must. If he starts with Bakasetas and Mantalos on the wing then I don’t think he gets it.. Also regarding RB who starts?? If Bakakis is healthy I’m pretty sure that’s who he will go with..
  18. I think people give you a hard time because you come out here taking shots at people like you’re so f***ing superior and you think you know your s%$#!, you make some valid points about players as do other guys on here but that s%$#! goes out the window with your Internet tough guy attitude. You will get your point across better when you’re not taking shots at people For having an opinion or making a mistake tough guy..
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