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  1. Let’s not move backwards we just starting to see results and the type of team that has some creativity and balance. Manolas and Socratis don’t offer any pace moving the ball forwards the way JVS wants to play.. it would be great if they were the type of players that can be called up and support the team whether they play or not but they will cause a stink and I would not take the chance to disrupt what the coach has tried to build so far. In a perfect world they are called up and only play when the teams needs to shut it down to secure points. Let’s see if JVS is willing to give them a chanc
  2. Why is it a no brainer? How many games have we won with both of them playing over the last 4 years? They were dictating which players should be called up and starting and obviously creating a bad environment for the younger players when they didn’t get their way. The minute both of them were not called up Greece started playing the best football they have played in years.. The problem is the minute you call both of these players up and you don’t start them or limit their minutes they will immediately bring a bad vibe to the team. Personally I would keep them off the team for now because with
  3. ^ Exactly, I'm glad we got the hardest group as I want to see how we perform. If we cant top this group against these teams than we have NO CHANCE in the world cup qualifiers where we will have 2 or 3 teams to face that are much better then any of these teams in our nations league group.
  4. Realistically this will have no effect on the World Cup as the Nations League will only play a small role on the World Cup, this will have more of an impact for the next euro. The only way we can make it to the World Cup will be through normal qualification which will be very difficult depending on the group we draw.
  5. We definitely got the hardest group out of this draw but let’s be realistic if we can’t top this group then we should be embarrassed.
  6. As I’m sitting here watching the draw I’m so embarrassed of the teams we are grouped with. Look how low we have sunk. This is pure minnow status.. Hope Our recent play of late keeps us moving up in the rankings.
  7. I Wish we were playing better competition for our friendly matches. I hope this is true in regards to playing a the tournament in June as it will be good preparation for the nations league and world cup qualifiers.
  8. I don’t have a problem with Socrates and Manolas but they they did it was wrong and especially at that level. They should have done it behind closed doors.. the other problem I have with them is they were pissed off that certain players were not called up for example Toro, They need to accept who ever the coach decides to bring in as this is not there decision they are not a coach and they can’t walk around shrugging there shoulders if they don’t agree with a call up or make it public.. I don’t like anything that clown of a coach Ang did and he deserved to go. What happens under JVS if for exa
  9. I honestly think I wouldn't bring them back. We are building something good right now why do we want to take the chance to rock the boat with these guys as they seem to have in there mind that they control the team and if they don't agree with something or they get benched for a younger player I don't think it will sit well with them.. time to move on from them.. I don't see them coming here and just letting the coach do what he wants to do. can you imagine Manolas or Socrates sitting on the bench and not playing?? they would cause a stink about it. They caused a huge issue with the previous c
  10. Dude you are an idiot.. what are you even talking about? You come on here and have nothing positive to say.. You make these smart ass sarcastic comments.. You can feel and think what you want no one cares but for everyone else that is somewhat knowledgeable about soccer can see a drastic change in the way the team has looked.. Maybe they make the World Cup maybe they don’t who the f..k knows but at the end of the day the team is looking good and people have the right to feel optimistic wether you agree or not.. Your the type of guy that just wants to come on and say I told you so if they don’t
  11. Dude why you so bitter? Why are you even here? You started out being here for legit reasons and we welcomed you but now your turning into a trolling F..ck this is your first time ever to make a tourney be proud and shut up and When you win a euro championship then You might have some bragging rights.. Go troll somewhere else.
  12. II don’t think personally I would bring back Socrates and Manolas, this team has flourished without them. I do think they are good players but they are part of the big problem and there negativity has allowed this team to drop so low.. As leaders they did nothing to make this team better but rather complain and if they didn’t agree with something it would effect there play on the field.. I don’t care who you are you never go to the media and the Epo and demand a coach gets fired or you will not play again that is just classless and you put yourself above the team. Instead of supporting the you
  13. I guarantee Samaris , Mitro are gone I’m still not 100% sure if Socrates and Manolas will be part of the team. As it looks right now I don’t think they will and I think it all has to do with attitude. It’s no coincidence that JVS said the egos and need to go and coming here for a good time is over and then the very next game Manolas and Socrates are out and all off a sudden we rack up 3 wins in a row with our most exciting football we’ve played in years.. Katsouranis said in an interview after the game on sport24Gr that finally the NT have found a coach that knows how to coach.. The Nations l
  14. We also beat you at home in the Nations league and beat you again today so I wouldn’t be so surprised.. also let’s not forget Greece before our main core players retired after the World Cup in Brazil which they made it to the knockout stage were making tournaments on a regular basis. This is a rebuild for us. We also beat Bosnia who handed it to Finland pretty easily in there last match. I’m saying this now because your dropping the excuses with the drinking and partying..In saying all of this I do wish you good luck in the euros but Greece are a much more successful side in there history the
  15. The best thing that happened for JVS was going down 1-0 and seeing how this group would respond and they came out and scored 2 to get the win which showed a lot of character.. I know guys were negative In the first half calling certain players and the coach out which is fine but like I said in my first half comment this is the best and most attractive football we have played in years. The team was hungry, fast and some fantastic passing. The best thing that Manolas and Socrates did for this team was get Angelo fired as it got us JVS who I’m sold on now.. Boys we couldn’t beat the Faroe Islands
  16. We don’t play again until September I hope that doesn’t ruin our momentum..
  17. Damn it I quickly hoped in the shower and missed the goal was it nice?
  18. At the end of the day we played much better then Finland and if we continue this under JVS we should continue to improve. Lets not forget how much we would complain with every other coach that we had no passing no possession no attacking boring ack pass and finally we are looking good offensively with good passing and speed but lacking some finishing. This is a new coach and he will see where the weaknesses are and adjust accordingly. Eventually with Fortounis back that will eliminate Bakasetas and I think Donis will start be used more. Staf is okay against teams that don't really have a supe
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