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  1. Georgia is also no push over. it wont be as easy as some people think. In saying that if you cant come out on top against, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Luxembourg then you probably don't deserve to go to the Euros anyways..
  2. Is anyone else noticing Fortounis on fire?? What a shame he’s not on the team.. I think Poyet made a huge mistake keeping him off the team which clearly upset him..
  3. I just looked at the nations league standings. Group winners Georgia 16 Greece 15 Kazakhstan 13 Luxembourg 11 (replaces Turkey) 1st Georgia vs 4th Luxembourg 2nd Greece vs 3rd Kazakhstan
  4. I don’t disagree with you at all but we’ve had like seven coaches man and it’s the same s%$#! over and over again..
  5. Even the announcers are saying, maybe one the first one you can justify a little bit, but the second one no way in hell any referee would call that a penalty at that stage in the game.. We didn’t lose because the referee we still couldn’t score a goal but you could see the bias . I think our team has improved and we are definitely the favourites to win the nations league. Considering we had the hardest group in the euro qualifiers and qualifying was always going to be difficult I got to give props to the boys outside of one terrible game in Holland. We did well. Poyet deserves to take us to the nations league playoffs.. My only criticism I think he waited way to long to go for it.. 10 minutes was not enough.. Also player selection has been an issue with every coach since Santos left.. Nations league playoffs: Greece vs Kazakhstan Latvia vs Luxenberg
  6. It’s now or never might as well keep pushing everyone forward even if we give up a goal on a counter at this point..
  7. Ya but we need the win.. if we were playing for the draw fine.. We need to start putting pressure offensively..
  8. WTF no changes and this is what you get.. sitting back taking all the pressure. You can’t do this all game and get away with it.. Come on Poyet make some changes..
  9. He really does.. Come out in the second half with some fresh legs and try to push for an early goal..
  10. We need a win a draw is not good enough.. We look slow we won’t get enough chances to score like this.. They need to change things up..
  11. Poyet needs to figure this out ASAP.. They have dominated us the last 15 minutes
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