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  1. JVS post game.. Tsimikas will be ready to play.. JVS apparently was very happy with the performance.. I personally think we threw away 3 points but it’s the first time together in about 10 months so I wasn’t really expecting a dynamic performance. I do think changes need to be made for the Kosovo game on Sunday. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=jQ0UTIWSrhE
  2. Kosovo just tied Moldova who are 175th overall in the FIFA rankings. Even though we didn't play great we controlled the game, we definitely lack finishers who can put the ball in the net. I still think this is a step forward as the previous NT under a different coach would have found a way to concede a late goal. This is an okay result which we can continue to build on.
  3. Overall a pretty uninspired performance but we did outplay them from the 20th minute and on and we deserved a victory..
  4. Wow we are so lucky there not to give up a goal.
  5. JVS shouldn’t wait any longer to make a change
  6. I was thinking the same thing🤦‍♂️ Watch them get one chance and score..
  7. I want to see Masouras replace Mantolas, and Bakasetas replaced by Fortounis, I think Fortounis can shred this team and create a lot of openings..
  8. What a move by Liminos to create a great chance..
  9. When you log in it takes your region and all the nations leagues games should be on the first page and you select which one you want to watch. But if you’re not in Canada I don’t think it will give you the game list.
  10. https://www.uefa.tv/match/live/153022/2029974 For guys in Canada
  11. I don't like Mantolas on the wing, Bakasetas has been in form but i think we are leaving out our most skilled player in Fortounis. Also would have liked to see Tsamikas starting.
  12. I agree I’m not a big fan of this line up either.. But as JVS stayed himself in his interview he’s doing things to get prepared for 2020 Qatar he’s a plan. This line is rumoured so don’t know how true it is anyways..
  13. https://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2020/09/message-to-ethniki-omada-coaching-team.html?m=1
  14. Rumored line up as per Hellas Football, Barkas- Bakakis, Svarnas, Stafylidis, Tsimikas, Bouchalakis, Zeca, - Liminos, Bakasetas, Masouras - Pavlidis Thoughts if this is true?
  15. ^Thank you.... If we think this is a hard group then we better not even show up for the World cup Qualifiers. I agree we need to get over this mentality that we are the same quality of these type of teams. Our results over the last few years may suggest other wise but come on guys we should dominate this group. I think in the past with those humiliating losses i strongly believe it wasn't due to lack of talent but rather we became a fragile team that lost its confidence, No one can sit here and say the Faroe Islands, Hungary and the rest of the garbage teams we lost to was because they h
  16. Seriously who the FCK is Fetfa to think he can complain about playing time?? does he think he's a superstar?? I totally agree JVS as well, who gives a s%$#! what you bring to the team if you put yourself before the team and make it about you then I am glad JVS has cut these guys. We have gone through this for to many years where players dictate who plays and when with the Ethniki. Time for a coach to take control of this team and kick all these hard headed players that make it about themselves off the team for good. Good on JVS
  17. Just like @Ellada2004 said, Socratis is done maybe JVS will give Manolas a chance down the road but obviously there is a problem with these players attitude that causes problems in the dressing room or put pressure on the coach for player selection so why would anyone ever select them if that’s the case? We knew this team needed to be rebuilt and change the attitude of the team. What is the point of having those guys in the lineup if it’s going to bring down the moral of the team? Not sure you were complaining when we beat Finland, Bosnia, And so on without those guys in the lineup but Im su
  18. Dude Ive been complaining about our teams performance for the last 5 years man so now that we have a coach that finally got something to click and has the team looking confident and playing the most attractive football we've played in years WITHOUT manolas and Socratis you still want to complain??? Just give the guy a chance man..
  19. Dude Sokratis and Manolas are done, they are obviously a cancer in the dressing room and to be honest how far have they got us?? we've gone through how many coaches and we've been losing to the worst teams in the world with both of those guys in the line up. Its time to rebuild the team in a proper way as we saw what happened after our last world cup appearance when guys retired we were screwed. Give JVS a chance man the guy has us playing our best soccer in years.
  20. I was wondering the same thing... Usually by now the callups should have been released..
  21. Bottom line is if we cant top this group then how can we think we have a chance at the world cup qualifiers.... Sure this group has a couple of tricky teams but lets be honest its GROUP C not A or B we have to top this group no excuses. Its embarrassing enough that we have fallen this low now its time to start climbing upwards and get back to some sort of respectability as a team because for the last few years we have fallen just above minnow status..
  22. I wanted Holevas back when we had Skibbe but now the way the team is going and shaping up and his age it would be a step backwards for us.
  23. Boys how does winning group C in the nations league help us for the world cup if at all?
  24. Is Baldock eligible to play for us? Does anyone have the schedule of who we play and when? I know our first game is September the 3rd.
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