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  1. Dude you are an idiot.. what are you even talking about? You come on here and have nothing positive to say.. You make these smart ass sarcastic comments.. You can feel and think what you want no one cares but for everyone else that is somewhat knowledgeable about soccer can see a drastic change in the way the team has looked.. Maybe they make the World Cup maybe they don’t who the f..k knows but at the end of the day the team is looking good and people have the right to feel optimistic wether you agree or not.. Your the type of guy that just wants to come on and say I told you so if they don’t
  2. Dude why you so bitter? Why are you even here? You started out being here for legit reasons and we welcomed you but now your turning into a trolling F..ck this is your first time ever to make a tourney be proud and shut up and When you win a euro championship then You might have some bragging rights.. Go troll somewhere else.
  3. II don’t think personally I would bring back Socrates and Manolas, this team has flourished without them. I do think they are good players but they are part of the big problem and there negativity has allowed this team to drop so low.. As leaders they did nothing to make this team better but rather complain and if they didn’t agree with something it would effect there play on the field.. I don’t care who you are you never go to the media and the Epo and demand a coach gets fired or you will not play again that is just classless and you put yourself above the team. Instead of supporting the you
  4. I guarantee Samaris , Mitro are gone I’m still not 100% sure if Socrates and Manolas will be part of the team. As it looks right now I don’t think they will and I think it all has to do with attitude. It’s no coincidence that JVS said the egos and need to go and coming here for a good time is over and then the very next game Manolas and Socrates are out and all off a sudden we rack up 3 wins in a row with our most exciting football we’ve played in years.. Katsouranis said in an interview after the game on sport24Gr that finally the NT have found a coach that knows how to coach.. The Nations l
  5. We also beat you at home in the Nations league and beat you again today so I wouldn’t be so surprised.. also let’s not forget Greece before our main core players retired after the World Cup in Brazil which they made it to the knockout stage were making tournaments on a regular basis. This is a rebuild for us. We also beat Bosnia who handed it to Finland pretty easily in there last match. I’m saying this now because your dropping the excuses with the drinking and partying..In saying all of this I do wish you good luck in the euros but Greece are a much more successful side in there history the
  6. The best thing that happened for JVS was going down 1-0 and seeing how this group would respond and they came out and scored 2 to get the win which showed a lot of character.. I know guys were negative In the first half calling certain players and the coach out which is fine but like I said in my first half comment this is the best and most attractive football we have played in years. The team was hungry, fast and some fantastic passing. The best thing that Manolas and Socrates did for this team was get Angelo fired as it got us JVS who I’m sold on now.. Boys we couldn’t beat the Faroe Islands
  7. We don’t play again until September I hope that doesn’t ruin our momentum..
  8. At the end of the day we played much better then Finland and if we continue this under JVS we should continue to improve. Lets not forget how much we would complain with every other coach that we had no passing no possession no attacking boring ack pass and finally we are looking good offensively with good passing and speed but lacking some finishing. This is a new coach and he will see where the weaknesses are and adjust accordingly. Eventually with Fortounis back that will eliminate Bakasetas and I think Donis will start be used more. Staf is okay against teams that don't really have a supe
  9. That’s a shame.. we were all over dominating possession and one chance they put it in..
  10. Huge game for Greece in regards to the World Cup as Finland sit 30 overall in Europe and Greece are 31st. Right now Greece would be in pot 4 for the wolf cup qualifying draw which mean 3 potential better teams in our group. If Greece beat Finland today then we leapfrog Finland and end up 30th in Europe which keeps us in pot 3 with only two tougher teams in our group.. Greece need this win badly to make there chances better for the World Cup qualifying campaign.
  11. Probably taking about the Nations league.. Third gets you nothing.
  12. So now that Greece are officially eliminated when does the Nations league start for the World Cup?
  13. I’m not disputing that. But why stress about things that are beyond our control yes we dug a hole but I’m happy to see for the first time since 2014 we are finally on the right track of building a team and a competitive team. We’ve been so negative the last five years and justifiably so But now it’s time to start being positive as the team is going in the right direction for once.. You bet your ass I’m happy beating Armenia considering we’ve lose to some worse teams in the last 5 years.. Time to be positive for a bit dude and stop bringing up the fact that we will not qualify for the World Cup
  14. Dude let us enjoy the fact that we’ve won2 games in a row and are playing good football and we are headed in the right direction.. After all the s%$#! soccer and missed tournaments we deserve to feel good about our team and the direction they are headed So let’s not worry about what tournament we qualify for next because if we play good anything is possible..For anyone that has negative comments right now sit back and think when was the last time we’ve felt pretty good about our team..
  15. Another step in the right direction. We could have scored a couple.. So many positives.. Our passing and ball movement and pressing forward all together has been excellent.. The first time In years I heard the announcer say “Greece are continuing to play attractive football under JVS” when was the last time we ever heard that? It seems like who ever JVS puts in they are all buying into the same system.. Can’t wait for Fortounis to come back.. I’m loving what I’m seeing.
  16. Starting 11 Βλαχοδήμος, Μπακάκης, Χατζηδιάκος, Σταφυλίδης, Γιαννούλης, Κουρμπέλης, Γαλανόπουλος, Λημνιός, Μάνταλος, Μπακασέτας, Παυλίδης. I was really hoping to see Fetfa start especially after coming on and making a big difference against Bosnia also would have liked to see Donis start for once.
  17. Regardless if the reports are true or not Skratis, Manolas and Mitro have had this team drop to an all time low so as they need to clean house and get rid of them. The have done absolutely nothing for this team since 2014. We have been blaming the coaches but the truth is I think these 3 are the main reason and that's why we have seen the same results with every coach we've tried. Finally we got a coach that recognized the main issue and had the guts to make an unpopular decision and not call them up. I'm not saying they are bad players but I do believe they carry a negative vibe and if they d
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