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  1. Giannoulis is a Championship player and we have a better defender in that position. This is again like starting Barkas over Vlachodimos in the past, or choosing Bakasetas as team captain and playmaker instead of Fortounis, or ejecting Manolas from the squad because of Svarnas and the likes.
  2. Tsimikas as the replacement of Giannoulis... hilariously bad decision by the coach, that is. Tsimikas should start! And he would if we would have a proper head coach. "our future is bright with svarnas and mavrias" that line is good LOL
  3. Next time start Tsimikas, kick Bakasetas out and start Fortounis instead of him, start Masouras.
  4. the Santos team also had problems with Georgia at home (in 2010) the game ended in a draw
  5. We were apparently well-organized, grabbed our single great chance and then held Spain at bay for more than half an hour. That sounds impressive I think.
  6. "Tzavellas was [anything] we needed" - and apparently it is true LOL Would anyone have believed this if somebody would have said that after the reinclusion of Tzavellas in the squad? 🙂
  7. This seems to have been a good defensive performance, given that Spain apparently didnt have many chances. (I couldnt watch the game, I saw the highlights on Youtube.) Was Bakasetas really horrible? His penalty kick was much better than his attempt against Kosovo.
  8. I mean the starting XI was mainly okay with Vlachodimos Tsimikas etc. etc., even Limnios Masouras. The two players I did not rate at all were Bakasetas and Mantalos. However, Bakasetas scored.
  9. I would have never thought that. A very good result from JVS and the team. (Actually, defense was okay with Vlachodimos Tsimikas Zeca Bouchalakis and the rest. I had no faith in Bakasetas and Mantalos before the game.)
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