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  1. His injury seems to be not that bad... transfermarkt lists him as healthy now. But he is made of glass apparently. 😕
  2. Sorry for the impossible form. Overall good points.
  3. Tsimikas is perhaps world class... Giannoulis is just like a second Holebas.
  4. Okay Hatzidiakos is good enough... I do not trust Giannoulis.
  5. Nobody should mention the likes of Svarnas Lampropoulos Michailidis Tzavellas Hatzidiakos Bakakis Giannoulis... and they are in the squad of the Ethniki, while Mavropanos Manolas Siovas Retsos Papastathopoulos are not.
  6. Retsos played only two games this year. He is injured now, on the last five occasions he wasnt in the squad. Mavropanos started three times in a row since 28 Nov for Stuttgart. Tzavellas is turned 33 now... he will be 34 and 1/2 years old during WC 2022... just saying.
  7. Vrousai Limnios Masouras that would be at least three options for the winger position in the NT.
  8. I guess Vrousai will be almost always called up in the next 3 or so years. He began recently to play regularly for Olympiacos - like Bouchalakis or Masouras, he will get a call up if he will be available. Cant he play in an AM position? Is he only a winger? TL;DR: Galanopoulos and the likes are only possibilities but Vrousai is a probability now.
  9. Yes but we grabbed that EL spot, fortunately. Maybe they will play against a weaker opponent and then they have a chance. I hope they will be better. Todays performance was sometimes good, but overall Porto was unfortunately better. Bouchalakis did not lose the ball very often, Vrousai put up a good fight. Pity Valbuena wasnt available. Perhaps Fortounis should have been in the starting XI, he gave a good pass to El Arabi. Holebas was just an idiot like always. José Sá tried, he was among our better performers. Masouras was subbed off after missing a great chance - but he is like that, hi
  10. Vrousai isnt half bad, he should be called up next time by the NT head coach.
  11. This seems to be almost hopeless. At least Vrousai plays now for Olympiacos. Another possibility in midfield.
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