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  1. Greece needs every advantage possible to qualify. And they have no home field advantage
  2. Not why everyone is so worried about JVS, when the EPO, the biggest problem of all, will remain
  3. Other than Tsimikas, who under the age of 27 needs to be starting no Matter what going forward?
  4. But it’s been this way throughout qualifying even dating back to before Covid
  5. This is insane: https://www.sport24.gr/football/ethniki-elladas-kopikan-molis-1-388-eisitiria-me-to-kosovo.9424730.html how does this get corrected? It’s embarrassing
  6. Ok, so if you sack JVS, who do you hire? Who can you hire? That has to be part of the fire-the-coach equation…
  7. Spinning this ahead, what is our lineup for Euro 24 qualifying? We’ve got some bright young players
  8. This qualification was doomed by the ties vs Georgia and Kosovo. Greece did enough against the big boys to at least have a shot
  9. Greece didn’t play poorly today. Unlucky on the penalty. I think we’re clearly headed back in the right direction…
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