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  1. In that scenario, we'd need to beat Sweden and I guess tie Spain, correct?
  2. Hopefully JVS and Zagorakis are waking people up. "Toxic..." https://apnews.com/article/soccer-sports-europe-violence-greece-01829672c9657dea1443803eb1a9e6e6
  3. Right. But at some point, the Ethniki has to pick a path/strategy/coach and stick with it. Turning over the coach every couple years just sets us back to square one every time. We will never go anywhere with that mentality.
  4. So, how do we feel about JVS now? I'm suddenly very encouraged about the long-term prospects, especially with the likes of Tsimikas, Mavropanos, Douvikas, Tzolis, etc... coming into their own. Not gonna happen overnight. But I see the path... thoughts?
  5. The best the team has looked since the middle of World Cup qualifying. Really encouraging.
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