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  1. Because we play 4 games. It is like a Euro or WC where you play 3 (or more) games. You never know. Besides that: 4 keepers can train with 2 pairs, and that is way better.
  2. Tsitsipas to round 3 after defeating qualifier Kolar with 6-3 7-6 6-7 7-6. Next opponent is Mikael Ymere from Sweden. Ymer is unseeded and knocked out the #29 seed in round 2.
  3. But the biggest negative is he is from 020. I don't want this "Evreo" playing for my PAOK!
  4. Sakkari is eliminated. She lost 6-7 6-7 against WTA-#81 Muchová.
  5. Tsitsipas struggled against Musetti. After losing the first two sets he managed to turn the match around: 5-7 4-6 6-2 6-3 6-2 Next opponent is Zdenek Kolar from the Czech Republic.
  6. Grammatikopoulou was spanked: 6-1, 6-2. Ouch!
  7. The lads will gather June 21st. From June 27th till July 11th they will be overhere. First match ECL Q2 is on July 21st. Might be on or two days sooner as O Aris starts in the same round too and if we draw the same home-away dates. UEFA might change the date of reverse one of the matches.
  8. And we started well: Sakkari - Burel 6-2 and 6-3. Next opponent is Karolína Muchová from the Czech Republic.
  9. 2022: Another year, new chances. The tournament started today with Round 1. Valentini Grammatikopoulou is unseeded and was drawn against the also unseeded Daria Saville from Austr(al)ia; Fourth seeded Maria Sakkari has Clara Burel from France as her first opponent; Stefanos Tsitsipas (seeded #4) will face Italian Lorenzo Musetti. Let’s hope they do well!
  10. Drink a lot of Malamatina and/or beer --> head spins But on a serious note: this is the reshuffle after knowing who wins the three European cups and qualifies through the League (it doesn't make a difference now as all remaining finalists are qualified) and Russia out. There are rumours that the Ukraine-teams will play their League in Turkey and their European matches in Poland. But if that is not the case there might be another reshuffle which probably won't effect the Greek berths.
  11. Paschalakis the only PAOK-player to receive an invitation from Poyet.
  12. Another incentive: AS Roma won today and is assured of EL through the League. This means that it does not matter (well I'm a born and raised Rotterdammer, so I will route for Feyenoord!) which team wins the ECL final, the Greek cupwinner is promoted to ECL Q3. Because: In case Feyenoord wins or Roma wins and finishes 5th or 6th in the Serie A. In that case the ECL-TH spot is used (by Feyenoord if they win) or not used (if Roma wins). Anyhow: - NED-CW (Feyenoord for sure) goes from EL-q4 to EL-GS - CYP-CW goes from EL-q3n to EL-q4 - CZE-CW goes from ECL-q3n to EL-q3n - GRE-CW goes from ECL-q2n to ECL-q3n - LAT-CW and ALB-CW go from ECL-q1n to ECL-q2n
  13. One of Greece's greatest musicians passed away last Tuesday. RIP Vangelis (Papathanasiou)!
  14. Didn't El Kaddouri break one of his fingers last match already?
  15. UEFA decided that our next game in the qualifiers ECL will be with a closed Gate 4 and 4a. This is the punishment for the Marseille home game.
  16. Don't bother about that 2nd place, Angele. It is the CW that might end up one qualifying round later. It is always the CW that moves. Must grab that kipelo. And it will increase our silverware.
  17. Levadiakos is promoted to the Super League.
  18. He is relegated with his club. Already last MD.
  19. MD 3 is our first homagame. Game is played in the Panthessaliko against the team we like to play the most in friendlies.
  20. First match in a series of four before the summer break. The other two matches will be played in September. Let’s see who Gus Poyet will select and if he can win his first official match for the Ethniki.
  21. Mitrita received an invitation for Romania's duties in the Nations League in June.
  22. Pffffffff. What a poor display. Must be said: deserved win for the worms. True champs of Thessaloniki. They have speed, cleverness, urge. Everything we lack at the moment.
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