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  1. No fans allowed this match as Oly's appeal failed. Against Pana we will play also with kekleismenon thiron as they got a ban for two matches.
  2. Slovan 1-0 up with 10 minutes to go. Goal scored right after HT. Hope the Imps can achieve the upset on the remaining time.
  3. +500 K to our budget/wallet +2.000 points to our coefficient. From 15.000 to 17.000
  4. Yes but that is what happens if you pull one back at the end. Copenhagen has nothing lose and play all or nothing, PAOK must hold on now.
  5. Our fourth and last sub: Akpom for Swiderski + Murg for Mitrita.
  6. Varela and Douglas Augusto subbed in for Michailidis and Biseswar.
  7. We are wasting a lot of opportunities. I can’t remember PAOK having such space against 10.
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