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  1. Scored today the second goal for Lokomotiva against Varazdin in their 4-0 win.
  2. And a second clean sheet in a row. We needed that.
  3. FT 0-1. Great win and a huge step to qualify for the Conference League.
  4. Big save indeed. Kremcik to replace Zivkovic.
  5. So Warda will miss our next match: Panathinaikos at home.
  6. And second yellow a minute later and red Warda. A harsh one.
  7. Tsiggaras and Warda are preparing to come in.
  8. Stupid yellow Baba for talking. It should have been our throw in but if the referee and his assistant have decided it is of no use to keep on crying.
  9. Looks like Crespo must be subbed out with an injury and Michailidis is coming in
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