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  1. Scored AZ's first and third goal today in the 7-0 win over Dundee United in ECL Q3.
  2. Made his debut last saturday in the Eredivisie for FC Twente. And scored his frst two goals for today in the ECL match against Cukaricki in Q3.
  3. First two goals for Tzolis today in FC Twente's ECL match against Cukaricki in Q3.
  4. Levski crashed out against the mighty Hamrun Spartans after penalties. How did we manage to crash out against them???????
  5. On the day he became our major shareholder exact 10 years ago? Would bring headlines.
  6. https://www.metrosport.gr/nea-toympa-tria-schedia-ena-master-plan-arches-septemvrioy-oi-exelixeis-614999
  7. What the fakes is going on these days. Game is again behind closed doors and no tv coverage. Why do we call it professional football??? Spying can not be the reason. Everybody knows how everybody plays. We e.g. play lousy.
  8. Apparantly we are not guilty anymore for what happened at the cupfinal. The three games ban is gone. The fine remains however.
  9. Pelkas will probably be transferred to Hull City. As PAOK has a resaleclause of 20% when we sold him to Fener this means we get about 700K.
  10. This year the League has a bonus as second place secures CL qualifiers too. Must route for that. Would be better if O Aris and PAO make it to the GS of ECL. They are not used to play Thursday Sunday Thursday Sunday Thursday Sunday. This year the schedule is even more squeezed in a few weeks thanks to the WC.
  11. First match is scheduled: Saturday August 20th 21:45 EEST. Toumba will be empty as we must serve some matches behind closed doors.
  12. Seems like we will play another friendly on August 6th in Cyprus against Aris Lemesos.
  13. Tournament starts September 1st. Final is September 18th. Greece plays in group C and starts against Croatia on September 2nd.
  14. My first thoughts after last Thursday. Let Kurtic go. His mind is elsewhere. Not a PAOK for sure. Get some money. Let Tsiggaras play. Let Douglas Augusto go. Xerokefalos. Does not learn. Should now/do better at his age. Vieirinha. The same + with his experience. Give him a job in the staff. This one or PAOK B or the U19. Andrija. He is lost. Does he need a shrink to get back on track? Ingason. Was OK (not good or bad) Schwab. the same. Koutsias: he is young. I give him some credits. My friend Biseswar: the only with brains. The newbies: to soon to tell but not a Wowww-factor at first glance, though Dantas could be the one that will make us happy. A pity he is a loanee.
  15. “Earned” 1,500 points for the ranking this season. Just what we lost in the season we lost to the Swedish fishermen. So we end again on 25,000 like last year.
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