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  1. Mihaj's MRI did not show any damage and he is ok to train. Zivkovic complained about pain where he was injured yesterday and will most likely miss tomorrow's game against Heracles.
  2. PAOK as a sport club will be represented by 3 athletes in the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo. They are: Odysseas Melanidis (Swimming - 4x100 meter Relay) Alexis Danatsidis (Judo - 81 kg) Elizabeth Teltsidou (Judo - 70 kg) Besides those three there are at least two Greek athletes that are competing in the Olympics that belong to other clubs that I know are self-proclaimed PAOK supporters: Anna Korakaki (Shooting - 10m pistol, 25 m pistol) Kostas Douvalidis (Track & Field - 110 m Hurdles) Another athlete that used to compete for PAOK, but is now part of another
  3. I think Vierinha's injury happened during morning practice after being hit by his teammate. In the afternoon practice Zivkovic got bruised up, but returned to the field after a while. Mihaj will have an MRI on his previously injured knee after he complained about pain. They are falling like flies out there.
  4. Turns out the second athlete (swimmer) with COVID issues had a negative test and is now cleared to travel to Tokyo. With that in mind here is the complete and final list of Greek athletes that will compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo: ARCHERY (1) Euaggelia PSARRA (Individual) CYCLING (3) Periklis ILIAS (Mountain Bike) Polychronis TZORTZAKIS (Road Cycling) Christos VOLIKAKIS (Track Cycling) FENCING (1) Dora GOUNDOURA (Sabre) JUDO (2) Alexis DANATSIDIS (81 kg) Elizabeth TELTSIDOU( 70 kg) ROWING (4) Stefanos DOUSKOS (Single
  5. NAME: Jasmin KURTIC POSITION: Midfielder JERSEY NUMBER: 27 BIRTHDAY: 10-January-1989 BIRTH PLACE: Crnomelji, Yugoslavia HEIGHT 1.86 m PAOK DEBUT: NT DEBUT: 26-May-2012 (Greece – Slovenia 1:1 with Kurtic scoring for Slovenia) PREVIOUS TEAMS: Parma Calcio, SPAL Ferrara, Atalanta Bergamo, ACF Fiorentina, FC Torino, US Sassuolo, FC Varese, FC Palemo, ND Gorica, NK Bela Krajina CONTRACT ENDS: 30-Jun-2023 (2-year loan from Parma) SALARY:
  6. My guess is that we received an offer for Warda from another team (Galatasaray?), and the personal problem is just an excuse. We should know for sure in couple days.
  7. And the draw is: F91 Dudelange/Bohemians Dublin - PAOK
  8. Exactly. Need to avoid Trabzonspor, but with our luck that's who we will end up playing. At least Ajax is not in the draw.
  9. Yes we are pash. I did manage to wake up at 6 am in the morning to watch the game but I fell asleep during the 2nd half and missed the Murg goal. Who schedules these games so early? That's way too early, specially if you go to bad at 2 am the night before. I wasn't going to invest my time to watch the game on tape. Just settled for the highlights. Both goals were nice. Looks like 'B' squad played better than our starters. Here are the highlights:
  10. Turns out the sailing athlete with COVID is Mitakis. His latest test was negative and he is now cleared to travel to Tokyo.
  11. I am not sure as the names are not released to public. Even the number of the affected athletes is not certain now. It is now reported that the affected athletes are 2 and the third person is from the technical staff. From what I can deduct 1 athlete is from the sailing team and the other one is from track & field. If I had to make an educated guess, the sailing athlete is either Kokkalanis or Mitakis because they take part in individual events, and the track athlete is Pesiridou, because she is scheduled to travel to Japan alone and and much later than all the other athletes.
  12. Draw for the upcoming season has been pushed back to July 26. The reason given is that most teams don't have a TV contract.
  13. Kurtic is on his way to Thessaloniki to go through the medical tests and sign the contract with PAOK. If all goes as planned he will join the team in Holland.
  14. El Kaddouri sat out today's practices due to minor injury and will probably miss tomorrow's game as well.
  15. Monday (14:00 EEST) is the draw for the 3rd Qualifying Round of Europa Conference Leage. PAOK will be seeded in the draw. Aris and AEK will be seeded as well if they manage to qualify from Qualifying Round 2. Here are our possible opponents: Vitesse Arnheim (Holland) Rubin Kazan (Russia) Kolos Kovalivka (Ukraine) Trabzonspor (Turkey) FC Luzern (Switzerland) And the following winners from the Qualifying Round 2 games: CSKA Sofia (Bulgaria) - FK Liepaja (Latvia) Hajduk Split (Croatia) - FC Tobol Kostanay (Kazakhstan) F91 Dudelange (Luxembourg) - Bohemians Dublin (
  16. PAE PAOK announced that the remaining 3 games in Holland will be televised lived and for free on PAOK TV. They also announced that Alexis Spyropoulos will be calling the games.
  17. Kurtic will be signed for 2-year loan. Strangely his contract with Parma ends at the end of the loan, so I don't understand why we did not just buy him. Probably has to do with taxes.
  18. Warda will be back at practices tomorrow. I switched PAOK TV off at half time to do other things and apparently I missed a circus show by the game announcer Stavros Kolkas. Somehow they forgot that the sound was still on and all of the Kolkas's conversations were aired live on the air. During his talk he went on a personal criticism crusade against several PAOK players, including Pereira, Esiti, and Lambrou. He came out on Facebook offering apologies, but the damage has been done. From what I hear he will not be calling the remaining PAOK games on PAOK TV.
  19. Apparently 2 track & field and 1 sailing athlete tested positive for COVID and there is a chance that they might miss the Olympics.
  20. I really don't like bringing all these over 30 years old players. We should be going for younger and more athletic players.
  21. Final score 1:0. Slightly better in second half.
  22. All PAOK player from 1st half replaced by Lucescu with the start of the 2nd half. Zivkovic Z. (46. Paschalakis), Taylor (46. Lyratzis), Varela (46. Mihaj), Michailidis (46. Crespo), Pereyra (46. Rodrigo), Esiti (46. Schwab), El Kaddouri (46.Ninua), Zivkovic A. (46. Murg), Kagawa (46. Vrakas), Lambrou (46. Tzolis), Swiderski (46. Oliveira) Heavy rain from the start of 2nd half making things difficult for both teams.
  23. PSV - PAOK 1:0 halftime PSV clearly better and ready for the upcoming season. PAOK is not. Slow reactions by PAOK players, many careless mistakes. Score could easily be 3:0 if not for Zivkovic saves and crossbar. Wish we had a player such as Zahavi on our team.
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