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  1. I don't know. I am just wondering how these two stories just surfaced in the last few days. It's just interesting how this sleazebag Beos is getting involved in issues concerning PAOK.
  2. I think we can squeeze out one more medal. Best possibility is probably Stefanidi in pole vault, but there is strong competition in that event. Other chances, but less likely are in water polo, Drisbioti in 20 km walk, Volikakis in cycling and maybe Prevolaraki in wrestling.
  3. The whole Warda situation is beginning to sounds very fishy to me. Over the weekend there was a report that there is a Superleague player that was reported to the EPO Disciplinary Committee with sexual abuse allegations. Today the Volos mayor and NFC Volos owner came out saying that as much as he loves Warda and as a player, he has decided not to pursue his transfer to Volos because of ethical issues that have no place on his football team.
  4. If we defeat Bohemians we will play the winner of Hibernian/Rijeka
  5. This could be a good day for our athletes, but let's not get our hopes up like we did in the past few days only to be disappointed. Tentoglou should medal, but it will be a tough competition with the Cuban who jumped 8.50m in qualifying. The gold medal will be decided in the 8.70 m mark. Petrounias is the favorite for the gold, but he returned to full competition only recently. His past experience will surely help him. As for Iakovidis there was no scandal. It was just the athlete breaking down after the competition spilling his guts on how difficult it is for the Greek athletes to train for the Olympics, with minimal help from the government, while politician fat cats, such as the Minister of Sports writing himself 20,000 Euro check from state funds so he could travel to Tokyo and take picture with the successful athletes.
  6. Papachristou was a big disappointment, but not unexpected considering she was very poor in competition in 2021. Except for Tentoglou and maybe Karalis, I don't expect anybody else qualifying from the qualifiers today and tomorrow. Golomeev's time was the 3rd best in qualifying. he has the potential of qualifying to the final where anything can happen in a race that lasts slightly over 21 seconds. Any medal hopes in Sailing are fading away unless the 470 men can turn it around in the remaining races. Korakaki was under intense pressure, and let's not forget the competition was very strong in both competitions. Taking this into consideration she did fairly well. One miss and she would have missed the final round yesterday. We are doing well in water polo. We already secured a spot in quarterfinals, but still have two group games left (South Africa and USA). Hopefully we can finish strong and get an easier opponent in the quarterfinal.
  7. VS MATCHUP: FC Bohemians Dublin – PAOK Thessaloniki FC COMPETITION: Europa Conference League – Qualifying Round 3 - Leg 1 DATE: 03-August-2021 TIME: 21:45 EEST (18:45 UTC, 13:45 CDT, 04:45 AEST next day) CITY/STADIUM: Dublin – Aviva Stadium (51,700) REFEREES: Anti Munuka – Jan-Peter Aravirta, Jukka Houkanen (Finland) TELEVISION: OPEN Beyond (Greece), LOITV (https://www.loitv.ie/en-int/playerpage/814443) (worldwide) PAOK’s History against teams from Ireland in European Competitions 2011-2012: Shamrock Rovers FC – PAOK FC 1:3 – (7. Salpiggidis, 35. Fotakis, 38. Salpiggidis) - Att: 6,124 – Europa league (Group Stage, Round 4) 2011-2012: PAOK FC – Shamrock Rovers FC 2:1 – (12. Lazar, 63. Vieirinha) – Att: 28,703 – Europa league (Group Stage, Round 3) GAMES: 2 WINS: 2 TIES: 0 LOSSES: 0
  8. Hopefully we can avoid Union Berlin and Rubin Kazan.
  9. UEFA released the sub-grouping for Monday's Play-Off Draw. The winner of PAOK - Bohemians will face one of the following teams: 1. FC Union Berlin (Germany) winner of HNK Rijeka (Croatia) - Hibernian Edinburgh (Scotland) winner of Rubin Kazan (Russia) - Rakow Czestachowa (Poland) winner of FK Velez Mostar (Bosnia) - IF Elfsborg Boras (Sweden)
  10. Douskos gold medal. Bravo Stefane.
  11. It looked like penalties in the Aris - Astana game also, but Astana scoring the deciding goal in the 120th minute.
  12. Bohemians leads 3:0 with 10 minutes to go. Dublin it is then. Aris is leading 2:0 but playing with 10 men.
  13. I expected a much better showing by our tennis players. I thought both Tsitsipas and Sakkari would reach at least the semifinals. I did not expect much in the mixed pairs as they usually don't play mixed pairs. Douskos looked very good in both of his quarter and semis races and hopefully he will do better than our pairs athletes.
  14. That's not true. He was kicked out by a Portuguese team that we loaned him to after he started bothering the wives of the other players. The Egyptian national team also kicked him out. Ferreira also did not want him on the team. The reason he got along with some of the small teams was because they let him have a free range and let him start in order to satisfy his ego. Same thing with Garcia the second half of last season. As long as he started, he was fine. Now that we have a real coach such antics will not be tolerated. He had his 3 or 4 chances and each time he blew them. Time to part with him for good.
  15. It all started when when Lucescu started using El Kaddouri on left side. Warda, who expects (in his mind) to be the starter all the time erupted at practice which ended with him being banned by Lucescu from practices. After a couple days he was allowed back and was even given a start in the friendly game. Instead he skipped town with the excuse that his mother is sick in Egypt. This pretty much sealed his fate at PAOK. If I was PAE PAOK, I would tell him to bring an offer and wish him good luck. None of this free loans to teams such as Volos or Atromitos. Otherwise, there is always PAOK 'B' where he can finish his contract.
  16. Hopefully this will be the last time he will leave the team. Enough of this karagiozi.
  17. Good luck to our track & field athletes. I expect a medal from Tentoglou, and couple appearances in the finals. Today at 7:30 pm CDT, Kyridou and Bourbou will race in the Pairs Rowing final. If they perform as they did in the semifinal they have a good chance to medal. Shortly after the Pair's final the two other rowers will attempt to qualify to the finals in the women's (Kyridou) and men's (Douskos) single sculls. Early tomorrow morning ( 4 am CDT) Tsitsipas and Sakkari will play Barty, Peers in the quarterfinal of mixed pairs in tennis.
  18. All three PAOK athletes completed their participation in the Olympic. The most successful of the three was Elisabeth Teltsidou. She finished in 7th place in the 70 kg Judo competition 2 two wins and two losses. The other Judo athlete Alxios Danatsidis was eliminated in the first round. Odysseas Melanidis took part in the 4x100 meter Freestyle in the qualifying round. The Greek team failed to qualify.
  19. Warda returned to the team today, but it was decided that he will practice separately from the rest of the team until a team is found that will take him.
  20. Tzolis has been on a downward spiral ever since he signed with the Los Angeles based Wasserman Agency. The departure of Giannoulis also didn't help him. It appears that he has made up his mind and wants to leave the team. It would be in PAOK's best interests to get as much money for him right now.
  21. Don't see us getting more than 3 medals at these Olympics.
  22. In Judo (70 kg), Teltsidou won her first two matches and will now face the Russian Taimazova in the quarterfinal match. We could be looking at a medal here at the end of the day.
  23. Lucescu really wants him, but I think it's really a big risk. Surely we could find somebody younger and hungrier for the money he is demanding.
  24. What a great race by the two rowers coming from 4th place in the last 500 meters of the race to win their semifinal heat with a world's best time. Good luck to them in the final.
  25. If Bohemians eliminates Dudelange, than our first game against them will take place on Tuesday, August 3rd in Dublin. If Dudelange goes through, than we will play them on Thursday, August 5. Additionally, before we will play our first European game this season we will learn our opponent in the Play-off Round of UCL, since the draw for that round is on August 2, 2021 at 14:00 EEST. This all assumes that we will eliminate either Bohemians or Dudelange.
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