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  1. Pilidis destroyed by the Polish wrestler from Russia. 0:11. His inexperience showed against the 33 year old. He is only 21. This was a good lesson for him.
  2. Probably both. Also if the bonuses are tied to how many starts he makes with the team than the they can manipulate that. I would prefer resale percentage.
  3. That's according to a British reporter, who claims that PAOK has accepted the offer and that Tzolis is expected in England during the weekend to sign. PAE PAOK claims they have not received such offer yet.
  4. Papamichail will race at 3:30 pm CDT in the 50K walk. The three female walkers will take part in the 20K at 2:30 am in the morning. I think they will all do well, but don't expect any medals. The big water polo match starts at 1:30 am CDT this morning. Let's hope for the best. Pilidis has a tough opponent and if he wins he will face the world champion.
  5. Bad day overall for Greek athletes at the Olympics with only bright spot Kynigakis in the marathon swimming. Let's see if the water polo team makes us happy later today/tomorrow. Our last hope for a medal.
  6. Disappointing showing by Prevolaraki losing in the first round to the Ecuadorian wrestler. She was never in the match.
  7. Our defense and our goalie have been outstanding so far. If they keep it up they have good chance to win. Good showing by Kynigakis in the 10 km swimming marathon finishing in 5th place.
  8. Hungary is a tough opponent and will want to get a revenge for the loss in the preliminary round. We will need to perform at our best and have luck on our side.
  9. I would not sell right now. We have until end of the month to accept an offer. Their second offer was for 9 mil plus bonuses. I would demand minimum 12/13 mil plus % of resale.
  10. It was all up to Warda to still be part of the team and he blew it. Once again. And for the 3rd straight time. And if the rumors of sexual misconduct against a minor are true he has no place on this team, or any other team for that matter. If that mafioso Beos does not want anything to do with him, than things are serious. Enough of Warda. He will only create distractions down the road if he stays. Zivkovic might be better thank Kagawa, but yesterday he was one of our worst players, starting with the miss into an empty goal in the 2nd minute of the game. But let's not pick on specific players. The whole team sucked. Unless the team's attitude changes in the return match we will have difficulties advancing.
  11. VS MATCHUP: PAOK Thessaloniki FC – FC Bohemians Dublin COMPETITION: Europa Conference League – Qualifying Round 3 - Leg 2 DATE: 12-August-2021 TIME: 20:00 EEST (17: UTC, 12:00 CST, 03:00 AEST next day) CITY/STADIUM: Thessaloniki – Toumba Stadium Stadium (28,708) REFEREES: Julian Weinberger – Andreas Heindenreich, Maxmilian Kolbitsch (Austria) TELEVISION: OPEN TV (Greece), PAOK TV (worldwide except UK & Ireland) PAOK’s History against teams from Ireland in European Competitions 2021-2022: FC Bohemians Dublin – PAOK FC 2:1 – (78. Oliveira) - Att: 8,000 – Europa Conference League (Qualifying Round 3 – Leg 1) 2011-2012: Shamrock Rovers FC – PAOK FC 1:3 – (7. Salpiggidis, 35. Fotakis, 38. Salpiggidis) - Att: 6,124 – Europa League (Group Stage, Round 4) 2011-2012: PAOK FC – Shamrock Rovers FC 2:1 – (12. Lazar, 63. Vieirinha) – Att: 28,703 – Europa league (Group Stage, Round 3) GAMES: 3 WINS: 2 TIES: 0 LOSSES: 1
  12. There is no excuse for not winning this match. We went into the game thinking the win would come automatically. Add to it childish mistakes in the first half and the rest is history. In the second half we improved, but could not crack the parked bus. We will face the parked bus in the second game, so Lucescu better come up with some answers. I hate to say it, but Biseswar has to start over Kagawa next week.
  13. Without Esiti in the game we would be losing big time today.
  14. Let that be a wake up call. Otherwise we are looking at the same fate as AEK and Aris. Our players though they would coast to an easy victory.
  15. Varela very shaky today. Should be glad Bohemians attack is nothing special.
  16. We did quite poorly in Sailing where we had success in the past. The best we can now accomplish is 4th place in men's 470. I think Drisbioti will be a surprise. See her win in the European Walking Cup earlier this year. She might not medal, but I think she will finish at the top. Karalis was a pleasant surprise. He was close to jumping 5.87. The future belongs to him. Douvalidis needs to stick around, as there are currently no young prospects that can race below 14 seconds. I am afraid that will be the case for at least the next 3 or 4 years. Douvalidis will remain our no. 1 for a while. Hopefully he won't have such a difficult season as this one (multiple injuries and Covid on top of it). Our Synchronized Swimming team was banned from participating in the Olympic competition as 3 more athletes from the team came down with Covid. Also our two athletes in the Duet will not be able to compete in the second part of the competition for the same reason.
  17. I am not surprised. We don't really have anybody better for that position. OPEN TV went down about half an hour ago due to all the fires in the area, but thankfully came back on. Hopefully there won't be any interruptions during the game.
  18. I guess we will be wearing our white jersey in tomorrow's game. The one that was not officially announced by PAE PAOK as one of our game jerseys. Macron claims these jerseys are made completely from recycled polyester.
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