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  1. Forgot about Tzimas who is on loan to PAS Giannina, but he is a PAOK 'B' player so he probably does not stand a chance of making the senior squad.
  2. Today Sznaucner was the coach during the game as Garcia was in Athens studying for his UEFA Pro coaching license. Maybe Malezas stays with U-19 and Sznaucner taking over 'B' team. I don't believe Garcia will stay with the team unless Lucescu quits and he takes over the senior team (highly unlikely). From what I hear Panserraikos is very interested to have Garcia as the head coach when they return to Superleague next season.
  3. We only have 3 players on loan currently. Tsiggaras, Vrakas and Taylor. Taylor is probably coming from his loan to Shakhtar as well. If Tsiggaras is 100% healthy I expect him to be the only loaned player to remain on the team past the training camp. Not sure what the big shots have in mind with Taylor. I also want to see how they will handle Murg. Last year they tried to unload him unsuccessfully, and I think they will have a hard time doing it this season as well. Only an idiot would give up 500K per year just sitting on the bench.
  4. Tsiggaras better be cured from his injury otherwise he will not offer any help to the team.
  5. I watched most of the game. The team was completely disorganized. Left a really bad impression on me and I didn't see any players that could come and join the senior team and make a difference.
  6. I think we have very good chance of making the group stage of Conference League. With the 25.000 points we will definitively be seeded in Rounds 2 and 3 and most likely also in the Play-Off round. Currently we are seeded 4th (out of 45) in Round 2 and the possible confirmed opponents are the following teams: Beitar Jerusalem ISR 5.000 Hammarby IF SWE 4.750 Kalmar FF SWE 4.750 Zalgiris Kaunas LIT 4.500 Pogon Szczecin POL 4.150 Zalaegerszeg TE HUN 4.125 Kecskeméti TE HUN 4.125 Sepsi OSK ROM 4.100 FK Borac Banja Luka BOS 4.000 Sabah FK AZB 3.325 Ordabasy Shymkent KAZ 2.525 FK Aktobe KAZ 2.525 NK Celje SLO 2.500 FK Auda LAT 2.125 In Round 3 we are currently seeded in 6th place (out of 27) and possible confirmed opponents are the following teams: Hajduk Split CRO 9.000 SK Brann Bergen NOR 5.800 In the Play-Off we will need to be in the top 17 to be seeded.
  7. As a result of PAOK finishing the in the league, and losing the final, the European season for PAOK starts in Round 2 of the Conference League on July 27. PAOK will need 3 qualifications to reach the group stage, which is a must in order not to have severe financial issues.
  8. Since the undefeated double of 2019 season the team is sinking lower and lower. Going from bad to worse. I think it was a mistake for Lucescu coming back to the team. The team needs to make drastic chances going into the next season and I don't think it can be done with Lucescu at the helm.
  9. Lucescu outcoached in a game where he played the whole game with one man advantage. Embarrassing.
  10. Very disappointing so far. You the gift of playing with extra player and the way we play is like we are already ahead by two goals. No urgency, no passion.
  11. My prediction for a lineup: ----------------- Kotarski ---------------- Satsre - Ingason - Koulierakis - Soares R. ------- Augusto -------- Dantas --------- Zivkovic A. ---- Konstantelias ---- Taison ---------------- Thomas -----------------
  12. 2022 - 2023 Season: Round 27 (26.05.2023, 15:15 EEST - Makedonikos Stadium, Efkarpia) PAOK 'B' Thessaloniki - PO Triglia Iraklis TV: ERT3 TV (Greece), ERT3 Web TV via ERTFlix (worldwide with VPN)
  13. I am sure most if not all players have a bonus clause in their contract in case the win the cup. That should be big enough incentive to win. Bad part is that AEK players have the same clause in their contracts. In my opinion AEK is a slight favorite to win this time. It's been more than 40 years for them to win a double.
  14. The only questionable player is Oliveira. It will be decided tomorrow if he will get on the bus to Volos. Don't see him starting though. Of course Narey is out until next season.
  15. I heard Austria is very likely destination.
  16. Hopefully you can get a chance to see PAOK's last game of the season and the title fiesta that will follow the game: On Saturday, may 20 at 16:00 EEST, PAOK's women team will play it's final game of the season at Toumba Stadium against OFI. Immediately after the game a fiesta will be held at the stadium to celebrate the national title that the team won. Attendance for the game and the fiesta is free.
  17. Police decided not to allow youngsters into the stadium, so the game will be seen live by 40 PAOK/AEK officials and 50 invitees by EPO. Total attendance for the game: 90 people What a joke. How low can Greek football get.
  18. Kargas is a decent player, but he is not to be a starter on PAOK and he was not acquired to be a starter. He was bought to be a backup. The players who would replace Crespo were Nasberg and Michailidis, but Michailidis sustained a serious injury. Eventually Koulierakis grabbed the chance to claim a spot on the team and we ended up with 3 players for one spot. It looks like we are trying to unload one of them (Kargas). I don't thing getting red-carded should be the main reason for being dropped from the team.
  19. 2022 - 2023 Season: Round 26 (19.05.2023, 16:00 EEST - Dimotiko Stadio, Aridaia ) Almopos Aridaia - PAOK 'B' Thessaloniki TV: no coverage
  20. Latest rumors: Players whose contracts expire and will not be renewed: Biseswar, El Kaddouri, Kurtic, Oliveira Players that the team will try to unload (even if they have contracts): Kargas, Murg, Ninua Players that will probably stay: Dantas (loan extension) Thomas (PAOK will exercise the 1 year option in the contract) Unknown fate: Vieirinha (depends on what he decides) Zivkovic Zivko (contract expires) Talichmanidis (contract expires) Possible sales: I expect one of the Koulierakis, Konstantelias to be sold
  21. No fans. PAOK and AEK will get 20 invitations each. EPO will get 50 to give out to sponsors. There was a talk of allowing student under 13 to attend for free, but I have not heard if they agreed to that.
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