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  1. PAOK wins the Greek Cup in penalty shootout (5:4) after the game ended 1:1 in extra time. I watched the game and PAOK was the better team on the field. We just could not break their defense. AEK relied on counter attacks and that's how they score the tying goal. This is our 7th cup title. The number would have been much larger if EPO did not cancel the competition for the past 6 years.
  2. Once again the pre-season training will take place in Horst, Holland - players to report in Thessaloniki in June 20, 2024 - training sessions at Nea Mesimvria (June 24 - June 29, 2024) - pre-season training at Horst, Holland (July 1 - July 15). Four per-season friendlies are planned.
  3. Greek Cup final for our girls tomorrow at Panthessaliko stadium in Volos: WOMEN'S GREEK CUP - FINAL 22-MAY-2024 16:00 EEST (13:00 UTC, 08:00 CDT, 23:00 AEST) PAOK Thessaloniki - AEK Athens TV: Action 24 (Greece), Action 24 Web Stream: https://www.action24.gr/live-stream/ (worldwide)
  4. Apparently Melissanidis promised Aris players/coaches up to 100K if they got a result against us that would give AEK the title. He was in Thessaloniki the day before the game dining with Karypidis in a popular restaurant.
  5. PAOK U15 is right now playing in the final of the U15 Super League championships against Olympiakos. Here is a stream of the game:
  6. We guaranteed to be seeded all the way to the playoff round in all 3 competitions. If we progress from QR2 in CL we are guaranteed League Stage in Conference League. If we progress from QR3 in CL we are guaranteed League Stage in Europa League.
  7. I think we will see the real Otto next season.
  8. PAOK TV is live from Toumba right now. Check the link pash posted above for a live stream. Waiting for PAOK players to arrive. Let's see how long it will take them to make it from Harilaou to Toumba.
  9. We are the champions .... I am drunk from happiness right now. This is the 4th PAOK championship in my lifetime. Hope there will be more. I was wearing the PAOK jersey with Vieirinha name on the back during the game. I think I will keep it on going to a Greek church picnic later on.
  10. There are 10,000 PAOK fans ar Toumba following the game.
  11. AEK has a better goal difference by one goal. Had we beaten them 4:2 (good chance by Koulierakis in injury time), the tie breaker would be in our favor.
  12. The next two friendlies are: June 7, 2024, 21:45 EEST: Germany - GREECE (Borussia Park - Monchengladbach, Germany) June 11,2024, EEST: GREECE - Malta (Untersberg Arena - Grodig, Austria)
  13. The U21 coach Nikos Papadopoulos will be on the bench for the two friendlies against Germany and Malta. The search for a new NT coach will start after the elections at EPO.
  14. Behind the scene footage from yesterday's game. Some good stuff here:
  15. Hopefully our players will give everything they got. They need to play a physical game, so Aris players will think twice about missing playing in the cup final. I expect Aris to play their typical game. They will sit back and park a bus on defense and rely on quick counter attacks. That how they managed to do damage to us in recent games. We will need to stop trying to dribble around their defense and just try some long range shots to break their wall. It will be a tough game, and I hope we will have more luck this time. If we manage to score the first goal, I think the game will be over.
  16. At least two English teams are interested in Baba, so if the price is right I am sure PAOK will not have a problem to sell him. If that happens, we should pursue Gianoulis who is apparently negotiating with AEX. I am sure that at least one of the Kotarski, Koulierakis or Konstantelias will not be with us next season. Most likely Koulierakis will be the first one to be sold. I don't see Zivkovic going anywhere. He just got married and is expecting an addition to the family, so I think he will stay with us. I see Zivkovic becoming the replacement for Vieirinha as a captain of the team. I think we will sign Schwab to one more season. Good backup option on midfield. Pelkas almost joined us for this season, but he wanted more money than we were offering. I am sure he might be more willing to come back this time around. If we don't sell Kostarski we need to find a good backup keeper. If we sell him we will need two keepers.
  17. I think he has a some share in the club. BTW Korinthos played in 1st division back between 1979-1982.
  18. Greek Cup semifinal: OFI - PAOK 0:1 Final will take place on May 22 and we will face the winner of AEK - Olympiada Ymmytos
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