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  1. Final league game of the season for PAOK women's football team tomorrow at 16:30 EEST. The team has mathematically secured yet another national title, so tomorrow's game will serve as a title fiesta. This the team's 17th league title. Tomorrow's game against Ergotelis will be televised on AC PAOK TV:
  2. Various news, rumors, fake news and wishful thinking by the always trustworthy Greek media: - Quagliata, Nasberg and Kotarski are 99% signed and will be announced soon - looking for no. 2 keeper that will replace Z. Zivkovic - looking for acquisitions on left back, left wing, and a dekari - still pursuing Limnios although Panathinaikos is also interested (could be manager's tricks) - chances of Crespo and Schwab to remain on the team is 50/50 - Biseswar, Sidcley, Mitrita, Akpom are history - will try to unload Taylor, Murg, Jaba through sale or contract termination - will consider sale of Augusto and Mihaj if the price is right
  3. Looks like we are thinking of not renewing Pablo Garcia's contract as a PAOK 'B' team coach.
  4. Looks like Kotarski, the Ajax goalie who is on loan to Gorica will be one of the replacements for Paschalakis. His contract runs until 2023, so we will have to purchase him (between 1.5 - 2 mil).
  5. After the cup final it became official. PAOK will begin the European campaign in 2nd qualifying round of UEFA Europe Conference League. PAOK will be seeded in all the draws all the way to the group stage. You can follow the seedings in ECL in this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zpt5J7mz3t-53slOYtKzijZrZYCF39aHWd7MvZu-t1U/edit#gid=1919046645 We should not really have any problems in the 2nd and 3rd qualifying rounds, but in the playoff round we could end up playing against Fiorentina or Cologne. Qualifying Round 2 games are scheduled for July 21 and 28.
  6. Koutsias, Talichmanidis, Lyratzis and Tsiggaras called up for the U-21 national team for the two qualifiers against Cyprus and Portugal. Also called for the same games was ex-PAOK player Tzolis.
  7. In the Paschalakis case I think the main stumbling block was that Paschalakis wanted to remain the main goalie on the team, something that the team was not willing to accept. That was apparently reflected in the offer they made him in January, which he declined.
  8. Tzolis and Lyratzis have been called up for the U-21 NT. That's why they are not on the senior team.
  9. Expired contracts: Zivkovic Z., Paschalakis, Varela, Schwab Paschalakis, Varela are certain to depart. PAOK did not make an offer to Paschalakis, because he was demanding over 1 mil back in January. Most likely contract extensions: Vieirinha In negotiations: Crespo, Biseswar Offers made by the team to both, but not accepted by players yet. Crespo apparently packed all his belongings and left for Spain. Loans ending: Sidclay, Akpom, Mitrita, Sastre Reports are we will purchase Sastre
  10. And after today he's not even a PAOK player, so no PAOK players on national team.
  11. The team needs to get in the game. Soares and Augusto need to come out. Oliveira needs to come in.
  12. I can already see point deductions for the next season.
  13. In good old Greek fashion game start postponed as police used tear gas.
  14. Starting lineup ------------ Paschalakis -------------- Lyratzis - Ingason - Crespo - Vieirinha ------ Augusto ----------- Kurtic ------ Zivkovic ------ Soares ------- Biseswar ---------------- Akpom ---------------
  15. Got this video from Athens4 earlier. He is ready for the game. video-a97efccf22a3177ac6a2c1f48d115031-V.mp4
  16. He did (and so did Kurtic) but that should not stop them from playing. Any injuries to Kaddouri's legs is what we should worry about. My starting lineup for toimorrow: ------------ Paschalakis -------------- Lyratzis - Ingason - Crespo - Vieirinha --- Augusto ----------- Kurtic -------- Zivkovic --- Biseswar ----- El Kaddouri ------------- Oliveira ------------------
  17. Aphrodite's Child double album 666 is a masterpiece.
  18. All players except Michailidis are taking part in full practices, so Lucescu should have a full squad by game time. We just have to make sure El Kadduri does not warm up before the game. One interesting statistic is that El Kaddouri has not played in any PAOK Greek Cup finals so far. He missed all of them. 19,000 tickets sold to PAOK fans so far. Hopefully the remaining 2,500 tickets will be sold as well by tomorrow.
  19. I consider anything reported by most Greek media as rumors or outright lies.
  20. Reports are that 16,000 of our tickets have been sold. Around 5,500 left. EPO also announced that all of their 5,500 tickets have been allocated. Rumors are that 75% of those tickets ended up in the hands of Panathinaikos supporters. Spanish refs for this game. Also if you can't watch the game live, ERT3 will have 2-hour delay replay via their ERTFlix platform.
  21. Have fun guys and bring another cup trophy to Thessaloniki. This will completely different game from today's training session.
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