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  1. Limnios is an average player at best. Don't understand why he gets called up for NT either. And as pash notes, we need to look forward and not looking at the past.
  2. Good outcome and better news that nobody got injured and red carded. I think MVP was Schwab, who will probably not be with the team next season. Also it appeared that Varela and Paschalakis were bidding goodbye to Toumba as well at the end of the game.
  3. Let's hope for no injuries and red cards to key players ahead of the cup final on Saturday.
  4. Would have preferred Veroia, but they still have a chance to make it in a playoff game with Lamia.
  5. Tsaousis can be blamed on the tying goal by Olympiakos, but it was his first game for the big team. Hopefully it was a good learning experience for him.
  6. Usually such rumors are propagated by media controlled by our competitors in order to create issues before important games. They tried another one with Kurtic leaving the team after this season.
  7. Last Superleague game of the season. Both team are getting ready for the cup final, so I don't expect a game with any intensity. We will see many second stringers.
  8. Aris came back being down 2:0 to win 3:2. Self destruction by AEK who misses Europe next season. My prediction is that we will finish in 4th place. No way we are beating PAO on Tuesday.
  9. No player returns from injuries are expected for this game. If we can hold on to a 0:0 draw it will a positive result.
  10. Mitrita probably won't be a PAOK player by that time.
  11. Today's results: PAOK - Aris 0:1 AEK - PAS 3:0 Olympiakos - PAO 1:2 Standings: 1. Olympiakos 79 2. PAOK 60 3. PAO 58 4. Aris 56 5. AEK 56 6. PAS 46 Round 9: Olympiakos - PAOK PAO - PAS Aris - AEK Round 10: PAOK - PAO PAS - Aris AEK - Olympiakos I don't see us getting more than 1 point in our remaining games. Thankfully we have the tie-breaker with AEK, so we can lose both games and still make Europe. The bad thing is that PAO with today's win secures European spot and will rest all their player in the game against us at Toumba. Was hoping they would need a result in that game, which would mean they would not have the luxury of resting players ahead of the Cup final. My prediction for final standings: 1. Olympiakos 82 2. PAO 62 3. PAOK 61 4. Aris 60 5. AEK 60 6. PAS 46
  12. The problem is that out of today's starters at least half of them know they will not be part of the team next season. And they have known it for a while. At least since the start of the playoffs. The result is the pathetic effort on the field.
  13. Get ready for 11th game without a win. The only positive thing is that we have secured Europe for next season.
  14. Another pathetic display by the team so far. Kurtic, Taylor our worst players. Will be happy if the game stays 0:0.
  15. And quite a pathetic picture in the stands of Toumba. The stadium is almost empty.
  16. El Kaddouri manage to complete today's practice and will be available for the game tomorrow. That is if he does not get injured in the meantime. Possible lineup: ---------- Paschalakis ---------- Sastre - Varela - Mihaj - Sidcley --- Kurtic -------- Tsiggaras --- Zivkovic ---- Murg ------ Mitrita ----------- Oliveira ------------- I expect a dull game similar to the PAS GIannina game. I predict a 0:0 draw.
  17. Each team will receive 21,478 tickets to distribute among its fans. EPO will also distribute 5,500 tickets to sponsors and EPO members.
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