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  1. As a result of new government laws, PAOK was punished with one game without fans for the next home game due to some idiot throwing a fire cracker during the Olympiakos game. As it stands we will play our first playoff game without fans.
  2. Apparently he did not want to take a penalty when asked early, but was forced to do the last one because he was the only player left except Kotarski.
  3. Six additional athletes received invitation to participate n the World Championships in Glasgow. So we have the following 8 athletes: 60 M: Nyfantopoulos 60 M HURDLES: Douvalidis POLE VAULT: Karalis LONG JUMP: Tentoglou 60 M: Emmanoulidou 60 M HURDLES: Pesiridou HIGH JUMP: Gousin POLE VAULT: Stefanidi
  4. Agree that Samatta is useless, but he is not the one that lost the game for us. We had 4 chances to finish them off.
  5. It's a shame we got eliminated in such a way after playing an almost perfect game. I think the injury to Baba was the turning point. I think it would have been better for Kotarski to take that last kick instead of samatta.
  6. What The F***. Should have never come to Samatta kicking a penalty kick. Despodov should have ended it.
  7. Baba taken out with an ambulance. We will have to play the rest of game 10 men.
  8. 0:0 half time. Like the way we are playing. Just need to score one. Need to be careful the first 15 minutes in 2nd half as usual.
  9. Right now only Tentoglou and Stefanidi have the entry standards to take part in the championships. Tentoglou will take par, while Stefanidi will decide if she will travel to Scotland. Any other Greek participations are possible only through official invitations from IAAF. Chances are good that Pesiridou will receive one. Another slim possibility is Gousin.
  10. Apparently Ekong played the whole African Nations Cup with injury. After returning to PAOK it was determined that the injury is quite serious and it is not known when he will return back to action.
  11. Another German crew calling a PAOK game. Hopefully they are as good as the ones last Sunday.
  12. VS MATCHUP: Panaitolikos Agrinio - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki COMPETITION: Super League 1 - Round 24 DATE: 25-February-2024 TIME: 17:00 EEST (15:00 UTC, 09:00 CST, 02:00 AEDT next day) CITY / STADIUM: Agrinio - Panaitolikos Stadium(Capacity: 7,500) REFEREES: TELEVISION: COSMOTE Sport 1HD (Greece), PrimeTel (Cyprus), Antenna Satellite/Pacific (USA, Canada/Australia) Panaitolikos – PAOK History: SUPERLEAGUE 2022-2023: 0:2 (Oliveira, Augusto) - Attendance: 2,287 2021-2022: 1:2 (Mitrita, Sidcley) - Attendance: 1,258 2020-2021: 1:3 (Swiderski, Ninua, Colak) - Attendance: no fans 2019-2020: 0:3 (Pelkas, Limnios, Akpom) - Attendance: 2,127 2018-2019: 1:2 (Vieirinha, Matos) - Attendance: 3,520 2017-2018: 0:1 (Prijovic-p) - Attendance: 3,199 2016-2017: 0:1 (Mystakidis) - Attendance: 2,339 2015-2016: 0:3 (Athanasiadis 2, Korovesis) - Attendance: 1,876 2014-2015: 0:1 (Mak-p) - Attendance: 3,361 2013-2014: 2:0 - Attendance: no fans 2011-2012: 1:1 (Cirilo) - Attendance: 5,401 ALPHA ETHNIKI (Amateur/Semi-Professional) 1976-1977: 1:2 (Orfanos 2) - Attendance: 7,455 1975-1976: 0:2 (Sarafis-p, Kermanidis) - Attendance: ? The famous game where the Panaitolikos fans attacked the referee Rammos and cut his ear off. http://www.paokmania.gr/images/ar8ra/2012/Aspromaures-Stories/Rammos/rammos.JPG PANHELLENIC CHAMPIONSHIP (Amateur) 1954-1955: 0:2 (Gentzis, Margaritis) - Attendance: ? GAMES: 14 WINS: 12 TIES: 1 LOSSES: 1
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