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  1. Tsiamis lost on the last day of qualifying as he was knocked out of 32nd position by some Uzbek triple jumper who jumped 17.02m yesterday and passed him in the rankings. The basketball team is still in position to qualify. all they need to do is defeat China tomorrow and then defeat the winning tem from the other group (Turkey/Czech Republic) and then win the final game. They played fairly well against Canada and could have won the game.
  2. Apparently two other pre-season games while in Holland will be announced soon: Heracles Almelo and Charleroi FC.
  3. According to the reports the player with covid did not travel to Thessaloniki and is in quarantine in his country. With that in mind and looking at the pictures of training I don't see the following players: Varela, Soares, Augusto, Schwab, Murg, Ninua. Take your pick
  4. NAME: Lucas Maia Reis TAYLOR POSITION: Right Back JERSEY NUMBER: 13 BIRTHDAY: 10-April-1995 BIRTH PLACE: Guarulos, Brazil HEIGHT: 1.76 m PAOK DEBUT: NT DEBUT: PREVIOUS TEAMS: SC Dnipro, Estoril Praia, FC Lviv, Boa Esporte Clube, Botafogo FC, Paysandu SC, Red Bull Brasil, Parana Clube, Criciuma EC, Sociadade Esportiva Palmeiras CONTRACT ENDS: 30-Jun-2024 (+1 year option renewal) SALARY: € 450,000
  5. Oliveria deal is apparently very close. 2+1 year contract at 900K per season. He demanded 1.1 mil. If we really sign Oliveira that it's a sign that we never planned on making an offer for Krmencik. In the meantime rumors surfaced today that Slavia and Brugge agreed on Krmencik sale worth 2.5 mil. Not sure where those rumors originated, but I only read them on Greek sites. In today's interview on Czech sites Slavia's coach said that he would like Krmencik and that there are talks with Brugge, but that Slavia's options are limited. He added that they are keeping the Krmencik option open in
  6. After winning the Greek Cup the PAOK Women's handball team also won the Greek Championship by beating Veroia in the two game playoff final. Second straight double for the PAOK girls. Nice job.
  7. The number of rumors/fake news is astonishing these days. I would not believe 95% of them. In any case Taylor will probably be announced on July 1 considering he is already in Thessaloniki and brought his gaming console with him. I expect at least 2 more signings before the teams leaves for Holland. In other real news as per pash's post PAOK officially announced the contract extension of El Kaddouri for 2+1 seasons at approximately 650K per season. He will be automatically renewed for 3rd year if he play 50% of the games in the second year of the contract.
  8. And the title fiesta followed the game. 🏆
  9. I predict that official transfer announcements will not happen prior to July 1, 2021. I also think Lucas Taylor acquisition will be announced on that day.
  10. To recap our confirmed friendlies so far: 09-July, 19:30 EEST: PAOK - NFC Volos (Toumba Stadium) 14-July, 21:00 EEST: PSV Eindhoven - PAOK (Philips Stadium) 25-July, 15:30 EEST: Feyenoord Rotterdam - PAOK (De Kuip Stadium) Still no info on who will televise the games. TV rights for the games in Holland are controlled by the company that arranges our pre-season training and games.
  11. Talked with Yianko via Facebook yesterday. He is fine.
  12. Petrounias secured a spot in the Olympics after winning the World Cup in Rings with 13.500 points today. In Beach Volleyball Arvaniti and Karagouni were eliminated in the semifinals of Olympic qualifying tournament by Russia and will not compete in Tokyo. Last chance for our track & field athletes to reach qualifying limits or climb up the rankings is this weekend during the Balkan Championships in Novi Sad, Serbia.
  13. Hope our friend Yiankos is sound and safe in Miami. https://edition.cnn.com/us/live-news/miami-florida-building-collapse-06-24-21/index.html
  14. I think June 30 and December 31 are the standard contract ending dates and I assume it applies in this case as well. One think I am not certain though is if the sweet UEFA money goes to the club that is lending the player to us.
  15. You think PAOK made the deal with Brugge a while back? Brugge gets Tzolis in return for Krmencik and a specified amount of cash? That might be one explanation for the performance drop by Tzolis in the second part of last season.
  16. Apparently Brugge turned down and offer from Sparta Prague to purchase Krmencik. There is still hope he might come to PAOK.
  17. I don't know and don't really care if we get compensation for him, but on paper he is PAOK player until June 30, 2021.
  18. Here is an updated list of Greek athletes that qualified for the Olympics. The latest addition is 43 year old archer Euaggelia Psarra. It will be Psarra's 6th appearance on Olympic Games. The following Greek athletes have secured a spot in the Tokyo Olympics so far: ARCHERY Euaggelia Psarra - individual CYCLING Polychronis Tzortzakis (road cycling) Christos Volikakis (track cycling) Dimitris Antoniadis (mountain bike) FENCING Dora Goundoura (sabre) JUDO Elizabeth teltsidou ( 70 kg - women) Alexis Danatsidis (81 kg - men) ROWING Mari
  19. 3:2 win by Sweden. Poland had some chances but Olsen made some good saves. Swiderski is out of competition. We are now left with Krmencik only in the competition.
  20. We already did him a favor by re-signing El Kaddouri although it was not announced yet.
  21. You would think the Czechs would have put another forward on the pitch to get at least the second place in order not to face a tougher opponent.
  22. Until we dramatically improve in some disciplines (mainly long distances) we will be stuck in First league for years.
  23. Krmencik to start on the bench against England. I think he will get some playing time in the 2nd half.
  24. According to projections taking into account current marks by all the athletes taking place, Greece will finish in 7th place ( out of 12). Ireland is not showing up for the competition, so that remains two other countries to be relegated. Hopefully we will not have to worry about that. As for finishing in the promotion sports (top 2) it's almost impossible as we have some glaring weakness in the mid and long distance events.
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