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  1. SEGAS has reported that an unnamed thrower has test positive for banned substance during the national championships. If the 2nd sample is positive than the athlete and his coach will face the prospect of a 4-year ban. The athlete in question was not part of the Olympic team.
  2. We need at least 4 or 5 transfers to improve the team, including a goaltender. And I am not talking about bringing in 34 year old players. We need experienced players between 25 - 30 year old. We also need to get rid some of the mediocre players on our team. I am speaking of Esiti, etc. Rijeka is leading 3:1 and will be our opponent in the play off round.
  3. Almost had a heart attack at the end. Our players just ran out of steam. It will be much harder next week against Rijeka who are leading 1:0 against Hibernian right now.
  4. That was a goal by El kaddouri. No VAR unfortunately.
  5. We are having big issues in midfield and defense giving Bohemians chances to score.
  6. I have a very good stream via PAOK TV. It's still says I the game is not available in my country, but it plays perfectly. Turn your VPN off if you are using PAOK TV.
  7. What are the army requirements these days? Can you just buy it off?
  8. If we score early, I see us winning big. We can't really play any worse than we did last week. The only way Bohemians was able to score was after silly mistakes by Michailidis and Paschalakis. The key to winning this game will be unlocking the Bohemians parked bus.
  9. Apparently the 2 million monetary bonuses that Norwich will pay PAOK breaks down as follows: - 200K Euro for each 45 minutes Tzolis plays up to 1 million Euro. - 500K Euro if Tzolis plays 30% of official games and Norwich is not relegated from Premier League this season. - 500K Euro if Tzolis plays 30% of official games and Norwich is not relegated from Premier League next season
  10. It wasn't PAOK 'B' that played the friendly against Alexandroupolis FC. It was the U-19 PAOK team coached by Malezas. PAOK U19 won 7:0. Apparently Garcia was in the stands scouting the players of U-19 team. Of interest is the presence of Varela's son on the U19 roster. For those that want to check out the game here is a link. The game starts around the 25th minute mark.
  11. Olympiakos out of Champions league. Lost to Ludogorets o n penalty kicks. The game should have never gotten that far. Ludogorets was much better on the pitch. They now move to Europa league and will face Slovan Bratislava.
  12. Hopefully the Swedes will now pay the 3.5 mil buyout clause for Colak.
  13. Exactly. If he tries the same stunts that he used against PAOK to get his transfer he will not go far in Premier League or any other world class league for that matter. Let's see what he does. He does have talent and a lot of room for improvement.
  14. Tzolis is expected to sign a 5 year contract with Norwich worth around 1.1 million per season.
  15. Looks like a deal has been reached between PAOK and Norwich: Selling price: € 11 million Bonus: € 2.5 million (if Norwich remains in premier League) Resale clause: 17.5%
  16. The men's water polo team has not missed Olympics since 1980 games in Moscow. Prior to that the national team took part in the 1920 Olympic games. Here are the men's Greek National Team placings in the Olympics: 1920 - 8th 1980 - 10th 1984 - 8th 1988 - 9th 1992 - 10th 1996 - 6th 2000 - 10th 2004 - 4th 2008 - 7th 2012 - 9th 2016 - 6th 2020 - 2nd (silver medal) The women's water polo was first introduced in the Olympics in 2000. The Greek women's national team took part in two Olympics: 2004 - 2nd (silver medal) 2008 - 8th
  17. Our water polo team always had a presence in the Olympics. Our only team sport that would represent us in the Olympics on regular basis all these years. No other national team can claim that. We do have very competitive teams both in men and women, and I see success for both teams in the future.
  18. The sticking point seems to be the resale clause. We want 20%. They are willing to give only 7.5%. Having Tzolis playing against Bohemians should not really matter. He played in the first game and did not make much difference. Right now he is not giving his all for the team anyway.
  19. COSMOTE TV has officially announced the TV deal for the upcoming Superleague season with Panathinaikos, AEK and OFI. COSMOTE is still negotiating with Lamia, Volos, Panaitolikos, Apollon, Ionikos and Tripoli. Their standing offer is 8 million for all the teams (around 1.3 million each). So far the teams are rejecting the deal and threaten the delay of the upcoming season. NOVA has a contract with Aris, Atromitos, PAS Giannina and Olympiakos. PAOK is apparently negotiating with COSMOTE and NOVA. PAOK's asking price is 10 million. PAOK TV is always an option.
  20. Not sure about that. The report said that they are looking at Warda if one of their players leaves. They said Warda has a contract with PAOK until June 2022 and that for a price ranging between 1 to 2 mil PAOK might release him. If I was PAOK I would let him go for 500K. For the past few years we have been loaning him left and right for nothing to make sleazebags such as Kougias and Beos happy and pay his salary on top of it. If Toulouse are so dumb to offer such money, as PaokCT said I would hire a limo to take him to the airport.
  21. Excellent showing by our water polo team against a powerhouse Hungary. Our best ever showing in the Olympics. Now that we got all the way to this point we have to go give it all for the gold. This will be a tough match, but we can do it.
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