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  1. The playoffs schedule: 1
  2. So it cost Savvidis close to 11 mil to pay the debt created by the crooks (Batatoudis, Goumenos, Zagorakis, etc.). Big feat considering he did not create a single Euro in debt since he took over. He paid dearly for other people's mistakes. This move Ivan, can only mean one thing. He is not going anywhere. Now I expect him to proceeds with his other plans (new training grounds/refurbished Toumba). Hopefully he will also clean up the front office and hires people that will try to make the team competitive.
  3. Yes, every obstacle has been resolved, and the payment to the taxing authorities is supposed to take place tomorrow or Wednesday.
  4. On Wednesday PAOK plays the Euro 2004 NT in a charity game. I hope Gergiadis is not that stupid to play the starters in this game. The way the injuries happen at PAOK these days I would not risk it at all. BTW Georgiadis will coach PAOK for one half and then play for the NT in the other half. Otto is supposed to the NT coach.
  5. What a joke of a game. What a joke Panionios is. The team did not even apply for a license to play in Superleague, but they are still part of it. And finally what a joke PAOK has become. We had a chance to finish 2nd in the standings, but could not beat Giannina at home, and then could not do anything against Panionios. The funny thing will be if by miracle Olympiakos gets punished by UEFA and is not allowed to play in Europe, Panathinaikos will take their place in the group stage of CL, when it could have been PAOK. As for the playoffs, I don't give us much hope. We have so many injuries. Let's just hope Olympiakos wins the cup, so we are not left out of Europe.
  6. Costa is serving a card ban. As is Klaus, Noboa, and come think also Mak, so I got to change my lineup. Salpi is injured. Konstantinidis and Golasa are out for 4 weeks and will miss the rest of the season. Pereyra might also miss the game tomorrow. My new lineup: ---------------- Itandje ------------------ Skondras - Vitor - Tzavellas - Rat Kitsiou - Kace - Tziolis - Pozoglou --- Koulouris --- Papadopoulos ---
  7. Names of possible Technical Directors are slowly coming out in the rumor mill. The name Antonelo preiti popped out today. Until recently he was at Parma, which he managed to relegate to 2nd division.
  8. Back to the game, Golasa, Konstantinidis and Pereyra got injured in today's practice. The first two will probably miss the game. I think we will see something like this on Sunday: --------------- Itandje ----------------- Skondras - Vitor - Tzavellas, Rat Kitsiou -- Kace -- Tziolis -- Mak --- Koulouris -- Papadopoulos
  9. Can we keep this on topic please? This conversation should be taking in the Other teams thread. Can some mod sort things out here?
  10. Can you say sweep? Hawks went in and ended any drams the Mild might have had about a comeback in the series. Although it got little bit crazy at the end. I think we will play Anaheim in the Western Conference finals, even though I would prefer Calgary.
  11. ERT (and YENED) was always controlled by the political party/military generals that was in power at the time, going all the way back to 1960's. ERT should have never been closed down. it should have been streamlined and cleaned up. It could have easily operated with half the working force. The closing of ERT was a political move by Samaras dictated to him by the private broadcasting companies so they could control 100% of Digea.
  12. Vryzas was officially announced as the new TD by Veroia. This basically means he is finally out of making decisions at PAOK.
  13. He will hardly play in the playoffs. As it stands right now he might play in only one playoffs game. Rumors are that we came to an agreement with two more players, but are waiting for the new TD to come in and ok the deals. Wonder if they are Chavez and Velidis from PAS.
  14. You must have been one of the m**** that Attilio once said that he will eventually kick out of GS. Now look where he is.
  15. Yes, they did not sign the 2017-2019 extension. Don't know what the reasons for Panathinaikos are, but PAOK said that it's too early to sign a new contract, and they were not happy the way the internet rights were structured. Maybe they'll try to get a better deal somewhere else. In any case they can eventually still come back and join the collective agreement. It's been done in the past.
  16. Assuming we start the playoffs with the same points (2 or 3) as Panathinaikos, I think it will take winning all our home games and getting at least ties in the away games to finish in first place. That's 15 points, and I think that should be enough. It's not going to be easy though.
  17. The new (old) ERT will start broadcasting on May 11, 2015. The television channels will be named ERT1, ERT 2 (no longer NET), ERT3. The radio stations will be named ERA... Many regional ERA stations will be returning on the air. Quite a few of them will just go back to their old name, since until now they have been operating under the ERTOpen umbrella. That's assuming they have not lost their equipment due to looting and vandalism. The full operation of the new ERT is not expected until 3 or 4 months from now.
  18. The problem is that Greek fans don't have the patience for that.
  19. Blackhawks played their best game in the playoffs so far in yesterday's 1:0 win against the Wild in Minnesota. Now we have 3 chances to finish the series. Hopefully we can finish it tomorrow and start looking ahead to the next round, where I think we will play the Mighty Ducks.
  20. More details are emerging concerning the new deal between Superleague and Forthnet (Nova Sport). For the 2017 - 2019 period Superleague will receive 81 million Euro from Nova Sport that will be divided among the 14 teams that voted for this deal. The rights are for TV, internet, mobile phones broadcasts to Greece, Cyprus and Albania.
  21. PAOK really gets screwed up with the dates of the playoffs. I really don't understand why Superleague waits for 10 days to start the playoffs. Tell me the reason why the playoffs don't start on May 13 or at the very least May 17. I would really hate to be the team that finishes last in the playoffs since they will only have 3 weeks of rest before they have to play in European competition. PAOK gets screwed because Noboa has to leave for Copa America on May 23 and will only play one game in the playoffs.
  22. Tziolis will most likely not play in this games as well.
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