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  1. What do you need Ovechking for when you have Toews and Kane?
  2. The events of 6/17 will give us an indication where the whole thing is going. First Marinakis and his lawyers will request that the special prosecutor Andreadis be relived of his duties in the case. If he stays on the case, it does not look good for Marinakis. If he is relieved, it will indicate that something is being cooked behind the scenes. Additionaly on the same day the ex-EPO President Saris is expected to testify. The outcome of this testimony and the prosecutor's decision on Saris will give an indication on what to expect on Thursdays testimony by Marinakis.
  3. Of the 3 recent cups I enjoyed this one the most. I think it was also toughest to win. Tampa Bay has a very good and young team. The will do well in the next few years. Time for the parade on Thursday. I might even go this time around. Roster changes are expected for the new season. It should be an interesting summer.
  4. I think it will eventually happen, but it looks like Ivan is not rushing things. Same thing with the Thermi training complex.
  5. Mediocre coach. Not NT material as are most of Greek coaches. Need somebody like Otto to lay down the law in the dressing room like he did with Georgatos.
  6. Itale who do you think you are? Attilio? :D
  7. PAOK had 12 players on loan this past season. Here is the list and possible future with the team: LUCAS (Deportivo) - Deportivo would like to keep him, but PAOK is asking for 2 mil Euro and they are not willing to pay that much. PELKAS (Vitoria Setubal) - his contract with PAOK expires on December 31, 2015. If Setubal pays PAOK 400K Euro they get to keep him, but it looks like they are not willing to do that. He will probably get a chance to impress the new PAOK coach and possibly sign a contract extension JACOBO (Tenerife) - persona non grata for PAOK (or any team he plays for). PAOK should somehow get rid of him, but how is the big question MARTENS (Cercle Brugge) -Since Cercle Brugge got relegated, he remains with PAOK and it is not clear what will happen wiht him MELISSIS (Iraklis Psachna) - had a good season in Football league. I would keep him as a 3rd goalie now that Itandje and Giakoums are gone. PANAGIOTOUDIS (Kalamaria) - Boloni considers him a big talents, but has not proven himself yet. I think his time with PAOK might be running out. QOSE (Kalamaria) - poor season due to many injuries. Expect another loan next season. PAPADOPOULOS (Kalamaria) - contract for one more year. Needs to impress the new coaches. POPOVIC (Aiginiakos) - same as Panagiotoudis. Talented, but never proves it when it counts. His time is running out. POLYZOS (Aiginiakos) - two more years left. Looking at another loan. GIANNOULIS (Pierikos) - had a good season on a mediocre team. Considered a talent. Let's see if he can impress the new coach. Contract with PAOK until June 2016 MYSTAKIDIS (Pierikos) - good season as well, but most likely not ready for big time.
  8. Blackhawks win 3rd Stanley Cup in 6 years defeating Tampa Bay 2:0 in sixth game of the finals. Duncan Keith who scored the winning goal is the MVP of the playoffs:
  9. That's a fake story created by media because they have nothing to write about.
  10. UEFA has released the current team rankings following the end of the 2014-2015 season. PAOK jumped from place 60 to place 53. Here are the complete standings: http://www.uefa.com/memberassociations/uefarankings/club/index.html
  11. Here we can discuss PAOK in European competitions in general. News, rankings and historical facts.
  12. I am willing to accept the mod duties. Would prefer to have some help though. How about it pash?
  13. I hope tonight is the day when we lift the trophy. It will be nice to win it at home, and hopefully they will dedicate it to the great Stan Mikita, who is suffering from a very serious health condition. We should try not to send the series to game 7, because it will be anybody's game at that point.
  14. PAOK won the Greek Cup final in a penalty shootout 4:3. The game finished in a 0:0 time in regular and extra time. This is the fourth Greek cup for the PAOK girls. They also won 10 Greek championships. GREEK CUP: 2002, 2013, 2014, 2015 GREEK CHAMPIONSHIP: 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
  15. Charisis is an up and coming player. Much better signing than Korovesis in IMHO. He is young and still developing. Hopefully we will get a coach that will help the player (and not only him) develop. I would like Stafylidis back, but he will most likely come back when his international career is over. BTW, nice to see Pontos joining our little group. Welcome back.
  16. It was Donis and Pozoglou, but they were reinstated.
  17. I think we are due to win a game with a convincing score and not one of those 1 goal thrillers. The last 12 minutes of the last game was not for the weak of hearts.
  18. Mark my words, with appeals before Greek courts this will go on forever. The question is what will UEFA do?
  19. In the Vryzas case it was not about getting chances. Vryzas had to be part of PAE PAOK until the debt of the team was cleared.
  20. PAOK's woman's soccer team qualified to the final of the Greek Cup where they will meet Odysseas Glyfada on Sunday in Katerini. If they win the cup, they get another double.
  21. That's not when the punishments will be handed out. That's the date that he will be answering questions in front of the prosecutor. After that the prosecutor will decide if the case will go to court or not. Even if the prosecutor decides to charge him, the case will drag out for years.
  22. I think the first thing that our forum needs is a moderator that will take care of business editing and formatting the threads on timely manner. Make a suggestions on your choice for a PAOK mod. My recommendation is pash
  23. Use this thread to bring up issues and suggestions concerning PAOK forum.
  24. Saw a report today that said Levante wants to buy Golasa from us. Are they blind?
  25. It appears that we will not be with NIKE for the next season. PAOK is ready to announce that the new jerseys will be by Macron.
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