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Found 3 results

  1. From ERT to NERIT back to a new ERT. I figured this deserved its own new thread. The latest news is that the new SYRIZA government plans to establish yet another new broadcaster that will replace NERIT. The bill for the new national broadcaster is expected to be submitted to parliament within a month. The new broadcaster will use the ERT acronym, but will not be a continuation of the old ERT. Instead the new ERT is being preliminarily called "Ethniki Radiofonia Tileorasi" instead of the old "Elliniki Radiofonia Tileorasi". Their aim is to build a "new ERT" from scratch, that will not be co
  2. I figured I should make a new thread on NERIT and separate it from discussions on the former ERT. It looks like things are slowly moving forward for NERIT, the board of directors and president were chosen. (For a term of one year) The goal is to start building NERIT "from scratch" and launch sometime in the beginning of 2014. The new board is also supposed to meet with the EBU next week to get the ball rolling on their membership and any help they can offer in launching NERIT. http://www.tvshow.gr/thema-imeras/113800/articles/i-episimi-anakoinosi-gia-to-neo-ds-tis/article.aspx http://
  3. Starting January 1st, 'NERIT Sports' will be relaunched as 'NERIT plus'. To start off with, it will consist of content from ERT's historical archives. They plan to implement three daily programing blocks: NERIT Kids will focus on children programing, both foreign and Greek. NERIT Life will be the largest block, focusing on local programing, talk shows, culture centric shows, Greek and foreign historical documentaries, travel and ecological content, tourism centric shows, woman and entertainment centric shows, etc. NERIT Sports will focus on sports programing. You can view the press rele
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