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  1. pash I think Lucas scored the goal. We are playing quite well today. So far we have not scored on our own goal. I am using this link, which has been superb so far: http://cdn.livetv.sx/webplayer2.php?t=youtube&c=-bfMhaWwRdw〈=en&eid=324610&lid=310128&ci=5&si=1
  2. EPO (that includes a dozen members that are under investigation) has cleared Veroia of wrongdoing in the Olympiakos - Veroia match fixing scandal. Veroia was accused that they fixed the match to end in a 3:0 loss to Olympiakos. Now how you do that without the other team being part of the fix is a big mystery to me. That's why I always believed that nothing would come of this. Now, the ex-owner of Veroia, Arvanitidis is claiming that the whole thing was orchestrated by Melissanidis, the man running AEK. Of note is also the report that Arvanitidis and his son want to take control of Aris. If that happens I am sure EPO will give Aris a straight ticket to the Football League despite the fact that they failed to qualify from the Amateur division.
  3. Somebody is trying to make some kind of a political statement. The way I understand it is that they are calling Kaufmann a m#$%! because he could not shoot straight.
  4. Kaufmann is the person that tried to assassinate Wolfgang Sch?uble, the German Finance Minister. The attempt left Sch?uble paralyzed and in a wheelchair.
  5. The result does not mean anything. It's what the coach and the technical director do as a result of the serious issues that the team has. I am sure that after this pre-season training is done, some players will get the walking papers. One more friendly before the European match. Let's see what happens. The pleasant surprises so far are Pelkas and Charisis. Hopefully we can extend Pelkas's contract.
  6. Veroia was never in trouble. For a game to be fixed with an exact score, you need the participation of both teams. I am sure that there was Olympiakos involvement, but only Veroia was accused of wrongdoing. I did not expect any other outcome.
  7. Major defensive problems. What a joke of a goal the 3rd one by Bochum. Hopefully that's not the Olson we expect to see in the future. Six goals in first half and five scored by PAOK players. I am impressed by Pelkas so far.
  8. He would be a great replacement for the injured Klaus.
  9. Didn't he once say that the only Greek team he would play for is AEP Iraklis? In any case I don't rate him highly. Arnesen can do better to find a replacement for Klaus.
  10. Not really. EEA (Committee of Professional Sports) wants to punish them because the majority shareholder of the team allegedly transferred his shares by sale to a another person only on paper. Basically he claimed that he sold his shares, but instead he was still in possession and was the owner of the team even though the papers showed that somebody else owned the team.
  11. Absolutely, but we all know that it will be Leavdeiakos staying in Superleague if Kerkyra gets relegated.
  12. In the first game Broughton lost at home to Lokomotiva Zagreb 3:1, which means barring a major miracle, we will face the Croatian team on July 15.
  13. The committee for professional sports has decided that Kerkyra (AOK Kassiopi) should be relegated from Superleague. It's up to Superleague to accept this decision. Looks like Levadeiakos might be saved from relegation.
  14. Olson has officially signed a four year deal with PAOK. He will join the team on Holland on Sunday. We will have 4 keepers training in Holland (Olson, Glykos, Melissis, Siabanis). One will have to be cut an/or sold.
  15. And the six players that started the pre-season training, but are not travelling to Holland: Polyzos, Popovic, Papadopoulos, Qose, Giannoulis, Panagiotoudis I expect those players to be loaned or terminated.
  16. Glykos should be a back up goalie and should have had that role in the past as well. He's decent, but not starting goalie that PAOK needs. This Olsen guy, who is almost 2 meters tall seems like a good signing, but as with any players, he will have to show his worth on the field. Lucas is back and practicing with the team. Let's see if he stays with the team. His buyout clause is 5 mil Euro. In the meantime others are vacationing:
  17. Confirmed pre-season friendlies: 04.07.2015 18:00
  18. Kace has a contract until 2017. Now would be a good time to extend his contract and give him a nice raise (and set a good example for the other youngsters). If a good offer arrives make the most of it.
  19. Dutch Eagle are you going to check out some of the pre-season games in person?
  20. Georgios Stefanidis, better known as ZOZE and a long time leader in the PAOK fan club movement as well as radio presenter passed away today. R.I.P.
  21. pash, I think a lot of the old players will give their best in order to impress the new TD/coach. We will see some players completely reformed. Today was the first team practice (double one at that). Notable players absences: Tziolis, Kace, Mak, Rats, Noboa - extra vacation since they had NT duties. Pozoglou, Koulouris, Deligiannidis - with U19 NT for the Euro 2015 Papagiannopoulos, Konstantinidis - sick/injured Golasa - in Israel to witness the birth of his child Lucas - he and Deportivo claiming he has a contract with them until June 30, so they refused to let him go. Apparent negotiating tactic. Pereyra received a 500 Euro fine for arriving late to the practice Video of first practice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLeKB_hNwLQ&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]
  22. PAOK's women football team will play in UEFA's Champions League in August. They were drawn in a group 2 with the following teams: PAOK (GRE), NSA Sofia (BUL), Glentoran Belfast United (NIR), ZFK Dragon 2014 (FYROM) The games will take place on August 11-16 at the home field of one of the teams. The winner of the group will qualify to the groups stage of Champions League.
  23. Watching the Frank Arnesen press conference today, I think Ivan found two excellent people to run the team in Frank Arnesen and Iakovos Aggelidis. The reason I say this is because they don't appear to fit the "Greek mentality" on how to run things. If they are allowed to proceed without any involvement from outside forces (media, fans) I believe the team will make a big leap forward. And on top of that I like Aggilidis's Cypriot accent.
  24. In other transfer news, Korovesis and Charisis were officially announced by PAE PAOK. Korovesis signed a 3-year deal, and Charisis 4-year deal.
  25. They know they are losing the player and are holding out for more money. Apparently they turned down 500K offer from PAOK. The problem is that right now we need a goalie and Malmo will do anything to jack up the price.
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